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Actuary-in-Training and voracious fic reader. Occasionally edits/proofreads for people he likes, and even publishes story chapters once-in-a-blue-moon. Thinks he's a reneighssance pone.


Signal Boost: Elephants and Rooms · 10:16pm Dec 31st, 2017

Something really bad happened at last Bronycon.

Namely, someone administered a date rape drug to (at least) three women at an after-hours room party, where people had otherwise been having a relatively innocent good time.

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Huh. I suppose he is.

Not really. He's basically a partial self-insert that I haven't written any stories about. He's got my facial hair, my approximate relative size and build, and my boundless knowledge of random trivia (especially quotes and references), but I never really fleshed him out much beyond that. He started out as an excuse to draw ponies, really.

That's not to say I do nothing with him; I tend to have a stallion of his description crop up as a minor antagonist in my fics, for my own amusement. He's not really a villain, but he plays them in the movies. :derpytongue2:

Cool. Did you do a back story for him?

Yeah. Double Quote. Vectored him up myself, for what it's worth.

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