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An Unimpressive

Ex-EqD pre-reader who doesn't like shipping that much but seems to write a lot of it.

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Story rec · 5:56am Mar 27th, 2017

Yes, I'm still around occasionally. I can be summoned via PM.

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"Last seen Mar 29th 2020"

That was close to the star of the pandemic and almost a year ago, I wanted to check on you and see if you are ok m8

I saw the people you follow and noticed the title, you should hear my voice and hopefully you could follow me. I mean look at my bio for crying out loud lol (if you happen to come back since you haven’t been online for almost a year)

In any case, I wish you the best. You were a very important part of my creative growth.

It took a couple of times, but I'm better now. Slowly learning to pursue being creative without destroying myself in the process. Hope your life has mellowed out as well.

Yep- I still use the name Vimbert in some corners of the internet and I'd prefer that those people I use it with not be able to SUPER quickly find this particular chapter of my life.

Saaaay, wasn't your name Vimbert the Unimpressive or something? Your story The Price was like the third fic I read after becoming a brony in the spring of 2012 (the Wedding sealed the deal), and for some reason your name stuck with me haha. Hope you are well. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 250 - 254 of 254
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