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Twilight has an accident and recieves an emergency blood-transfusion from Pinkie Pie. She soon starts to worry that she is slowly becoming like her.

Note: I started work on this story before the whole alicorn fiasco, so this takes place before Twilight becomes an alicorn.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 26 )

You forgot the random tag, as this was one of the most random things I've read on here. I will not be following.

I however will watch. Random is fun and the spice of life.

That doctor scene made me think of the doctor from Family Guy. like alot.

Yes, this requires the Random tag. But it was amusing :pinkiehappy:

In the terms of grammar, you may want to go back over it to check for misusage of your/you're (I spotted a few substitutions of "your" for "you're") and the second time Pinkie shouts "BLOOD SISTER", "Exclaimed" should not be capitalized. That's all for now.

Very interesting. Funny too. Got a thumbs up.

this is all I have to say

Twilight turning into Pinkie?
welp, Equestria's doomed..... again

Yay for twilight turning into best pony~

Reminds me of Becoming Pinkie Pie. That is most deffinitely a good thing. :yay::yay::yay:

2268843 I thought I was being original...:fluttercry:

lololololol, that is so funny. Keep up the good work.

dufuq i reed¿

O-O I am now afraid of Spike. Thank you author! I have to go find dragon hunters now to defend myself!

damn twilight is a dick!::rainbowlaugh::

Bad Twilight! *hits Twilight with rolled up newspaper and sprays her with water bottle* Yelling at Pinkie Pie is not allowed! Now get out and sleep in the garage! *kicks her into the garage*

I noticed a few misspellings in this here chapter

I am so confused

Oh my CELESTIA...this story was so bucking HILARIOUS...

2450164 you don't get to be confused, you wrote this story. JK

playing everypony's favorite game, "Pin the Evidence on the Zebra."

:applejackconfused: Words cannot describe how racist this joke is.

I spent the day after living with Scootaloo in her dumpster, talking about Rainbow Dash and making balloon-animals out of disposed condoms.

How do you do it?
Every time I think I can't possibly be more disturbed by your humor, you throw something like this at me!
And it's hilarious every time.:rainbowlaugh:

2523376 From the desk of The Psychotic Brony:

The Psychotic Brony does not endorse any of the views or actions expressed in this work.

P.S. If your trying to make a point about racism, then don't use a racist pony as your emoticon.

P.S.S. You got the joke? Thats good.

2260370 That's, like... the seventh time, right? I mean, Nightmare Moon, Discord, parasprites, Changelings, Sombra, chaos vines...


You killed a puppy! Why would you do that! I mean it was a little funny scene, but how could you do that!

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