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Trying to describe you is like trying to punch a bird ~ Aragon

Things that have been said about MrNumbers

" I originally rated your fic an N [...] I legitimately hate it, and it made me question the purpose of existence for like three solid days. Or at least contemplate quitting the fandom."
Present Perfect

"I'm the most wonderful and sensationally brilliant man alive, and people are going to want to know about how I think you're pretty okay." -King of Beggars

"You're lovably neurotic, like Woody Allen before the bad times " - PostScript

"Fuck. Oh god, fuck you, Numbers, and the metaphilosiphical horse you dare trod upon, this dark descent into the green waters of fairy's delight is too much for this mind to stand." - WolfVenom

"Oh gods. I had to stop and cry, a couple times, i swear any insults and abuse hurled are simply from me struggling to process how words on a screen can cause such powerful reactions in me." - FicFerret

"People talk about how stories or stuff hits close to home. Your story invaded my home, and I came back to find its pictures where all of mine should be, and the jerk sleeping in my bed in my PJs."

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Fascist Talking Points · 3:59pm Yesterday

Last night I got in a fight on Reddit with Nazis.

Actual, factual Nazis.

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He's telling me about warm blooded sharks right now and it's pretty great he's super cute aaaa

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i bet ur boyfriend thinks ur super gay

Recently I went on a spree and downloaded a bunch of random stories with premises that sounded at least vaguely interesting, without paying attention to their authors. When I was finished, three of them really stood out, quality-wise. It was the language, the dialogues, syntax, characterizations, every paragraph was a joy to read in and of itself. I was super hyped about having found three quality authors that are still active, and went back to write down their names. Turns out they were all written by the same person named MrNumbers, go figure.

Oh wait, apparently you wrote TDotRTS, now it all makes sense. I shoud really pay more attention to the people behind the stories...

More steampunk stories?

Morning, Numbers. I've been trying to muster the resolve to get back into reviewing (and participating at all in ponyfics), but couldn't really do it until reading the discussion that came from your recent blog post. Thanks for providing the motivation!

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