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Data-Scientiest-in-Training and voracious fic reader. Occasionally edits/proofreads for people he likes, and even publishes story chapters once-in-a-blue-moon. Thinks he's a reneighssance pone.


Signal Boost: For the Benefit of Yaks by SirNotAppearingInThisFic · 7:47pm Saturday

EFor the Benefit of Yaks
Prince Rutherford is going to take Yakyakistan to space the only way they know how: large explosions.
SirNotAppearingInThisFic · 7.9k words  ·  35  1 · 167 views

In case you haven't noticed yet, my favorite editor is also a pretty darned good writer. Having helped edit his new fic for FoME's Imposing Sovereigns II contest, I can confidently say it's among his best work. And if you liked the last fic of his I recced (a certain one about an archaeologist in the Dragonlands), then you're bound to like this one as well.

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Author Interviewer

By the end, I'd say all the drama was worth it, but even I was raring to quit early, and I was pledged to read the whole thing.

Glad to hear that I've been of some service. It's good to know that I wasn't completely alone, either. Did you have the editor coming after you in the comments as well?

It was tragic, really. The setting was painfully interesting, the situations were brimming with potential, but the plot required the protagonists to be so irredeemably stupid...

Maybe, just maybe, if you can't imagine a way to make your plot happen without brain-melting levels of idiocy from your characters, you should go for a different plot.

And then there were those tens of thousands of words wasted rotting in prison...

Did things get any better after I left? I suspect I checked out right before Rarity caused a major diplomatic incident.

Author Interviewer

I just finished reading To Perytonia and wanted to thank you for your comments on the story. Your experience perfectly mirrored my own, and the comments let me know that I wasn't the only one feeling frustrated and annoyed at the thing.

you are welcome

I try to treat everyone I meet with at least some respect as a fellow human being.

Thank you for reading my feedback in the spirit it was written. I hope stuff goes better for you in the future.

  • Viewing 61 - 65 of 65
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