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It's been five years since she first met them, and most of Twilight Sparkle's friends have found love, leaving her feeling left out and unwanted. The Winter's Eve Ball promises a magical night of mystique and romantic wonder, but will Twilight's romantic notions get the best of her? Based on the song by the Fireman.

Originally published on Equestria Daily November 29, 2011.

Be sure to check out the song by Baron Thyrai!

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This wasn't on here earlier? I'm quite surprised.

One of the first ships I've read, and one of the most memorable at that. Glad to see it on here.


...you don't need to dance to be high...:moustache:
Just sayin!:trollestia:

This was the second ship I've ever read. And it's, to this date, the best thing ever.

Glad to see it here.

One of my favorite one-shots. Good to see it on here!

Author Interviewer

I've only just come to fimfic; I use EQD as my primary site. But I'm posting this here to see what happens, basically.

Fantastic story- one of the first I've ever read. :twilightsmile:


feature box ahoy

I remember when this was on EqD. Delightful story! I'll have to read it again now that it's on here.

Excellent! :rainbowkiss:

Already read it, so insta-fav and thumbs up! glad to see this of Fimfiction!


On a serious note I was looking far and wide to find this story again since it was just that awesome when I first read it... Time to read it again!
:twilightblush::rainbowkiss: This story is what introduced me to the concept of Twidash and how awesome it is!

I read this a while back on fimfiction and wow was it good. I really loved it. So cute and well written. Its too bad Dash had to fuck all those other ponies before getting with Twi, even if she loved her....

Quite simply my favorite one shot fic ever.

Great to see this get more exposure. Now I can stalk you better too.:rainbowwild:

Pretty amazing. Not sure why there's so many dislikes, being such a quality fic and all.

good tah see this story ere'. loved it when ah first read it, and it got me intah fanfics. ah can't thank ya enough fer writin' this.

Author Interviewer

Much obliged. :) You're a good commenter, it's nice to have you around!

Shipping haters? On my fimfic? It's more likely than you think.

Wow! Now that's just a wonderful thing to say! :D I can't thank you enough for reading it!

Life lost meaning, because this was so-
CRAP, my heart breaking
So beautiful...
seriously... So good
*crack crack crack*
The best i ever read
I now go to heaven...

First time I've ever read this. This story has all my love :heart:

Random Thought for Today: If Harry Potter was a pony, he'd have a cutie mark for cock-blocking Ron.

That was awesome.:rainbowkiss:

Ah, TwiDash, so amazing...

I loved this fic, glad to see that its finally on here.:yay:

After reading this story, I really want it to be continued into further installments! It may have been written as a one-shotter, but something about the ending and style sets it up to be a fantastic full-on story. :twilightsmile:

A beautiful love story. :rainbowkiss: :twilightblush:

Pelase tell me you're going to resurect this story into a series with some more chapters!:pinkiegasp:

this is awesome, nuff said.:rainbowkiss:

I remember first coming to Equestria Daily and seeing this on the front page. It was my first fanfic, I'm happy to see it's finally up on here man, thanks:heart:

All my love and affection! :heart:

As well as a favorite and a watch. :twilightsmile:

I was cleaning my knife after hunting and was enjoying the story until the mystery stallion was revealed.
I can never find this lesbian love between any mane6 character possible and when it happens, I am greatly disturbed.
That's just me though, i've seen worse... the clopfics, the POW's. Christ.

Oh I'm so happy to see this here. I first saw it on EQD and loved it. Then I couldn't remember enough of it to go searching but huzzah it is here now. And great thing is i can get it as .epub and read it at work on break :twilightsmile:


Just do what I do, John.
Consider everyone in Equestria universally omnisexual. No sexuality, no race, and species doesn't matter either. It's peace, John. Peace.

I remember this!!:twilightsmile::rainbowwild:
Glad to see it here so I can add it to my list of fics Ive read
Keep em coming here!

i enjoyed reading thins again. still puzzled as to why straight guys don't get all the 2 chicks stuff. I mean, we're talking a matriarchal society and an 8-2 female to male ratio, here. besides, how often do you get to see Dash trying to be charming?

