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Silver Scrolls


Celestia and Twilight have been together for many long and wonderful years. This night marks an anniversary of their time together, and Celestia has decided its a good night to move their relationship towards the next step.

Credit for the artwork goes to PriDark on DA.

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very cute. all the adorbs.:heart:

If I might make a suggestion, your title should look as follows: A Night that Lasts Forever

5879065 Thank you for pointing that out, I spent to much time editing the story I forgot to double check the title :facehoof:

5879176 No problem! Also, you might want to do the same thing to the chapter's title as well.

Also, go a little more in depth about your description. Like you said, you worked too hard to only describe your story in one single sentence. You need to describe it more. As it is now, it doesn't really grab me.

That was sweet. I like it.

Sooooo adorable
I love it

Standing before Pinkie and her husband, it took everything I had not to lose myself in the beautiful mare that stood by her friends watching proudly as the mare who brought happiness everywhere she went found her own happiness in another.

That, is... possibly the best news in the history of news. If there was just one pony deserving of happiness in all of Equestria, it'd be Pinkie Pie.

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