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As a rebellious teenager, Twilight Sparkle set a trap for Santa Hooves in order to prove he did not exist. She failed spectacularly.

Editors: Peter, Tek, The Masked Ferret, Hilltopper2, Seether00, BluePaladin42

Original Picture by Earthsong9405
Colored picture by Cajes The Tabby

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You may be interested in other Hearth Warming fics recommended at my recent blog post here.

Also, if you like this, you may be interested in my other Hearth's Warming stories:
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Note from Tek on other little helpers that Santa has had over the years: Celestia wouldn't let me get any cookies, Luna became obsessed with delivering coal to Naughty foals and Cadence was hanging mistletoe in every house we visited

Please feel free to include your MLP character letters to Santa in the comments. I'll start:

Dear Santa,
Can I travel with you next year? All of those little foals and fillies who love you so much would be such a joy to be around.
Your Friend, Queen Chrysalis
P.S. You wouldn't mind if a few of them go missing, would you?

Dear Santa,
You know who I want to see in stockings this year.
Sincerely, Flash Sentry

Dear Snookums,
We're going to have to skip the post-delivery party this year. Luna's back home, and she might get the wrong impression if she sees us canoodling.
Love, Celestia
P.S. She's out of town the week afterwards. I'll leave the chimney open and keep the cider hot.

Dear Santa,
Hi, remember me? I'm back, and I'd be willing to do anything to get off the Naughty List this year.
Love and Kisses, Mooney
P.S. I'll be at the North Pole for the entire week after Hearth's Warming to spread a little holiday cheer among the overworked reindeer population. I'll bring the hot chocolate.

Santa is belief in all which is good and happy about Hearth’s Warming, not photographs and scientific articles.”

is this from Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus?

Very good job on a nice and quiet WAFF fic :twilightsmile:

There was an accident on their farm just a few months ago, and now she’s facing her first Hearth’s Warming with only her siblings and her grandmother for support.

...I'm just going to leave this here:

“No pony or reindeer could possibly be all I’m supposed to be. The more Santa Hooves is looked at and examined in a scientific fashion, the less he becomes, until someday he just fades away into nothing. Santa is belief in all which is good and happy about Hearth’s Warming, not photographs and scientific articles.”


Thank you for writing and sharing this story. It was a most delightful read. :twilightsmile:

Hmm, interesting. In another situation, I could easily see Twilight channeling one of P.C. Hodgell's characters and saying "that which can be destroyed by the truth should be", but it certainly wouldn't fit the theme.

I figured the castle in the snowglobe was Cadence's. Because he's omniscient and it would have been funny. Oh, well.

It kind of bugs me that Santa supposedly subsists on belief and faith, despite things like his magic clearly being `real`and having real effects on the world.

Perhaps in our world that sort of thing makes sense, but in a world of magic, it just seems... a bit odd.

I suppose we should be glad Santa didn`t gift Twilight with motherhood, given how your past three stories have gone, Georg. :P

Dear Santa Hooves,
I need a map.
Globe Trotter

Comment posted by vren55 deleted Dec 23rd, 2015

How do you do this all the time Georg? Rip my heartstrings to pieces and play me like a bloody fiddle?

Here's my letter, you'd get it as you've read my story XD.

Dear Mr. Claus,
Honestly I don't believe in your legend, but if you do exist, I'd just like something small.

A hoofkerchief and a thank you card. Just to tell me I've been doing a good job.


P.S. For some reason I put "car" instead of card. *facedesk* So I reposted.

Lovely little story. Like the reference to Applejack's parents. Very nice little cathartic plug. :ajsleepy: :applecry:

Good moral, wonderful flow, and tied up nicely in the end. A new classic I think. :twilightsmile:

