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Nothing special here, move along, nothing to see, just ignore the lump under the sheet and the red stuff...

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Common misspelled: coruscating scintillated actinic fiancé GhostOfHeraclitus
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Check your PMs when you get a chance, I have fairly exciting news.

You could check the Web Archive version of your fanfic to get some the missing pictures back then upload them somewhere else.

... Right, I've resisted as long as I can... Sir? We have to move the lump under the sheet. It's stinking the place up to Cloudsdale and I'm pretty sure the staff is starting to notice too.

Have you ever read Gulheru's bat pony stories? Interview, Rendevous, and especially, Journey With a Bat Pony .

What an absolute honor. Thank you very much for the follow. I hope I continue to live up to what you've read so far.

  • Viewing 225 - 229 of 229
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Substitute Librarian doodling - Sneak peek · 7:33am November 23rd

Since Estee mentioned in Daily Equestria Life With Monster Girl (Now with new art from Harwick) that Canterlot had tunnels in the mountain that could be used for evacuation in case of Tirek, I had to wonder just what would happen if some idiot got trapped in them by accident. So I looked at Emerald...

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