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If you had a choice, would you switch bodies with your best-friend?
Octavia and Trixie didn't even have a choice.

After a night on the town to get away from their stressful daily lives, Trixie and Octavia wake up the next day to be astounded by what they saw; that they had switched bodies over night! When they realize that they won't be able to switch back before several important events in their lives, how will they adapt to being each other? Will Octavia be able to learn enough magic to woo a crowd? Will Trixie be able to play the Cello well enough to not ruin Octavia's lifetime of work? Read and find out!

Author's note: Artwork by: http://johnkapid.deviantart.com/
This story was inspired by the movie "The Change-Up". Title credit goes to Klondike Pony!

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 55 )

Color me intrigued. I'll keep an eye on this.

This is getting interesting knowing your work I'll be watching this.:eeyup:

I compared this to the version i sent you and it seems that every correction i made is ignored here. In other words the mistakes are being preserved.
Care to tell me why you disregard my corrections? :applejackconfused:

49575 WHAT?? I accept everything you gave me, what the heck! My computer crashed while this story was up, I may have lost data. That's just my luck. I love your edits i accept nearly all of them! Man I hate my laptop...


Your corrections must've been


I have to admit this has me on my toes, really interesting, indeed the premise is like in the movie, but you have been adapting it well until now, i like it overall, and may i ask, will this be a shipping story (romance tag) between them, or will we see more twists and turns in the plot??

Overall, you've done a nice work

54219 Thanks! I try and keep the similarities between the movie and this fic somewhat subtle.
And yes there will be a romance factor, but it won't be between them, but does include one of them. (It would be weird if they kissed each other while in each other's bodies! :rainbowlaugh:)
Thanks for the kind words :)

Oh Luna you silly scamp, really enjoying the story so far. This should keep me entertained for a good while.:rainbowkiss::eeyup:

>>celloist --> cellist
>>resin --> rosin
I'm not your prereader for nothing, Solly. <3

63309 BLARGRHHRGRGRHRGR. I'll fix it now. Did the chapter seem complete to you? Because it shows that it only has 2,800 words, but it actually has over 5,000.

63311 Well, it seemed like everything you have previously sent to me was there, if that's what you're asking.
The wordcount between Word and FiMFiction is quite buggy, but for me, it usually shows more words on FiM than Word, so, I dunno how it got less.

63313 Hopefully it's fixed soon. Thanks for quickly helping me fix mistakes I must have forgotten to fix before publishing! I'll message you details on the next chapter.

I was listening to Dubstep all day.:rainbowderp:

63486 *sees in my email that my story got a comment* YAY, I love when my story gets a comment, lets see what it is...!

Oh. ok then.

So basically Freaky Friday?

64541 Yes, just with ponies. This story was actually inspired by "The Change Up" which is just another knock-off of Freaky Friday.

that picture = swag

Glad to see you're an author of many talents solstice! I knew I had to read this after reading appleshy, and I'm glad I did :pinkiehappy:

79182 Thank you very much, it always feels good to know someone enjoys my stories! :pinkiehappy:

Poor Twilight, Octavia is going to completely destroy her feelings. :fluttershysad:

Awesome chapter I shall patiently wait for Moar >:0

92465 Thank you :pinkiehappy: I'll try and post the next chapter ASAP! The chapters for this story just get so dang long, that I need extra time to look over them. :eeyup:

Owwww yeah, tell her all! And yay for Twixie!:pinkiehappy:


So many capital letters...
You know, using italics for single word is much better, than writing it like THIS.
Oh and just using an exclamation mark, with bit of description after the sentence (if needed) is enough. No need to capitalize the whole sentence :twilightsmile:
At least, it will stand out less to the readers. In my opinion :scootangel:

121066 I use capital letters mostly on Trixie because I think it helps emphasize what she is saying more, due to her outspoken personality already. I'll only do the whole sentence in caps when it's basically either pony erupting at the other, most likely in frustration. :eeyup: I still use italics a lot, just some times I feel the situation in the story required more emphasis. Sorry if this has bothered you..