6757573 Sorta kinda yeah.
6757589 It was a delightful write too.
6757681 Ho, ho, no.
6757788 Yeah, it took forever to paintbrush out the background out of the screen shot in 'Spike At Your Service.' About two seconds of snowglobe video and *nothing* online. If anybody's reading who's a dab hand with Photoshop, consider making a snowglobe out of the Crystal Castle, and one of Twilight's Castle too.
6757890 (scribbles) One lump of coal to Cinnomen... Cinnomin... Oh, nevermind. I'll put you back on the Nice List.
6758145 Dear Globetrotter, I was going to give you a lift, but you didn't post the geotag id that you have attached to your keychain. (If anybody is interested, please follow the original link. The keychain-sized pony seems like nice work.)
6758342 Dear Alternia, Are you kidding? You are the nice list. The only reason you haven't been getting gifts from me is I can't think of anything you don't already have. You're a tough one to buy for. Oh, and tell Luna the *cough* underthings she requested are actually under the tree. The box is just very small. Very small. Seriously, I'm a little worried. You didn't give her my address, did you? There's a thousand years of 'repressed' in that little filly, just waiting.
6758451 I actually think my original Yes, Twilight Sparkle, There is a Santa Hooves is more heart-rending than this one, but it is pretty good, if I do say so myself. (and I do)

Dear Santa Hooves,
Thank you for the offer of a lift. My travel log is here. I do hope to make it up to the North Pole sometime. Or, even better!, in your off season, you could tag along with me. I bet your whirlwind tour of the world doesn't give you enough time to stop and sample the roses.
Globe Trotter

Very cute. Little known fact; Sombra was put on eternal #1 Naughty Spot on his list...

"Let me use the door."

That tie in made the whole thing perfect!

Alicorns get to have all the fun.

Dear Santa Hooves.

Trixie is still waiting for her turn! Trixie knows that that Twilight Sparkle got a ride in your sleigh! Trixie demands respectfully requests that she be shown the same courtesy!

PS. The coal is greatly appreciated. It burns surprisingly long, and makes the wagon quite cosy.

Aw, this was really nice. Perfectly captures that feeling you get when you're a kid where you know Santa isn't real, but you still don't want to accept it, not to mention some of the things that make this time of year special.

Merry Christmas/Happy Hearth's Warming, Georg!

Dear Santa,

My parents never told me you were real. They told me from the start that you were a lie told to children, but they never told me why. Now at last, as I see your face etched in equine form, do I understand the reason behind the stories.

Perhaps there is not a kindly old man who flashes between houses, depositing presents and eating cookies. Perhaps all gifts are bought by parents and hidden in the attic until Christmas Eve. But that does not mean that you do not exist.

You are kind smiles. You are the stranger's hand closing around the last doll on the shelf, then turning and telling us to wipe away our tears. You are bows on presents, you are hot chocolate and lights on trees.

I believe in the intrinsic goodness of humanity. I believe that, in spite of all the commercialization, this truly is the most wonderful time of the year. And so, even though I was told you are a lie, I believe in Santa.

Sincerely, Nathanael Unger

Somewhere in that big bag of presents, Pinkie is working overtime, and Gummy is the hood ornament.:pinkiehappy:

While this was otherwise nicely done, I fundementally do not beleive for even a second the concept that understanding something somehow makes it lesser. As an engineer, all the cold, hard - and often unseen or unmeasurable without omnipotence yet still very much present - numbers that run the universe make it more, not less. I just don't grok with the idea that Science! somehow repels magic/belief/myth etc. So I call cobbler's on Santa Hooves aspersions that he could be made to not exist by people knowing about him. That was a major burr in the flow of the story for me, unfortunately.

(Not major enough to not still present it a like, mind.)

Dear Santa,
Can I hath schome more screen thime?


“I don’t have any young ones to spend time with, which is why I love to give what I have to all of the children of the world. Ponies, griffons, donkeys, dragons. It doesn’t matter.

Not the changelings?

I'm sorta frustrated with how you explained Santa works but besides that I enjoyed this.

Santa Hooves' message about himself sounded so familiar....

"Yes! The sun would have risen just the same, yes?"
"Oh, come on. You can't expect me to believe that. It's an astronomical fact."
"Really? Then what would have happened, pray?"
― Terry Pratchett, Hogfather

Ya know... I think I have a new holiday tradition! Re-watching the Hogfather. The deepest truths of life delivered by a seven foot skeleton with a scythe, what's not to like?


