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Mach and Gracie

For When I Want to Update Without Making a Blog Post!

- Sorry to all who have wondered where I might have gone to. I've been a very busy kid with college. Anyone who wants to chat can shoot a PM, and I'll see it. :)

- Please read the blog post below! Updates all around!


New beginnings, trying to breathe life into an old dusty account. · 6:18am Mar 8th, 2015

I dunno why I'm bothering to make this blog update, buuuuut hey.

Stories are gone. Painful reminders of a painful past and some ugly memories, and was a hanging thread of guilt for me.

Name is different because there are two of us here now. It's slightly tricky to explain right. An I gotta find a way to differentiate us via text.

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I remember why I watched you now: riffs!! Lots and lots of riffs!! :D
And I think some CAH. Yeah.
All I know is they both involved you and Fallen Prime, and so that's why I watched ha.

And I don't regret it. I've been reading ALL your riffs over the last few days. Loooove them.

So yeah! :D

Also, if the name's not familiar, I was Ohm Machre a little bit ago, but decided to get a fresh start (for both of us here on the account/in our mind).

Hey, thanks for the watch! I hope to continue whatever it was that caused you to watch me!


Do you still read things?

May as well cast your vote on this contest I'm hosting.
Cute Contest

Yeah, good point, I suppose. xP
I try to stay in touch with this site every now and again.


You're one of my very first followers. :pinkiehappy:
Most of those aren't active on the site anymore.

  • Viewing 10 - 14 of 14
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