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An Australian Amateur Author, Alliteration Aficionado

Things that have been said about MrNumbers

" I originally rated your fic an N [...] I legitimately hate it, and it made me question the purpose of existence for like three solid days. Or at least contemplate quitting the fandom."
Present Perfect

"I'm the most wonderful and sensationally brilliant man alive, and people are going to want to know about how I think you're pretty okay." -King of Beggars

"You're lovably neurotic, like Woody Allen before the bad times " - PostScript

"Fuck. Oh god, fuck you, Numbers, and the metaphilosiphical horse you dare trod upon, this dark descent into the green waters of fairy's delight is too much for this mind to stand." - WolfVenom

"Oh gods. I had to stop and cry, a couple times, i swear any insults and abuse hurled are simply from me struggling to process how words on a screen can cause such powerful reactions in me." - FicFerret

"People talk about how stories or stuff hits close to home. Your story invaded my home, and I came back to find its pictures where all of mine should be, and the jerk sleeping in my bed in my PJs."


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WWBP: Time Machine · 11:11am Last Wednesday

So yesterday I had a really strange thought: If I had a time machine and could talk to myself in 2012, just five years ago, how would that conversation go? Just how much has changed in five years?

Well, I invented timetravel, and recorded the resulting conversation for your benefit.

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So you can laugh

  • The Demesne of the Reluctant Twilight Sparkle When Luna gifts Twilight the town of Ponyville and its surrounding countryside as her demesne she's initially confused. Then, after double checking her dictionary, more than a little concerned. by MrNumbers 89,706 words · 23,776 views · 2,503 likes · 72 dislikes
  • An Apple a Day Keeps Autocracy Away Princess Big Macintosh saves Equestria. This comes as a surprise to Princess Celestia, who wasn't aware Equestria needed saving, actually. by MrNumbers 6,896 words · 2,388 views · 339 likes · 27 dislikes
  • Passion and Reason Pinkie Pie shows up at Twilight's door in tears, with roses and a box of chocolates. So what's Twilight going to do about that? by MrNumbers 10,961 words · 6,069 views · 794 likes · 20 dislikes
  • On the Historical Significance of Battle Lederhosen Applebloom brings her incredibly... enthusiastic (sure, let's go with that) uncle Apple Strudel to class. He is very educational. by MrNumbers 3,199 words · 1,667 views · 164 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Rarity Loses Her Innocence In a Poker Game A game of drunken poker between friends, a good hand, a desperate wager. The perfect storm. by MrNumbers 7,570 words · 14,562 views · 1,680 likes · 32 dislikes

So I can laugh

  • The Mare Who Once Lived on the Moon In a steampunk reimagining of the universe, Twilight Sparkle finds perhaps the one pony as lonely as she is. It's rather unfortunate that they're on the moon. by MrNumbers 148,692 words · 15,216 views · 2,195 likes · 42 dislikes
  • The Serpent and the Apple This is a story about the kind of conversations you had when you first realized just how messed up you were, with someone who understood. by MrNumbers 7,404 words · 1,717 views · 269 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Sic Transit Gloria Mundi Luna pays her respects to Equestria's fallen heroes. Why is it against her sister's wishes? by MrNumbers 5,621 words · 4,491 views · 707 likes · 22 dislikes
  • When The Lights Go Out A Dark Fic. Twilight, Rarity, Rainbow, Applejack explore the pitch black room, looking for any sign of where they are, or where they might go, trying to avoid the dangers unseen to them... by MrNumbers 1,531 words · 2,578 views · 274 likes · 10 dislikes
  • Vows Made in Wine This is about what happens when you chase a dream your whole life and then, one day, without warning, you do something really stupid and catch it. by MrNumbers 3,002 words · 1,884 views · 292 likes · 9 dislikes
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Morning, Numbers. I've been trying to muster the resolve to get back into reviewing (and participating at all in ponyfics), but couldn't really do it until reading the discussion that came from your recent blog post. Thanks for providing the motivation!

I think I just unfollowed you and then followed you again; sorry about that. I was on your page, saw that the button was dark, thought "Dear me, how have I not followed him yet?", and pressed it. Then saw that the color didn't change at all and the word had changed in the wrong direction, so... apparently that's one of the changes made in the update.

Hey Numbers, how is Loopy's most favouritist author of pony words?

Author Interviewer

I approve of this :D

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