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On a cold Winter night, Police Chief Miranda Rights tries to arrest a very special visitor. With gifts.

Meant as a gift to Estee for the Tryptych Continuum and in particular Miranda Rights, the beleaguered and frequently overloaded Ponyville Chief of Police in the center of Chaos. (and occasionally host to Discord) Rain or shine, quiet nights or rampaging monsters, the thin blue line of the Ponyville police never breaks. (although at times it frays a bit)

Cover art patched together from several sources including Copper Top the police pony and Jean Sapin for the Christmas tree vector.

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Took longer to write than I expected, up to the point where I fixed a typo just a moment ago when I uploaded it. Any additional typos you find were put in there by Krampus, so blame him.

This is a short-term story that got sparked by something just before Christmas (which I'm blanking on) but I think with all the heck that I've given poor Miranda Rights over 25 chapters of The Substitute Librarian (with more plotted out) she really deserves something good in return. And in this season, what could be better than a few minutes to yourself with hot chocolate and a peppermint stick for stirring?

Stay warm!

Every time I see a fanfic with a Spanish word in the title, I squeak like a fangirl on the inside.

Delightful stuff, though we're getting dangerously close to holiday stories involving Chief Rights becoming a tradition. In any case, thank you for a lovely read and a fascinating take on the jolly old elk.

It's not the most important thing I took away from this story, or even the only thing, but I remember being young and getting excited about new boots.

Better then other Santa's I know of...

He should really be prosecuted...:trixieshiftleft:

I would also take this opportunity to remind all the original Saint Nicholas decked a guy. Old son be throwing hands:twilightoops:

I literally just added a chapter to my story using Copper Top and used the same vector photo in the thumbnail. Lo and behold, Copper top in the feature box. This was a cute story. Loved it!

Sweet story! I was confused about Chief Rights, so that got me reading!

Very nice and touching story for the season, though since its Ponyville I can' help but wonder if the other officers haven't started to tune out or ignore some of wilder things just to protect their sanity

Honestly, Miranda, you live in Ponyville. How do you still have the ability to be skeptical?!

Yup - that was a fun story. Nice to see that there's life in the ol' fandom yet.

Every town need some sane people in it.

With the state of Ponyville, I wonder how many police chiefs manage to last even two years before needing their own 706-stroke-C forms.

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Should have been done sooner but I just noticed it


I haven't read the story yet but I just want to say the Police Navidad pun made me chuckle outloud and thank you ^^

That was a good story.

Quis custodiet ipsos librariae? = Who will protect the copyrights themselves?
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? = Who watches the watchers?

11465971 Feminine for Librarian.
11462721 And if Ponyville finds any of them, they are quickly hustled off to the police lockup to protect them.
11462680 Hey, watch that 'old' crack. I'm only... a few years short of retirement.
11462502 She's a fish in a pond with many other fish of the same type. Just look at Nitpicky. His reaction to seeing Santa's sled overhead is to estimate the load and determine if it's within residential aircraft limits.
11462238 Hey, the *postal service* delivers letters to Discord in his own little pocket dimensional home. The Ponyville Police have taken the practical step of determining anything that can be tracked back to Discord is to be ignored. Orange-shaped frogs? Discord. Square clouds in the sky? Obviously Discord. Giant crystal castles popping up out of nowhere? Gotta be Discord.
11462080 Hey, I'm a bit older and I'm still excited about new boots.

Comment posted by Manga Shoggoth deleted Jan 2nd, 2023

Join the club - I'm a year off my original planned retirement date, back before they first moved the retirement dates in the mid-80s.

This was sweet. And Santa managed to give her the gift of time two or three times.

“Normally, you should wait until Hearth’s Warming before opening your presents, but you scheduled double-shifts — again — so some of your subordinates could have that time with their families.” The mare fairly beamed with joy, smiling so much that Miranda could not help but look over her smooth white coat for signs of Pinkie Pie’s zippers or fasteners. “Go ahead. Open it.”

assuming the pony equivalent of santa is just pinkie pie in a disguise would make perfect sense if we hadn't seen pinkie get a decent amount of screentime in ponyville throughout the various Christmas specials the show had

Very cute! Wish I read this on Christmas! ^^

11479263 That's only fair. I wish I had gotten it done and published by Christmas. (and I just fixed another typo today)
11467033 A lot of the sweet comes from the peppermint stick. Try it sometime when there's snow outside.
11466477 Nothing like looking at that 401k and saying "Well, looks like another few years in the harness..."
11467268 I've had at least three holiday specials that have Santa Hooves in them other than just this one
Yes Twilight Sparkle, There Is a Santa Hooves
Hearth Warmings Trappings
Escort Flight

11479312 *Alondro's head tilts in confusion* Four-oh-one-kay? Reee-tire-ment? Are those foreign foods?

there was dangerous-crazy and entertaining-crazy, a line that Twilight Sparkle and her friends hopped across frequently enough to think they were treating it like a game, but the town did have a mare who thought she was a dog and the embodiment of elemental chaos as the occasional guest, so…

this is a really understandable depiction of what normal citizens would think of the mane 6

Lovely story, but I'm confused on the ending- is Miranda Rights from space or is there a metaphor with her far-distant home I'd understand if I'd read more of Triptych?

11554898 I wanted to avoid hammering that point too hard. Miranda is (in Triptych) heavily hinted that she is originally from the griffon lands, quite possibly an orphan adopted by a griffon family. But she does not wear that on her uniform sleeve or wave it about, mostly because in Triptych and the rest of the Esteeverse ponies are skittish critters and somewhat nervous over large flying predators with a certain history in fighting against ponies.

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