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Nothing special here, move along, nothing to see, just ignore the lump under the sheet and the red stuff...

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Helpful Copy and Paste Characters the chart from timtrott. https://www.alt-codes.net/
Ballot Box — ☐ — U+2610 Ballot Box with Check — ☑ — U+2611 Ballot Box with X — ☒ — U+2612 Black Square — ■ — U+25A0 ☙ ❧ ♞
Black Square, Small — ▪ — U+25AA White Square — □ — U+25A1 White Square, Small — ▫ — U+25AB Music Note ♫ German A ä ♡ ☽ Bits β Ω
[center ][size=1.5em ]☙ ☀ ❧[/size ][/center ]

Common misspelled: coruscating scintillated actinic fiancé GhostOfHeraclitus
Link to Postimage.io, a very nice place to put pics. Also Photobucket.com and Tinypic.com (the short version)

[ page_break ] to put in a break in a blog page [ right_insert ] to put a footnote inside the right margin.
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[ smcaps ] for small caps
[ color=#cccccc ] for light grey [color=#af2673 ]✶[/color ] for a red star [ color=#ED438A]✶[ /color] for Twilight's color
Kris Overstreet's Wed night radio program on http://www.dementiaradio.org/
Fimfic Epub downloader: https://fimfiction.djazz.se/

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Hope all is well for you, friend. 😌

BIGGIE God bless!! God loves you, now and forever.

*lifts up the sheet to see the lump*

Ooh, nice ketchup stains! You could slice this one up and sell it for a hefty sum.

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Writing advice with original fiction clip from The Young Knight, the Fey Maiden, and the Bridge Troll · 6:08am January 16th

Recently I met a dragon. Well, not directly. Viking ZX has a remarkable YA fiction book called Axtara - Banking and Finance in which a young dragon goes out into the world to make her career as a banker. (he also has an informative writing advice series, far better than my drabbles, one of which will follow this blog post).

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