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thanks for the follow, Georg!

3179625 yes-ish. I plan on making Equestria 1969-The Mare On The Moon but it will be more of a series of shorts tied together. You can see parts of it already in One Shot Tober from 2020.

Are you planning to do a sequel Equestria: 1940?

Hope all is well for you, friend. 😌

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Sunset Shimmer in Another World - With Superpowers · 12:24pm Monday

Firebird Freedom started out as an exercise to have two different ways of introducing a character, through dialogue, and through various action sequences.  I’ve been doodling on it for months, adding some here, taking a few chunks out there, making it smooth out.  What started out as two standalone chapters of 9k words turned into a sequence that flowed along in chronological order, but I had to put in a second ‘glue’ chapter to point out the dual-nature of the date/interview, and

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Report Georg · 147 views · Story: Firebird Freedom · #SunsetShimmer #DC #Superhero