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Nothing special here, move along, nothing to see, just ignore the lump under the sheet and the red stuff...

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Common misspelled: coruscating scintillated actinic fiancé GhostOfHeraclitus
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Pssst. Hey...


Georg #164 · March 2nd · · 2 ·

2573798 Not much to tell. I'm lazy. Made it with Pony Creator back when I was writing Two Unicorns Walk Into a Village. It was supposed to be Luna in disguise, but with my artistic talent.... or lack thereof....

Tell me about your profile picture?


Yes i have. Point taken.

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Everfree NorthWest - Day Three - Shop at Harwick's Art · 3:57pm Yesterday

I wanted to pass along a big thank-you to WhiteDiamonds for convincing (and helping) Harwick to come to the Everfree Northwest con. Please come by their booths and stock up on some very cool stuff. It's the last day, and I'm hyped! (or hoped, or happy or something that starts with an h I think)

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