There was an accident on their farm just a few months ago, and now she’s facing her first Hearth’s Warming with only her siblings and her grandmother for support.

You... You don't mean... :applecry:

Dangnabbit, now I have Apple family feels.

This is an amazing fic! I enjoyed every part of it. Everypony was in-character and your writing style is exquisite. Keep up the awesome work!


6760032 That's the point. We CAN'T know how Santa works. If there were a set way, he'd be real. And then he wouldn't be Santa.

Considering how down he is once Twilight's an alicorn... I feel that the belief versus knowing spiel was more for show (and to try and convince Twilight of something else entirely).

Knowledge and wonder don't have to be opposed, cause I still get blown away by green trees every now and then, especially knowing how some of it works.

Also, that time a thousand years ago... who was it that caught Santa?

6760232 And what would be the problem with this? He already is real so why have this convoluted explanation? Please don't bother answering if all you are going to do is recite the story's words.

“Next time?” The jolly but tired reindeer at her side shook his head. “I’m sorry, Twilight Sparkle. You’re a mortal.

*Alondro, who conveniently appears from the future because he can be just as plot convenient as Starlight Glimmer when he needs to be, nudges Santa and whispers into his ear*

*Santa O______O * She's going to become a-?! Oh, well that's a horse of a different color!

*Twilight* What does my coat have to do with anything?

*Santa hmms* Uh... Lavender Unicorn Syndrome... yeah. Anyway, yer my assistant now.

“I see,” said Twilight Sparkle, sitting down and putting her head between her forelegs. “At least I’ll have my memories of tonight.”
“I’m afraid not.”
Twilight Sparkle looked up just as the cloud of sand was blown into her face.

*Alondro reports Santa (which is just a clever alias for Satan, after all) for the illegal use of mind-altering spells. He's banished to the Sun. And so, ponies thereafter only get visited by Krampas.*


D'awwwww this was cute!

And now I'm filled with Christmas cheer. Thanks.

To: Twist

No. And you KNOW why.


This was a nice cute story. I liked it. :D

Dear Santa,

Please bestow upon me the patience and drive to update my fics. That or a swift kick in the rear.


As an immortal, we forget how mortals can be taken away from us so quickly.

Now, that could've been a sort of "professional we," or it could be that slight omniscience kicking in. It'd certainly explain how Santa knew to get that snowglobe.

A very enjoyable holiday tale with some fascinating information regarding the biology of myths. Thank you for it.

Snow globe? Santa hooves is real, and is possibly the most powerful of immortals. A little thing like knowing the future is small to ask of a world traveling magical being of such great power.

Plus, this is a great story. I am smiling with wet cheeks.

This is so many degrees of heartwarming adorable. Well done, again. And again.

6752288 This story really has some true magic in it.

6760142 as a Pratchett nerd I feel I should point out death never speaks with ""marks. It's because he never speaks, more like the words are just appear into existence in your head... And what's crazier, always have been there

This was really beautiful. Thank you so much, Georg.

This story's going into the Adfic Calender...

6760142 We've been doing that every Christmas eve for the last 4 years or so ^.^ It's a fun tradition.

6763722 For those of you who are wondering, Shadowmane's Adfic Calendar for this fic is here. He has a very interesting series of these story comments, and they're worth looking through.

Thank you for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Merry Christmas. :twilightsmile:

Great story perfect for Harthswarming eve I know that for a fact I read this on Xmas eve thx

It's not 'the knowledge kills the magic' at all, isn't it. He was trying to inspire her to view the world as more than laws and regulations, but also as actual fairy tale, mythic and beautiful. For a mortal (back then anyway) pony, I'd imagine she'd likely have the most difficult time even considering that idea on her own.

Also, the gifts of the Alicorn are great and many. Creation damn it, they really do get all the fun.

That last one paragraph. That's what sets this apart from most fics and stories like this. Well done.

6759290 That was beautiful. Made me cry, such a beautiful sentiment,

Are you planning on making a Krampus like figure to complement your Santa Hooves?

An emotional roller coaster, and a great read this Hearth's Warming.

Almost too Saccharine, but not quite.

awww thats sweet i had a smile on my face the whole time

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