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Good Night


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Just wanted to drop by and say that I really like your music!

I agree, I like almost any ship with Twilight. She's just so shippable I guess :twilightsheepish: I actually feel the same way about Dash as well, but I can see why some may not find her so much so

The Thyrai, hahaha:raritywink: I'm really not remarkable at all

Thanks for stopping by! Come back anytime

2160545 Oh yes! That would be great, personally, I don't mind Raridash either. As I ship Twilight with many ponies, I find it difficult to pair Dash with others. Perhaps because of her bold personality? :rainbowhuh: I'm not sure, really.

Worship the mighty Twidash! Just keep writing my friend. Personally, it's an honor talking to The Thyrai :twilightblush:

Thanks for your time and good night to you too.

2160409 Yep, ever since the beginning of S2 I've watched every episode the day they came out :twilightsheepish:. Other than the holy Twidash (praise be), I'm quite partial to Rarijack. Recently I've also been really liking the horrifically underrated Raridash ship, but it's so hard to find stories and art of these two!! :twilightangry2: Maybe I should try to write one to rectify this horrible injustice

2160264 Aha, thank you :twilightblush: no pressure, but I hope it's soon~ Quick question out of curiosity, are you still watching the series? Since I've noticed you've been inactive (writing, blogging), I 've been wondering is all. Also, have a sweet spot for any other pairing besides Twilight and Dash?

  • Viewing 152 - 156 of 156
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