Lovely story, thanks for posting it here.

Who the hell downvoted this?

Daw, :twilightsmile: but the way you spelled the owls name was uncommon. Hehe

Author Interviewer

There's like two different accepted ways to spell it. :V

Thanks everyone who commented on this. @_@ I seem to have created a monster.

To anyone asking for a continuation, I'll say what I did on EQD, and that is I've got a sequel planned but it's not high on my priorities right now. Still simmering, as it were. Rest assured you'll see more sometime!

I remember when this was posted on EqD! Glad to see it here on FimFiction!

This was a great read, but looking at it again, I think 'somepony' would just as well as 'someone'. I dunno. We're all just used to seeing it as that in fanfiction at this point, I guess!

Thanks for posting it here. I got to enjoy it all over again!

First time reading it and i loved every minute i even looked up the picture before reading and got a little scepticle about it but ignored it and read on

Ooh, this is here now? Excellent.

I had just read this on EqD. Quite a coincidence indeed! Going back to the story, I'll say this: This is truly one of the best shipping fics, and in general one of the best fanfics I've read. It wasn't one of those clopfics for sex or even one of those "perfect" love-stories. This was realistic while showing genuine love. I think my favorite part is when Rainbow Dash confesses. It even involves my head-canon of Twilight/Rainbow Dash which is Rainbow Dash admiring how smart Twilight is and thinking she herself is an idiot. Mentioning that, I love the TwiDash shipping because I love jock/nerd couplings. There is something so adorable when the jock likes the nerd instead of the cheerleader. I personally think Twilight could keep Rainbow Dash grounded without being so forceful like Applejack would (Don't get me wrong AppleDash fans, I'm a fan of that shipping too.) while Rainbow Dash could help Twilight become a little more extroverted without being so abrupt like Pinkie Pie (Nothing against you Twinkie fans either!). Plus they're in the way the two most important of the mane six. Twilight leads the group and Rainbow connected them together.

Sorry for a paragraph comment :twilightblush: Overall I love this story :heart:

Awesome story, I had a feeling that Rainbow Dash would do something like that.

Oh, yay, this made it to Fimfiction! I'm so happy to see it here, as I've had problems setting up an account to comment at Equestria Daily and therefore haven't been able to review the stories there that only have Google Docs links.

First off, extra points for referencing a Paul McCartney song--and it's a very lovely song, too. Also, not only is this one of my favorite shipping fics that I've read, it's my most favorite TwiDash. I love the pacing here, how it allows for the creation of atmosphere and nuanced characterization. I loved Twilight's letter, and I loved everything about the dashing stallion (especially once we find out just who he is). And the climatic scene in the kitchen was wonderful--a tense conversation between two old friends, laying out all their truths, providing for such an interesting and meaningful contrast to the fairy tale romance of their shared dance in the sky.

I also really liked many of the smaller details. The bit about Rarity's secret love affair, Pinkie's hit or miss love life, Pinkie holding a rolling pin while yelling at Dash in the kitchen. It's easy to lose the side characters in a romance, as one focuses on the two characters being paired, and I didn't feel as though that happened here. I like that all of the Mane Six got to at least put in an appearance.

Thanks for writing and sharing this.

Ha! I find it amusing that you felt the need to try to head off a shipper war by preemptively placating the AppleDash and TwiPie shippers. :pinkiehappy:

... BUT YOU DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT US RAINBOWPIE FANS. I shall consider that a declaration of war. Have at you! :raritywink:

That was amazing.

Am I the only one who misread the title?

284319 Maybe I should have left that out *shrugs* As for RainbowPie, I see them as best friends, but could really see it working as a couple too. I guess anybody can start a war these days :s

Was not expecting this story to be this epic, was pleasantly surprised...at four in the morning.


Simply brilliant. Loved the description of the characters. Flowed seamlessly. I never saw Dash and Twilight as viable ship, but your work made me rethink that.

Amazing, Keep up the good work

:yay:When it was posted on Eqd, It was my Bff's Birthday!:pinkiegasp:

And they kissed and became a couple.
NOW THAT'S THE HAPPY ENDING. But, seriously. It was great.

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