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Calling all artists! · 5:00am Dec 9th, 2016

Well! The first chapter of my de-ponyfied version of Rise and Fall is complete, and all that remains is the final tidbits and tiddlywinks for those folks who most generously opted for one of the higher reward tiers. I just completed the illustration for the chapter this evening, and, well...My artistic chops, it would seem, are not quite up to the task. The result is serviceable, and it'll be going up for this chapter, but it could be better,

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Do you still write, or mostly read, these days?

Well, the story works better if you know at least a little about D&D but I was re-reading My(stara's) Little Ponies: Friendship is Adventuring and I'd forgotten they had a whole side-story dedicated to the adventures of Lyra and Bonbon (though it probably wouldn't make much sense if you hadn't read any of the preceding stories). The tone is similar in some respects to your work, though that Bonbon is just an earth pony who knows how to make magic candy rather than a changeling (though she does have some experience shape-changing), so you might enjoy it if you can make it that far into the series (which is pretty immense). It's labelled "short story" but don't let that fool you, it's forty five thousand words of Lyra and Bonbon and Spike going on a trip to talk to some wizards that really love shape-changing into dragons (Spike for obvious reasons, Bonbon because she can make shape-changing candy, and Lyra because Bonbon's going and she likes travel and adventure).

How come you chose the name Dromicosuchus? I know it's a species of prehistoric crocodile but it's not the obvious choice of ancient crocodillian you'd expect like Sarchosuchus or Deinosuchus.


Sounds very cool indeed! I look forward to hearing what you come up with, if/when you go through with it!

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