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20 year old musician from Vegas that enjoyed writing about colorful equines.


It's been more than a year and I feel bad · 7:41am Dec 8th, 2014

*Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright voices* is anybody in there?

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A bit on the quiet side over here, wouldn't you say? Just came across your page somehow. I think it was when one of your stories was added to a group and I realized I had already read it. Now this is sort of turned into me rambling and ending with a shout out to the author of one of the greatest SoarinFire stories out there. Now he just needs to get his butt in gear and finish the ONLY ColFire (So aptly named) story out there! Lookin' forward to seeing more of your work!


59973 okay, hope you do well in your last year :twilightsmile:

59779 I have many ideas, just no time to write...I will definitely continue it, but I am busy finishing my final year in high school!

Please, please, please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (:raritydespair:)keep on writing the AppleShy Series! I loved it and I'm still waiting for an update PLEASE :raritycry: :raritydespair: :fluttercry: :ajsleepy: i love :yay::heart::ajsmug:

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