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Nothing special here, move along, nothing to see, just ignore the lump under the sheet and the red stuff...

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Yes i have. Point taken.

Trust me, I know. I mean, have you seen my stories?! :twilightoops:

At least he tries. :duck: It's not as easy as you think.

I find your stories to be quite well written. And i've read thousands upon thousands of stories, my friend. This wolf pony hybrid has seen many years.... many plots, and much of Equestria. I read what i think passes my.... inspection.

I don’t think Georg will be at all offended if I say that at the very very least, Cold in Gardez, Skywriter, and Horizon are all better writers than him

  • Viewing 157 - 161 of 161
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From Twitter today - I sense a challenge · 9:05pm Monday

Here's the Twitter link from @RoyalDayShift https://twitter.com/RoyalDayShift/status/953004271221473280

Ahem. I'm planning on rising to the occasion. It's the yeast I can fondue. No half-baked stories here. It might take a while to mix up, but I think it's only proper to give our pony overlords their proper desserts. (Seriously, there are some parts of Twitter still worth it.)