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20 year old musician from Vegas that enjoyed writing about colorful equines.

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Colgate and Spitfire rekindle their friendship from when they were fillies, but when they start to fall for each other, will Spitfire's fame get in the way?

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I have cancelled any furthering of this fanfic. I have lost interest in writing about pairings that include the mane 6 mainly because they're so susceptible to canon changes. Hopefully what is written here is enjoyable enough. :)

A collection of stories describing Fluttershy and Applejack's relationship. All of the stories were previously published as separate stories, however I decided to combine them all into one neat collection of stories.

Each story so far:

1. A Family Affair:
Just a few days into their relationship, Applejack and Fluttershy are already faced with with their first test as a couple when Applejack is kicked from her home in Sweet Apple Acres just because she chose to be with Fluttershy. How will she fix things with her family and stay with the one she loves?

2. A Double Double Date:
A nervous Applejack and content Fluttershy go on their first date with their friends Lyra and BonBon.

3. Buckwheat:
Applejack's past comes back to haunt her and Fluttershy, as her ex Buckwheat comes to Ponyville searching to get back with the orange pony. This situation puts their relationship to the test again, while Fluttershy's personal struggle with confidence (or lack there-of) takes it tole on her.

4. Photo Finished:
Applejack and Fluttershy run into Photo Finish at a parade they starred in, and are pulled into another photo shoot with Lyra and BonBon. Things don't go over so well, and Applejack develops a disliking for Lyra when she pokes fun at the mare for her poor performance during the Photo Shoot.

5. Motionless:
After a receiving a letter from Braeburn, Applejack is summoned to Appleloosa to fight against a raging fire that threatens the existence of the whole town. Even through Fluttershy's persistent worrying, she goes; leaving Fluttershy in Ponyville, worried about her mare. After arriving in Appleloosa, Applejack joins the fight alongside Big Macintosh and others. After hours of exhausting fire-fighting, backbreaking work over the night, sudden disaster strikes leaving Applejack unconscious and helpless; in the middle of a rapidly growing fire.

6. The Dilemma:
When a mare-couple like Applejack and Fluttershy get more and more serious, there are always questions that linger in the back of their minds, some they may delay asking due to the happiness they receive just from being together. But after nearly three months of being together and knowing they're way beyond just 'exploring their feelings for each other', Fluttershy brings up the question, 'When the time comes, how would we ever have a foal of our own?'

Knowing this is something they cannot solve just by themselves, they go to their friends Lyra and BonBon for some help, and a possible answer to their dilemma, just not in the way they may have expected.

7. A Slip of the Tongue: (Co-Written with Destructio 23)

Rarity has been blessed with the opportunity to have her fashions presented at the annual 'Divine Equine' fashion show in Canterlot, and invites the group to tag along for support. Not inclined to stop doing what a normal couple does in public, Applejack and Fluttershy soon start noticing the judgmental eyes of the posh Canterlot ponies, but try to ignore it as usual. However, when an encounter with a posh socialite of Canterlot puts Applejack in a terrible mood, it leads her to a breaking point that could just ruin everything between her and Fluttershy.

Chapters (28)

In the middle of the Everfree forest, Soarin saves Spitfire from the brink of death after she was attacked by a Manticore. However, their horrifying ordeal is far from over when they realize that they have no clue how to find their way out of the forest. How they find a way to survive in such a hostile environment, while being injured and lost?

Commissioned artwork by: Sightlessbutterfly on Deviantart.com : http://sightlessbutterfly.deviantart.com/

Please check her Deviantart page out, she deserves more views!

Chapters (8)

BonBon and Lyra always have considered each other the best friends that they would ever have. However, when Lyra starts dating somepony else, this brings up feelings BonBon didn't know she had for Lyra.

After 6 months, BonBon's feelings have only grown, and knowing Lyra didn't feel the same way broke her heart. To help with these feelings and that sadness that they brought with them, BonBon sees a therapist, which is where the story starts off.

Author's notes:
*Artwork by: http://kunaike.deviantart.com

*This story takes place before any of my other stories, none of which are required to read this one.

Chapters (7)

If you had a choice, would you switch bodies with your best-friend?
Octavia and Trixie didn't even have a choice.

After a night on the town to get away from their stressful daily lives, Trixie and Octavia wake up the next day to be astounded by what they saw; that they had switched bodies over night! When they realize that they won't be able to switch back before several important events in their lives, how will they adapt to being each other? Will Octavia be able to learn enough magic to woo a crowd? Will Trixie be able to play the Cello well enough to not ruin Octavia's lifetime of work? Read and find out!

Author's note: Artwork by: http://johnkapid.deviantart.com/
This story was inspired by the movie "The Change-Up". Title credit goes to Klondike Pony!

Chapters (13)

(Story takes place during the events in AppleShy: The Series, Which isn't required to read this story)

Rainbow Dash never saw it coming. She was content with everything in her life! Being with Soarin was like living a dream come true, and everything seemed to be going fine! However, when she and her friends attend a party at Sugarcube Corner, she meets a certain somepony who changes everything for her. In the end, how will the events of just one night, change her whole life?

Chapters (7)
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