121313 OK now that I have read the whole story (so far that is posted) I can give an actual opinion :twilightsmile:
At first I had a bit of a problem reading as things seemed a bit off. The Capital Letters for yelling (its not really a problem now). And things seemed to be a bit rushed? Or something similar.
In any case, while at first I found Trixie and twilight been friends a bit disconcerting and off. Thinking about it, made me realise that its actually quite refreshing! Usually in twi/trixie stories you have them come into conflict (with all the drama etc). Which can be awesome, if written well, or not so great if author writes it poorly (rushes or dismisses it with some b/s moral thing).
Thankfully here all that was already resolved and we get the part where they are friends, aka the actual good and more interesting part of reletionship.
And I found myself more intrigued and compelled to read everything, once the story moved to the part where they switched bodies. As from there everything is much more interesting :twilightsmile:

In any case great story so far! :yay:

123496 Well, saying that it's rushed is a little bothering to me, considering this story is by far my longest and only about 65% finished. The romance factor in this story isn't the main point, though it may seem like it in these chapters. I added that romance for a reason, because there will be a somewhat moralistic ending (Though it won't be tacky or anything).
The next chapter actually brings up conflict between Trixie and Twilight, but I'm doing my best to make it as well written as possible. Now that A Change of Venue is the only story that I am writing, I can focus more into it, and try to make Chapters published a lot faster. Again with things being rushed in some sense, that's because I kind of have to rush the scenes a little, because I'm assuming that readers wouldn't want to constantly be reading about them training for 3 chapters, so some times I have to "montage" it into a few paragraphs while still getting the point across that they're working for a long time. thanks for the tips, although I really didn't understand how Caps locks for yelling would be a problem in the first place, when we're dealing with loudmouth Trixie :rainbowlaugh:

123554 I'm sorry, you misunderstood me. I will contribute this to me posting the previous comment at 9am in the morning without the night's sleep :twilightblush:
I meant in the first 3 or so parts it seems off (maybe rushed? I don't know how to express the feeling), but after they switched, everything at least seemed to be fine and that's where the story grabbed me :twilightsmile:
Otherwise I agree with you, but still don't feel like you need to rush (not on my account!). Upload the story when you think its ready. :twilightsmile:

123882 oh, you mean the first 3 chapters before they switched. I meant for those to be quite short, because they were meant to introduce them and how they would be as friends. Also, to introduce their daily lives to foreshadow what they'd go through once they switched. Once the editing problems on this site are fixed, I'll put some effort into improving them, because I understand your point. If you have read any of my other stories, I haven't written any with chapters as long as the chapters in this story, so maybe I rushed a little bit once I felt they were getting a little "too" long. Once the next chapter is out (I'm finishing it tonight which is probably afternoon for you considering where I live (the middle east) and handing it to my pre-readers from there) I should start having a chapter up ever 2-3 days. Parenthesis within parenthesis! parenthi-ception! Haha. Thanks for the tips! :twilightsmile:

Poor Twilight...
Please don't end this story without first addressing that whole issue. I'd be heartbroken if this ended without any sort of closure for Twilight and Trixie.

144581 I only had shipping in this story for it to serve a purpose-I won't let anything be unaddressed by the end of this story :pinkiesmile:

Woo! Glad to see Trixie didn't botch things for Octavia. Really looking forward to seeing how Octavia does in her magic show.

Woo! Not bad Octavia, not bad at all.
I hope this story continues long enough for Trixie to be able to patch things up with Twilight.

301937 The next chapter is the final chapter. Wait and see! :raritywink:

Socially awkward Luna saves the day! :yay:

Sorry for the italics and centering problem. :facehoof:

Nice conclusion and I didn't exactly expect the Lyra part in the ending, so it added a nice surprising touch. Entertaining and good story. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: despite a few basic spelling mistakes

Absolute win. I'm sad that this is over, but it means I can be excited to read your next fic! :pinkiehappy:

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I love this story. It's so darn clever! :pinkiehappy:

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