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Hay guys! Glad you stopped by! Just another writer trying to get better... and I love writing them pony fics... Also, Fluttershy is best pony. Just saying...


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Tears of Snow II - Breaking Icy - Chapter "1" plotting
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Questions about Equestrian Timeline · 12:38am May 19th, 2022

Hey everyone,

Real fast, since am actively writing and am trying to plan stuff better. I have a couple questions;

1) What were the months called? I tried looking it up and can't find anything. I know they have like Nightmare Night (Halloween), Hearts and Hooves Day (Valentine's Day), etc, but I don't see actual month names on a calendar. Granted, never saw a calendar either.
2) Would you say that every "season" would constitute a year passing? Is how I see it.

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Regardless you have the great privilege of talking to the Almighty Grogar.
Ex Emperor of Equestria. The Father of Monsters, The creator of Villains, the collaborator of heathens.
The future Emperor of all of Equestria. Including FimFiction. And of you.

I take it you haven't seen Season 9 of MLP FiM?

Hello there, perhaps I have. The name does ring a bell in the dusty bell tower.


I've heard of you.
And you know who i am.... don't you?

It will, am writing other projects right now :raritywink:

I pinkie promise~

I guess Tears of snow 2 is never going to be finished

I know I AM SUPER LATE BUT THANKIE =D (almost 6 months later XD) I'm SORRY


Happy Birthday 😄

2322492 They are indeed. :)

:pinkiehappy: Yeah, they help a lot haha. Even if they get annoyed at the complaining sometimes, and feel powerless to help... they're still good peoples.

2322469 This is very true. I feel fortunate to have do many great friends. :)

Same, friends really... help get you through some tough times...

2322464 You are very welcome. I am glad that we can both be friends. :)

Thank you for the follow. I returned the favor. :)


Aww thank you! *Hugs back

It's not! Pinkie Promise... I'm just a little nervous to continue that one and haven't had a whole lot of time to write... :fluttercry: I'm sorry... just been going through a lot.

Is the tears of snow part two a dead fic? :fluttercry: I love that one

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