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After the most important night of her career is ruined and its saboteurs not even so much as punished, Octavia's life changes. She begins to pursue a path that has never been seen before in Canterlot, where concertos and rhapsodies give way to controversy and rebellion.

A path where symphonies are composed with cans of spray paint.

Cover art used with permission by LuGiAdriel14

Chapters (20)
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Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi

This is going to become something awesome, Brian. :pinkiehappy: Can't wait to help with more of this story!

My Read Later list can't take much more of this.

There are no brakes on the hype train!
(I really should have said that a few blogs ago :twilightoops: )

In any event, this shall be read. Hopefully sooner rather than later. :twilightsheepish:


I'm glad that is the first comment.

Dude.....I want more........

"Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi." dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Vinyl_Scratch.png

This seems extremely promising. keep going!

What's this now? 'People called Tavi they go the Gala'?
It's "Octavia." Understand? Good. Hail Celestia.
Now go write it out a hundred times. If it's not done by sunrise, I'll cut your mane off.

Dat spark. Oh man, dat spark.

"Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi."

It all makes sense now!

Pretty awesome start to what should be a good story. I'm looking forwards to it greatly :pinkiehappy:

I so do know that feel. Whenever I finish a fic, two new appear along with several updates and whatever else. :flutterrage:

Well done. I'm particularly enamored with Vinyl, happy to see she doesn't spend the fic talking about "wubs" but still conveys the right amount of cool, carefree and playfulness while maintaining enough maturity to not be a literal one-trick pony.

Octavia barely managed to stumble to her feet as she was pulled further and further away from her bed.

...turn of phrase? Pony puns were present, pretty sure this was an accident.


Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi Tavi

I completely and unconditionally agree to the content of this post.

1484865 This.

I also like Octavie; with more personality than typical fanon, and the spray-paint thing makes a lot of sense somehow. I like how once again, people realize that every action has a consequence; 'nopony was hurt' really sums up my only real issue with the show itself. :pinkiehappy:

Looking good, looking real good.

Very entertaining so far, I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

That was... FANTASTIC!
I had forgotten what tags this had so I was at some points hoping Octavia wasn't going to end up doing anything foalish to herself or that she'd end up with a stress-induced heart attack . I really enjoyed this story a lot, that moment as Vinyl was checking her records to place a new on the player as Tavi came back from the gala, picking out a record and getting up to turn to her friend beginning to speak to her cheerfully only to turn full faced at her and then being stunned, lost for words for a moment and nearly dropping her record at the sight of her disheveled friend, well that scene just played out magically smooth in my head. The small details, they added up nicely in this fic to the emotional impact.

The whole friends since childhood and nothing more is pretty cool. I always preferred them as friends personally then some random magically falling in love couple. You can just do more with a story when things aren't already set in stone when it comes to things like relationships, if that makes any sense to you at all.... In short, friendship that last a life time > getting it on with your best friend. We have enough pairings honestly... would it kill a person to just accept one pair of ponies as having an honest to goodness friendship where nothing sexual ever comes between them? I mean, you can live with someone for years and doesn't mean you're both doing it!

I apologize... That little tangent, um, well, moving on!

This story flowed so smoothly, the transition from scene to scene, the highlights rather then a full retelling of events others tend to do with Gala flashbacks etc, and the genuine friendship you feel throughout the story and Vinyl being stuck in those awkward moments of not knowing how to react to such unfamiliar events like that really felt like something I had to go throughout with another friend of mine once. Octavia's holding everything in... I can relate to that, I once fainted from the rush of blood to my head or lack there of from dealing with so much stress yet never showing it. Not a pleasant feeling at all...

What a way to setup a story. This deserves feature box 100%! Up voted and faved!
Octavia had me pretty worried there, this fic could of gone tragic at any point here. I need to go check out what tags this story has lol though it was quite fun not knowing!

OI! Submit this to EqD! It's totally worth submitting and I honestly don't say that about many fics!


My read later list has 73 fics on it at the moment, quite a few at over 100k words :twilightoops:

1486090 I may or may not have a problem for you see I have 1228 stories in my read later list

assume "exit through the gift shop" reference, but due to no crossover tag i assume a catchy title is as far as the crossover goes, right?



