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An Unimpressive

Ex-EqD pre-reader who doesn't like shipping that much but seems to write a lot of it.

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Story rec · 5:56am Mar 27th, 2017

Yes, I'm still around occasionally. I can be summoned via PM.

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Saaaay, wasn't your name Vimbert the Unimpressive or something? Your story The Price was like the third fic I read after becoming a brony in the spring of 2012 (the Wedding sealed the deal), and for some reason your name stuck with me haha. Hope you are well. :twilightsmile:

hey man, don't mean to come up into the graveyard with a shovel n shit, but ive been digging around since coming back and couldn't help but see that you've taken off.

I guess it's weird cuz we didn't know each other super well and stuff, but you were up there with some of the first people I met when I got on this crazy train, so it didn't feel right clicking away without a few words. you were a friendly voice on the web and a solid kicker of pants, and I respected you.

Im rambling so ill get to the point: I hope that if you do end up reading these words, you read them from a better place. if not right now, then next time. or the next. I don't know your whole story, but i do get that sometimes the things you love ruin you. keep a strong chin, savvy?

this should've probably been a PM but fuck it, now this soppy BS is glued like a booger on your front desk. take it easy my dude.

you seem like a cool dude, and i wish i was around at the time to get to know you.

keep it fun.

wherever you are.

  • Viewing 247 - 251 of 251
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