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Mach and Gracie

For When I Want to Update Without Making a Blog Post!

- Sorry to all who have wondered where I might have gone to. I've been a very busy kid with college. Anyone who wants to chat can shoot a PM, and I'll see it. :)

- Please read the blog post below! Updates all around!


New beginnings, trying to breathe life into an old dusty account. · 6:18am Mar 8th, 2015

I dunno why I'm bothering to make this blog update, buuuuut hey.

Stories are gone. Painful reminders of a painful past and some ugly memories, and was a hanging thread of guilt for me.

Name is different because there are two of us here now. It's slightly tricky to explain right. An I gotta find a way to differentiate us via text.

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I remember why I watched you now: riffs!! Lots and lots of riffs!! :D
And I think some CAH. Yeah.
All I know is they both involved you and Fallen Prime, and so that's why I watched ha.

And I don't regret it. I've been reading ALL your riffs over the last few days. Loooove them.

So yeah! :D

Also, if the name's not familiar, I was Ohm Machre a little bit ago, but decided to get a fresh start (for both of us here on the account/in our mind).

Hey, thanks for the watch! I hope to continue whatever it was that caused you to watch me!

Yeah, good point, I suppose. xP
I try to stay in touch with this site every now and again.


Well HI there!
What brings you around? :D

Oh, posh. I doubt that would ever happen...
But thank ya.

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