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Ponyville has changed in a hundred years of sunshine and snow and rain, of towering cloud formations, Solistice festivals, nights full of constelations and seasons full of happiness. Truth be told, many things have changed, and the Elements have faded back into myths, but Equestria still stands. The question is, will Ponyville last as well?

So, one-two generations after the Mane Six, here is the quick update:
-Celestia has a son named Crimsonleaf
-Rainbow Dash passed away, her daughter, Rainbow Dark, has taken her title as fastest.
-Applejack's granddaughter, Applesauce, looks almost exactly like her.
-A group of nomads, made up of one Pegasus, Rapture, a Unicorn, Lamplight, and two Earth Ponies, Bomberman and Thumper are showing up somewhere in this story
-Rarity's daughter is made fun of for being made of marshmallow
-Gilda has a son named Tigerjay
-Spike has a daughter named Sunrise
-Even Zercora has a daughter, named Chibi
-A hermit named Starlight has shown up in the Everfree Forest

-Twilight is old, Rarity is oldish, Rainbow Dash has passed on, Fluttershy vanished after Coronus's death, Applejack is old, and Pinkie went to Canterlot to get away from the sadness in her home and has not returned since.
-Celestia is still alive, but growing weak; Luna, due to her missed years on the moon, it just beginning to look like a mare
-Crimsonleaf's father has the gift of invinciblity; he will not die until Celestia does.
-The nomads are of average age
-Rarity had a child later, who is now the same age as most of the grandkids, give a few years
-Gilda has a Griffon's lifespan, so her child is also a young age
-Spike is still alive and well, and takes care of his daughter in the library's underground tunnels (they exist)
-Zercora's daughter is much more social than she is.
-Starlight has a secret.
-The Cutie Mark Crusaders are full-grown mares

Because you read this, you recieve the password: trollestia

So far, that's it.
Let the games begin.

** This story was written when I was 14, and the quality and content reflect that. Please be aware that my position on topics contained within may have changed in the time between publishing and now, and I apologize for any offensive material that I may have condoned in my younger years. **

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What's going on in this fic?

Maybe a link directly to your cover art would be a better idea? :scootangel:

Haven't read the story yet but I plan too. I saw this is in the details "Most of the mane 6 have passed away" then you explained that only Rainbow Dash has surely passed away. Thought it might be an error. Anyways, I look forward to reading this, because the premise is cool

Fixing that now - thanks for helping me notice! :yay:
.... Does anyone else notice that we need a Discord emoticon?

where the hell did Astrid, Hiccup, and Toothless come in (I know they are from how to train your dragon so what the hell)

>RainbowSparkle ftw: From Shaken and The Coming. Previous stories. No need to actually connect them to this story, but I needed another Earth Pony to balance out the ratios. Yes, I have all of the characters in this tallied out. Seriously. :derpytongue2:

lol Discord got told!

Baby Discord! Wha:flutterrage:

Discord: trollin' everypony everyday! :rainbowlaugh: nice reaction, btw!

