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Prithee and well met, thou tempestuous witch of storms, to alight so delicately upon the jet streams of the cerulean sky. Welcome to Spirit Airlines.


Most pirates that stalk the Seven Streams prefer to live only in the shadows, skulking through the skies as daylight dies and striking with brutal efficiency at any helpless merchant vessel in range.

Most pirates that the Royal Equestrian Aeronautical Navy hounds after are ragged, ruthless cutthroats who'd just as soon sell their grandmothers for a chestful of bits and a bottle of rum.

Most pirates that you hear about in stories would flee in terror at the sight of the RES Corona, the -world-famous warship helmed by the most dangerous and determined sky captain ever to fly under the Equestrian flag.

This story is not about most pirates.

P.S. Big ups to Chromosome and CouchCrusader for the editing help. Appreciate it as always, gents.
P.P.S. nitstits, go home.

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Sweet concept for a story. I will definately read it when I get back from Fiesta Equestria.


Edit: Congrats on EQD post.

WOOT! Thumbs up for airships! I'm writing a story sort of similar to this right now. You, sir, get a favorite.
BTW How'd you get your story on to EQD so quickly?

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See? I *told* you there's no such thing as too many pirates!

ARRR!! :rainbowdetermined2:

Dang how did this get on equestria daily so fast!?

Nice cover art. It looks rather familiar. http://starbat.deviantart.com/art/Pony-Skull-reference-327128834

A link or an honorable mention would have been nice.

Haven't read the fic yet, but it sounds good.

Wait what? At first I just wanted the mane six to die, cuz fuck pirates and fuck traitors, (unless they actually are somewhat-good guys, like ol' Jackie Sparrow.) but now I'm confused :unsuresweetie:

There needs to be more of this.

More, I say!


Edit—You know what? I literaly just this afternoon came up with this idea, only it was going to be Sci-fi instead. Thing is, you've pulled this idea off better than I ever could :twilightangry2:

I'm still going to demand more.

"There's a party in hell tonight, and you're all invited!"
Now one of my favorite lines.

Very, no, masterfully done. You are in inspiration to budding writers everywhere. I watch this story with baited breath and high hopes.

Why does this story seem familiar...
I feel like I've read it somewhere...
The end does, at least...

OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER! The references, the humor, the characterization, the banter, literally everything is flawless. If you'll excuse me, I need to go rape the like button until it screams for mercy.


Like, WOAH.

That was AWESOME.

Kudos to you, Aquaman. I've got to say, this story was nothing short of incredible! Keep it up, and consider yourself watched for future stories! :heart:

Your Benevolent Dictator,



...*slow clap* well done good sir, fantastic on all accounts, writing, characterization, build up and pay off, everything perfect . :twilightsmile:

I desperately hope by the subtitle this story has, sequels are planned. In any case, however, fantastic read once again

Hol-ee SHIT.

That was fuckin' cool!

my only complaint was that in ended. as there is far to much potential for this story to continue to simply leave it as it is would be a crime against pony based literature. and seriously i think the good captain is due a shot at twilight.

This is absolutely amazing. At one point I actually shouted that out in person. Because it is.
The buildup, the execution, the resolution... All of it was perfect. Not to mention, extremely cool.
The six coins... and the wings... and the Pinkie... and the everything Twilight says... and the reason for them being pirates in the first place... All of it was awesome.
This deserves way more attention than it has.

I first came to this through EqD thinking someone did a Skies of Arcadia / MLP crossover, I was starting to get giddy. Started to get let down that it wasn't :fluttercry:

BUT! Im still going to read! Im sure its great based on some of these other comments! :twilightblush:


What, What, WHAT???
I didn't even bother reading the Tags, i assumed these are just the first 2 chapters of a story that's gonna become a tale of epic proportions.
Now i've read your comment and realized this story is over...

This had so much potential.

I love it. I hope there will be something like a sequel to this story.

That awkward moment when the Mane Six as skypirates in the completely legitimate criminal sense and it could practically be canon?

This was a great story; watching Salt fall to pieces and Twilight's plan unroll itself upon him was a fantastically intriguing experience.

I must admit, I would very much like to see more of the Harmony and her crew, as well as the sequence of events that led up to the Mane Six becoming pirates.

I've seen very few stories that deserve a continuation as much as this one. It's a beautiful tapestry, and stands all by itself as a wonderful piece of literature. That said, I will be absolutely crushed if we don't get a sequel with some Salt.

well, in a major sense, just considering the additional information in the second chapter, you can put together all the motives easily from the first. Bravo. Many are clamoring for continuation, but it's well wrapped as it is, so in all ultimate sense, the choice is yours.