There's no "Official" crossover here. The similarities exist only in the title and.... well, one other place. You'll find that out in Chapters 2/3 :pinkiecrazy:

Yeah, I literally will not wait for the next chapter. Brb, gotta go future fast and read the rest of this.


I'm not sure how to reply.

Except you might want to forget about your life for a couple months years and read all of those fics :twilightoops:

Let us see Celestia try and reason with a pony whose dream has been smashed thanks to her boredom

I know that feel. Dat 4 digit Read Later list. :pinkiegasp: We should make a group for this.

I feel Mr. Brainwashed into liking this. But I guess when the green statue of Princess Celestia stares down at you and commands you to like a story, all you can do is majhost.com/gallery/spicyness/stuff/obey-celestia.png

Tavi rebelling against the established order!

1486090 Please, mine has 250 on it...

The stories I have to compete against...sheesh. Well, after all the hype, guess this is yet another story I have to read.

Dat b*tch celestia deserves more than just a vandalized statue.

Favourited, upvoted and all that. Exceptional writing.

What do you suggest?

1486967 i wonder if ethereal floating manes can get stained....black


That's an Ethereal. It's the most dangerous enemy in one of the greatest video games of all time, X-Com UFO Defense. It can mind control your soldiers and force them to do whatever they want. They strike fear into the hearts of X-Com enthusiasts everywhere.

Awwwww, poor Tavi. Couldn't take a little set-back?

You're like those spoiled ponies who fall all to pieces when life doesn't grant them fame and fortune instantly once they leave school. You COULD have turned the Gala disaster into something HAD YOU THE MENTAL FORTITUDE!!!

Instead, you have set your hoof on the path to mayhem, just like any other worthless punk!

*Alondro drags Octy to the Foal Hospital of Canterlot, where all the little ponies who are on death's door reside. One little foal, bare of hair from the treatments are barely breathing whispers, "Mommy, why won't I live through the night?"* Now, you think things are bad for YOU? Don't turn away, you coward! LOOK AT THEM!!! Get a grip and GROW THE HELL UP!!

(Alondro hates pathetic little whiners who 'rebel' the instant things don't go their way.) :trollestia:

Now, Octavia could try to grow from this, or she could fall far. I shall watch to see what you decide to make of her.

Now all we gotta do is give octavia a ton of spray cans and a pair of green skates with matching shades and...

I miss the dreamcast:fluttercry::fluttershyouch::fluttershbad:


No way. Octavia is NOT the right pony to put on skates and shades... there's only one pony who would be capable pulling that off.


I would also hope somepony has the brains to point out to Octavia that Celestia allowed the Mane 6 to do what Vinyl would have loved to do: totally troll the rich snobs and be completely untouchable.

Celestia helped knock the snobs down a peg or two, while utilizing the natural 'talents' of 6 ponies who, as they saved Equestria from Eternal Night at this point in time, cannot be prosecuted or persecuted for misbehaving.

And let's not forget, Octavia was aiming to be one of those snobs, to attend their parties and grow wealthy from their patronage. If she disliked them, she never would have had the guts to say so or else they'd stop hiring her. She was acting like a hypocrite of the highest caliber! She acted high and mighty, then when dealt a set-back her reponse is to 'scribble on a wall with crayons' more or less. What a spoiled brat!



Have you tried XCOM: Enemy Unknown yet?


Got it the day it came out. And even before that, demoed it at PAX. And it is glorious.



It's my first XCOM game and I'm getting some really polarizing opinions on it. Some people hate it, some people love it. I don't think I'll ever understand why.

I personally like it, although the camera issues are kind of annoying. The rooftops won't disappear when my soldiers are inside buildings or ships.

How is she holding the spray can anyway...

I still miss the dreamcast...:raritycry:

I feel you Tavi. When sh*t goes down, you got to throw your tag up. Keep goin and stay golden^^

I never thought of how badly Octavia's life must have been ruined after the Gala.

Faved and Liked. I can't read it now, but I'll try and get to it. Looks very interesting.

Oh my god, this is awesome. Finally someone shows how what happened at the Gala wasn't a completely good thing.

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