AAAAAND in case nopony's noticed yet, the names of the chapters have little - if not no - connection to the chapter they represent. They sound good and the views are rising, so they must be working :pinkiecrazy: And I just realized commenting on my own fic gets me closer to a Featured, I'm not actually meaning to do that... SO let's cram a lot of things into one box, why don't we?
Up first: Thank you to everyone who faved, watched (and is watching) commented, and read it! Know that every view makes me go from " :fluttercry: why is nopony reading this?!" to " :derpytongue2: so many peoples!" to " :facehoof: why do I always think that people won't read these?"
Second: ... I forget :pinkiehappy:
Third: I hope that last section of chapter 17 doesn't confuse anyone... it sounded better without saying 'nothing' or 'the giant demon bird of complete and utter horror and death' all the time. And it's talking about Discord's relationship with the existence of absence. Please, let's be mature about that wording there, okay?
Second: I remember now! I was going to ask for any nitpickers already reading to point out any hideously outstanding grammar/spelling mistakes. Although, if I'd made any massive ones, than someone would probably have notified me by now.
Fourth: Wow, four already? Someone's going to read this block of text completely and I thank whoever does!
Five: LOL PTERADACTYL. The mental picture of Obsidian glaring at a pteradactyl while wearing his shades makes me :derpyderp2:
Six: Don't worry, there shouldn't be much more here!
Seven: Some actual action - instead of DEAR SWEET EQUESTRIA THESE CHAPTERS GO ON FOREVERRRrrrrrr...... - will be coming up soon. And more Starlight, and why the heck he hasn't been mentioned up until now.
Eight: Be prepared - I will be incorporating draconequus tradtions into this. I'm almost positive - in the way somepony can be without checking at all - that this subject has gone untouched until now. Come on, it's an entire species - made up of two specimens - with albsolutely no background... OF COURSE I have to do something to that!
Nine: Almost...at...the...end...
Ten: The completely random moment that does not relate back to my story at all - Emoticons. Vinyl Scratch, Discord, Nightmare Moon, Wonderbolt, Luna, etc. Why don't they have any faces? Let us review the current cast:
:ajbemused: :applecry: :coolphoto: :derpytongue2: :flutterrage: :heart: :pinkiesmile: :rainbowdetermined2: :raritywink: :scootangel: :unsuresweetie: :twistnerd: :trixieshiftright: :twilightsmile: :trollestia: :moustache: :eeyup:
We all know there has to be things like
:vinylrockin: :vinyllasereyes: :discordsunglasses: :discordtrollingface: :nightmareevillaugh: :nightmareyoumustbejoking: :wonderboltchallengeaccepted: :wonderboltvictorycheer: :lunacanterlotvoice: :lunaglowingeyes:
In fact, I'd even be willing to draw them...
Eleven: Now that you poor ponies are finished readin my cyberrant, have both a digital cookie and digital brohoof.

When you said it was going to be read between the lines graphic, you sure weren't kidding! :unsuresweetie:

It's a peaceful slice of life, everyone gathering for a nice time together. When the mane six had met, they had been at the begining of their Spring, and now their lives are in the fall season, with only the deathly cold grip of their live's winter to really have happen, while they look at the spring and summer lives their children live...

It's a peaceful slice of life, everyone gathering for a nice time together. When the mane six had met, they had been at the begining of their Spring, and now their lives are in the fall season, with only the deathly cold grip of their live's winter to really have happen, while they look at the spring and summer lives their children live...

WHY!!:fluttercry: Why must there always be a cliffy?:flutterrage:

Update in progress! But it's not over just yet :pinkiecrazy:

ah discord you wonderfull bastard! you make anything fun

HAHAHAHA!!!! discord is king now!? what has luna done!?

discord is the true king it seems...i think...?

ah the old wing boner...never gets old

thats not what i expected at all...


im slightly confused about what's going on.... but i'm making sense of it... i think

GAH?! the cliff has been some what slightly hanged yet again

Very very well described, I enjoy the wordplay and the subtextual emotion. Loving it! A ton of characters that I need to sort out to understand who is who. This is very good.

...Are you the one that found me on DeviantART? :pinkiegasp: It's like the 4th wall has been broken!

38626 (Scribbler - Guest)
Well, finish reading it then :derpytongue2:

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:yay: only 49 more chapters to go through! but, the chapters will need some work such as spacing. a repost will work nicely.

:rainbowhuh: dafuq I just read?

Sorry about my last comment, I was unprepared for the scene it played in and got too imersed (which is a good thing...?) also, I just had some difficulty in reading the chapters properly, it was simply not set in a format I was used to, whic is why I would have wanted a repost. But then again, it's your story, so have fun with it.


Yeah, I know the spacing's not the usual :twilightsmile: but I found it easier to type it that way without extra blank lines. It also helps when downloading chapters - instead of solid text, there's a five-space blank between paragraphs. Thanks for the feedback!


I'm the kind of person who writes ten words for one. It makes... lots of words. Yes. :twilightsmile:

is there a story i should read before this


No, and this is insanely long :twilightblush:

Threw me off with discord being a bad guy :(think ill give you the benefit of the doubt though.


I'm not super-proud of this. :twilightblush: It's strange to see someone reading it.

well that was interesting, i got a bit confused here and there but still a good story.


Thanks... but I know it's not that great :twilightblush:

I've read all of this.....in one night...........my head......it hurts.......alright moving onto next fanfic!


I understand the pain. :pinkiesad2:

how are there that many characters? :rainbowhuh:


Made before the five-tag limit.

Best fucking story ever of all time period end of story.

2891305 Love you, too, Icey Wicey :heart:

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