I absolutely loved this story. Great work, and please keep it up! The decision to make more of this story or more set in the same universe is ultimately yours, but I would be absolutely thrilled to have more of it to read. Keep being awesome!

Come to think of it, this is actually the first story of yours that I've read. It's a shame you plan on leaving; this was an awesome story and, judging from the great things I've heard about some of your other stories, I can guess writing of this quality is not a rarity for you.

Anyways, all the best to you and your future endeavors.

You've played "Overlord", haven't you?
Will read later.

HOLEE SHITTTTT, AWESOME doesn't even BEGIN to describe this story. Got the A-Team reference too. Out of all the pirate stories I've read, this takes the cake. I look forward to your future chapters, Captain.

Pirate Celestia, now that's a first.
I award you, the pirate song of all pirate songs.


Her grin widened, and she wiggled her rump in giddy triumph. “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Cue A-Team intro

"It ain't that hard to tell the difference between a cannon and a gunport!"
And those fetlock discussions...
This was glorious. Absolutely glorious. I just... Oh, Twilight Sparkle...
Loved Pinkie, the parting shot and the six bits. I will be reading this again.

:rainbowderp:Well... this story is perfect. That's all i have to say. Write On.

Salt laughed, and brought Diamond in closer with a comforting hoof around her shoulder.

In sentences where a simple subject (Salt) is followed by a compound predicate containing only two verbs (laughed and brought), no comma is needed before the conjunction in the predicate. Little thing, but it bugs the hell out of me.

They’d had bought what their captain was selling, as Twilight almost certainly had as well given her steadily warming glower.

Something about this reads as off to me. Maybe it needs a comma or something. I don't know; I'm slightly drunk.

This is still awesome, though.

She caught the scroll that materialized from it before it could even start to fall, and tore it open without a moment’s hesitation.

Same thing here. You don't need the comma.

I was all ready to rant and rave about how this chapter was a total waste of the reader's time, how it explained things that should have been obvious, but then... dat Schemelestia. Fucking beautiful, Aqua.

Fucking beautiful.

Author Interviewer

Hey buddahball, you had any ideas about this?

I remember it happening a long time ago. I think it was one of those things I meant to blog about and completely forgot to in the end. Sounds pretty good, though.

How was it thanks to the mane 6, when those things were already well on their way to her safes?

Because that's how magical money laundering works.

The Corona wasn't carrying Celestia's personal fortune, because while it's all technically her property since she rules the country, she doesn't fully control what it's used for. Most of what Luna says in Part 2 explains this: by virtue of how the Equestrian government is set up, both the Princesses are beholden to the High Council, who are beholden to their constituents who democratically elected them. They're the ones who control the allocation of the majority of royal funds, so for Celestia to be able to allocate the funds to what she considers more noble causes, she has to essentially steal it from herself. Because the public thinks Twilight and her crew stole the assets abroad the Corona (which aren't even liquid money, so given an assumption of a faith-based economy, there's little inflation or deflation to worry about either), they're now outside of the High Council's control. So once Twilight warps them from the Corona into Celestia's personal saferoom, she's reverse-laundered her own property into something she has complete freedom to spend as she sees fit. In other words, it's an extralegal answer to a bureaucratic problem.

4367349 Oh. Okay, my bad. I kinda phased out when Luna explained that. Now it makes sense, of course.

This, this is beautiful. This is everything I wanted out of a sky pirates fic. It almost brings me to tears.

“There’s a party in hell tonight,” Pinkie shouted as if on cue from a precarious position atop the rigging. “And you’re all invited!


Twilight Sparkle, Sky Pirate Princess of Equestria. :heart:

Yeah, figures that there was a larger story going on around the events of the first chapter.

Very nice. Have you thought of starting a sky pirate group and opening up the world for other writers? Just by glancing down the comments, I'd think you'd get a full bandwagon...:applejackunsure:

Wow! fascinating! Wonderful! :heart:

Government agents that are really pirates that work for the government, and hijack treasury shipments to give it back to the government to bypass bureaucracy... Genius.

Celestia is a genius... That's all I'll say of the matter.

Oh, look at that. This was written by Aquaman. I knew there was a reason i liked it.

I really fucking hate the mane six in this fic.

So they took the gold... to give it back.


The point was that Twilight Sparkle and her crew are no ordinary pirates.

And also this: 4367349

That was an impressive tale.

Amazing fic!Really well written and awesome development.
Absolutely loved it! :pinkiehappy:

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