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It is the first court session that three alicorns of Equestria will be holding together but Celestia has other plans for this court session that are less diplomatic and bit more scandalous.

This is my entry fer the TwiLestia contest, I hope you enjoy.

The pic is from MissMagicalWolf on DA.

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Twilight's eyes closed as her mind swirled round and round, searching for an answer that she could except.


Twilight fidgeted a little as the guard trotted off and Celestia bumped her with a wing to get her attention. “It will be fine. Me and Luna know what we are doing, just follow our lead.” Twilight nodded and took a deep breath to steady herself. Celestia smiled and the both turned to the front of the room as the herald called out.

luna and I...

Grammar Nazis

skip to 1:07 for a practical demonstration
then promptly lol

i promise the video is hilarious and this story is similarly entertaining. this is just the one thing that distracted me while i was reading

“I know that sometimes the wigs just get restless and you need to move them a little.”, is missing an "N" should be "wings"

This just doesn't feel finished, like there is a lack of resolution.:fluttercry:

Fun stuff! Celestia's increasingly non-subtle come-ons and Twilight's flustered reactions are priceless. I think Luna closed court just in time.

“If you want I can call it for the day.” Luna spoke with concern but the other rulers nodded in disagreement

I wonder, how does one nod in disagreement? I think you ment they 'shaked their heads in disagreement'.
Other than that I liked it.

4043426 shook is the form of the word shake yer thinking, I don't think shaked is a word

4042556 yer just sad I didn't go into more detail on what happened behind closed doors

4042836 barely but she made it in time, but she won't soon forget this anniversary

People need to see this! You might want to add it to more groups.

4043920 like what. It's really only twilestia

Look at my story Pursuit to see some other groups. Twilight, Celestia, Shipping, Twilight 's Marem, Twilunestia, and more. They all have Romance or Shipping subfolders.

It was cute. Of that there is no doubt.

4043553 oops, sorry, english is not my first language and some times I mess up. But my point still stands that the action nodding is essentially agreeing to something, so it's impossible to say nodded in disagreement because it's the equivalent to saying 'agree in disagreement', it makes no sense. So it should be "...but the other rulers shook their heads in disagreement"

4045888 yer fine, thanks again fer pointing it out.

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhtaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! that was awesome! :trollestia::heart::twilightsheepish:

Well... Upvoted! :pinkiehappy:

Part sensual, part heart-warming and part funny... No complaints whatsoever!

This, this rigt here is epic.:rainbowkiss:

Though I feel sad that it is just this one chapter. But I wonder what happens if Luna joined in? I think this calls for a series of this, yes?:twilightsmile:

Complete? Darn, I was hoping for more of this.

4118518 yer not the first to say that, not enough fer me to change my mind yet but close

Comment posted by Silver Scrolls deleted Mar 22nd, 2014

4118710 Hmmmmmm, just a sec, let my get into my bribe drawer and see what I've got......... Dang it, I used it all on Hasbro to give us another episode with Princess Luna. oh well.

4118848 that was a good use of bribery

Nearly choked on my lunch at work. Best piece I have read in a little while. :twilightsmile:

Luna looked over the ponies in the atrium. “I am sorry but court for the day has been cancelled. Princess Twilight and Princess Celestia are not feeling well and-”

Luna was cut off by a loud scream from the throne. “OH DEAR CELESTIA!! YYYYEEEESSSSS!!!”

:rainbowderp: :twilightblush:

I died of laughter when that happened. It's odd, because I feel like if there were to ever be romance between these two, it would start just like this.

:rainbowlaugh: haha I totally facehoofed at, well, I think ya know...:derpytongue2:

Hilarious and adorable a wonderful read loved the ending!

“Now presenting Prince Blueblood, here on behalf of the Equestrian Society for the betterment of Ponies.”

“Now announcing Sir Dusty Tome, Head of the Equestrian Librarian association.”



What if I were to throw my vote into requesting more of this, ontop of all the other ones?

Personally I think it happened a bit fast, and ended way to soon. And what's up with the marbles? But yeah this fic while nice definitely feel like it needs more. We have Luna and Tia apparently in on this at first. Twilight getting flustered, then the marbles. Then it ends just as it started with an Orgasm ... which did seem to happen rather quickly. Story wise at least.

But yeah, more to this would add a bit more subetance to this and give it a more complete feeling.

Also, societies, organizations, associations, and businesses are always capitalized. Like you'd do with a book title.

I enjoyed reading it very much! )

This needs to be longer, much longer and a sequel. In short. MORE!!!!!

I heartily enjoyed this work for the most part, especially since my headcanon concerning Twilight and Celestia was recently reinforced by my SO watching the show to help me with some editing -- "That isn't subtext. It's just unspoken" -- but I'm afraid one thing bugged me whenever it popped up.

Patrons, unless it's something they've canonically said, is really the wrong word here. My personal suggestion would be petitioners; though it reverses the idea to the point that one might see Celestia as being uncomfortable, if you play her as being proto-democratic or at least anti-hierarchical. That being said, we use "petitions" for a lot of democratic mechanisms today, though in many cases, it's a matter of petitioning the state or the source of the state's power inherent in the governed.

We call customers in a store patrons because they're coming in and spending their money, which in the past connected to a hierarchical relationship. It very much comes out of the same category as tipped work, or patronizing art and literature; that is, the nobility, and later the rising middle class, were the primary support and proliferation of artwork, fine dining, etc. Even when the medieval Church (and don't kid yourselves, folks, it was true and in many places still is true for non-Christian/non-Catholic religions) did similar things, including for science (Galileo was personal friends with the Pope, who, in one of those little linguistic twists, was to an extent Galileo's patron), it was about their causes.

The word specifically goes back to patron/client relationships between Roman aristocratic clans with their literal patriarchs on one side, and the various servants, supported merchants and artisans, and subordinate, allegiance-giving families that linked them all together. Now, Celestia's had the reins *cough* on reigning for a thousand years and I can definitely see a Trollestian note there, but you've given some gentleness to her relationship with the aristocrats here; for all the poor bastard gets abused in the background of what I'm working on, I applaud your hu-, er, ponification of Blueblood's personality. It's probably my nerdery, but I'd suggest something like petitioner or something else that properly labels "these are the people coming to submit requests to power" in its place.

Otherwise, neat fic!

“Now presenting Prince Blueblood, here on behalf of the Equestrian Society for the betterment of Ponies.”

You would be hard-pressed to find a more wrong sentence in all of the lighthearted stories gathered on this site.

The only time Blueblood and "The Equestrian Society for the Betterment of Ponies" should go together in one sentence would be a Canterlot Times headline reading "The Equestrian Society for the Betterment of Ponies celebrates the inauguration of their 100-year Betterment Plan by locking prince Blueblood away for all eternity."

Luna scoffed under her breath. “If only they would just walk off a cliff or forget the stairs sometimes.”

I love Luna's casual gallows humor... especially the bit where you never know whether she's serious or not... :D

“Have you ever sown seeds Twilight?” She popped a seed in her mouth and licked her lips slowly as she rolled the seed around her mouth. “It’s a lot of fun and surprisingly relaxing.”

Hoboy. The double entendre is strong with this one...

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