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Silver Scrolls


Twilight invites Rainbow over for an interview for a book she wants to write. Things don't go the direction that Rainbow expects them to.

Cover by OZE-JP

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I was about to read this again, then the edit popped up just as I click on it, good times. The edit is great, it flows a lot better than before while leaving the same feeling of fluffyness. Once again I like the 'Twilight seizes up and squeals indefinitely' part, I can imagine it happening and it would be adorable.

I have no words for how much better this is than the last one, you should be proud of the improvements you've made. It flows much better, not to mention the detail and description is more detailed, and some previously vague bits are clear and concise. Very well done!

Twidash always!
Twidash forever!

Much better flow in this version. Also things seem less random than they did in the first version.:twilightsmile:

i really can´t belive both stories are from the same writer. your improvement in writing is really.......impressive.

it´s still feel odd at some points, but its really nice. Keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

A few little errors in spelling in this edit, but other than that a good upgrade to your story.


Why is the third date the one where everyone thinks they should get really intimate? I think that's still too sudden.

Mhm, one of that rare oneshots i want to see sequel for, well done:moustache:

Great job! I enjoyed it :D

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