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I love big fluffy cats and I found this gorgeous girl a few hours from where you live if you or anyone else you know are looking for a beautiful large cat. https://www.petfinder.com/cat/soni-46306147/ks/andover/country-cats-inc-ks86/

Hopefully it'll happen! No need to rush though, I still have the The One Who Got Away / Drifting Down the Lazy River to go, plus a bunch of others.

2817115 Heh. Somebody's reading the paperback. Anyway, yeah I could put together the second two books on paper. It would take a few days, and Diplomacy By Other Means would be lumped in with The Traveling Tutor and the Diplomat's Daughter (Royal Exam is huge, and would require its own book) And it's going to be a long cold winter. Might happen. (I'd have to bug Iisaw for two more covers, though. Mine always look horrid.)

Seriously, Does Anypony Read These

Apparently, I do, but now you have me wondering what this one would be about. I'm imagining it involving Twi posting some typical Twilight-esque signs around the library like The Library is for Quiet or No Borrowing Books, and everypony just completely ignoring them. She gets frustrated at this, so she increases the amount of signs. Dramatically.

Also, the On weekends that he is not driving Formula One on the back gets me every time. Oh god, I just realized the cover is purple and green. Georg pls. On a side note, do you have plans to make a print version of other stories in the Librarian/Diplomat-verse as well?

  • Viewing 222 - 226 of 226
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Tek is Awesome - Naming Silver Shoes and Sunspots (formerly Celestia Gets Nailed) · 2:52am January 5th

First, a shout-out to Tek, who has tirelessly edited and troubleshot a whole bunch of stories for me, so much that I actually did a collaborative work with him (something that I never do). (Yea Tek!!) So back in April of 2017...

I was wondering on your thoughts on the viability of this story concept as something else to add to your potential story pile. It’s sort of a reverse Cinderella story / mystery in a sense, as well as a play on the phrase ‘For want of a nail”

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Report Georg · 348 views · #Tek #Sunspot #Farrier
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