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Silver Scrolls

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Welp, I wasn't using that heart anyway. :raritycry:

nooooooo Twi, you heartless monster :raritycry: why!?

And you know what's worse, when I started reading it lullaby for a princess started playing :raritydespair:

6316871 I fucking knew someone would post this.

Damn the imagery was blowing!

Beautifully done. I felt like I was right there with Celestia the whole time.

This was really sweet!! :twilightsmile:

I feel like Shining Armor at a wedding. :raritycry:

Wow, what a spectrum you show in so few words. It's almost like a slow rollercoaster through the impact of a persons death, you have the emptiness , the blame, the grief and the courage that can result.

I think what I enjoy most is that the story doesn't wallow in its attempt to communicate the emotions of its characters. Where iits shown its clear and where its told its brief but has some weight.

If ever I write something to do with loss this is the fic I will look to for an example of how it can be done.

I kinda wanna see what exactly happened to Twi...
Or is there already a story for it and I just missed it?

And the feels were strong in this one :fluttershysad:

6636290 There is no story or snippet that goes into greater detail on what happened to Twi, that is left up to your imagination.

Did... Did..... Did Starlight Glimmer kill Twilight?

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