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Not sure what to tell you then. Sorry.

What emulator are you using?

Ok, So I used a SNES emulator but it's only giving me the intro

Oh.... I was trying to use a GameBoyAdvance emulator

You need a SNES emulator.

Noob here but how do I play this?

Great to here, sorry for the trouble. :twilightsmile:

The problem is fixed. Thank you.

Nevermind, the emulator was not the problem. The problem is fixed, redownload the rom.

What emulator are you using?

I have problem with the game Filly Fantasy 6 version 2.0 that is when I fight Discord at the snow mountain and when he use chaos soul, the game go black screen and only sound still continue but nothing happen when I press the button so it this a glitch or system error because I tried three time and it still not working so please help me.

Meh, that was silly. I pulled the smc file out and just put it into it's own directory, and it worked fine. :pinkiehappy: Now for the fun! Thanks DrakeyC! :twilightsmile:

You can try that, the download is in the forum thread.

What if I want the latest 1.0 (I think was 1.9?) version intead? Is not there easily.

Not sure what to tell you. Sorry

Sorry to be that moron... :facehoof: But I keep getting SRAM: Corrupt when trying to load the smc file. Tried both snex9x-1.53 and znesw151. I can get other games to work, but not Filly Fantasy. :twilightoops: Any suggestions on where I am stepping in it? Thanks! :twilightsmile:

Yup, a lot of bugs were fixed. It amazes me how glitchy FF6 is.

Some of the sprites I kept just because they looked fine as-is, and many were already Rydel’s work.

The HP increases are a lot more noticable in the World of Balance where it’s hard to do much for challenge and complexity beyond raw stats since the player’s party compositions are limited and so is their equipment. The World of Ruin is gentler on just raw stat boosts save for bosses and some Elite Mook-type enemies, instead having more varied AI scripts.

For the dual-wielding rings, that’s fine by me, it seems a perfectly viable strategy if you want to do it. Balancing Blitz was always a problem because, by it’s nature, it isn’t balanced, there’s no drawback to just spamming Blitzes every turn save for the button combinations that can usually be mastered without much difficulty. Shock was removed to remake into Maud’s Boulder ability, but Shining has it back in 2.0 with Maud gone.

Glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for playing. :twilightsmile:

I'm basically half-way through the game (roughly halfway through getting the gang back together in the Dark World) but I've been having so much fun that I just had to comment on how great this Mod/Hack is.

First off, I am amazed at how you essentially patched out all the bugs from the base game. Evade now works correctly, meaning Blind does something. Haven't tried Psycho Cyan Applejack but I have a feeling that's been fixed as well. Vanish/Doom shenanigans don't work anymore. the Near Death glitch is still there, but I have no clue how to fix that. And I'm guessing Rippler is gone as well and with it all the bugs it brings? Still, nice work there, It is nice to see the game working as intended.

And I gotta say, great work on the sprite replacements. I did spy a few recycled sprites *cough*Sorceress*cough**cough*Dragons*cough* but overall the original art for this is pretty amazing.

I will admit though, in the rehash of the story to get it to fit in with FiM, I feel you kinda gimped yourself in a few areas. The Empire being capital E Evil from the start sorta undermines a lot of the drama, Like the choice to join the Returners at the start, before there was actual reasons not to want to fight in the war... beyond getting the early White Cape (don't want to be used as a weapon again, you barely know these guys, Biggs and Wedge humanized the Empire soldiers so you know they aren't all puppy kicking turbo-villans). Here it was pretty much a given that you have to fight the mind controlling empire. Still the writing is pretty great, and works well with what you had to work with.

Which brings me to the Balance/Difficulty changes. Hooboy, this is a hard game now. I'm pretty sure you nerfed all the PCs health cause by the time I reached Atma Weapon Ursa Minor I ended up getting Teamwiped by Flare Star (speaking of Atma Weapon... is the sword still in the game? I miss my Def piercing lightsaber). So yeah, glad I knew about the "phase two Level Down" thing from the original or else I'd be screwed. On the flip side, Holy hell does every boss have a insane amount of health. I actually died to the time limit race at the end of the Floating Continent a few times cause everything would take their sweet time dying (Why does Rasp have such a long animation!). Chadernook was a big example of this with his HP being multiplied by like, six, making his fight tedious as hell since he refused to show his ugly face. So yeah, Really hard game now.

Anyways, I think you made Rings/Boomerangs too good now, I was regularly doing 1.5k with those (3k on a "double-crit"), and they make amazing stat sticks as well. Sometimes it was better to just genii glove two rings and just go to town. Blitz feels kinda wimpy now that it is mostly blocked by defense. SwordTech is great now that it works, and why the hell did you take away Shining Armor's Shock? I mean, he's a temp character, let me have my moment of fancy sword explosions!

There are probably a million other nitpicks that I have with the game, but Listing them all is counterproductive, I came to say that you did a wonderful job on the game, and wish you luck in the future.

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