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Comment posted by GoofyQuasar85 deleted September 26th

I'm having a bit of a problem actually patching the game. I've downloaded the required rom from many different sources, but every time I try to patch it with the mod, I get a message telling me it's not intended for it! I seriously think there should be a link to a download that has the thing pre-patched for those of us with this problem. Please? I feel like I'm at the end of my rope here! It's like the thing's self aware and refusing to work!

Update: Never mind. I got it to work. I ended up redownloading the patch from elsewhere and this time it cooperated

ah do not think my zsnes not work by use mod this one?:facehoof:

Have fun then, hope you enjoy the changes. :twilightsmile:


No problem. finally sitting down and playing it again for the first time since 1.0. Like it so far. Different enough to be a new experience, but same enough for me to not distrust my memory.

Whoops! Thanks very much for letting me know, I'll correct it

Quick note, on the Sheets, where it details Luna's abilities, Hoof Rush in-game is Right, Up, A, but on the doc it's listed as Left, Up, A.

Sure, go ahead. :twilightsmile:

Sorry for the late response.

Is it ok if install this game on my SNES Classic?

Hello? It has been a very long time since i played this game. Can you tell me when the last update was and which version has apple bloom? And which version has Maud i would greatly appreciate this info. If you can give me it. Because i would mainly like to get the version with applebloom.

The old download links will still work, but I don't actively update or support it anymore.

Is 1.0 still available to download somewhere?

Open the game in ZSNES

Okay, downloaded both the game and ZSNES. Now what, if you don't mind me asking?

I use ZSNES myself

Any one in particular?

You need to download a Super NES emulator.

Tutorial for download? I downloaded the folder via Mediafire, but unlike other games, I open the folder and I don't see an application for the game. Something I'm doing wrong?

You can use a keyboard, just have to map the buttons.

Am I stupid or should I be using a pc controller?

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