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For almost a year now, Trixie has been sending letters to Twilight. The only problem is, Twilight hasn't gotten a single one... until today. But now that she has, Twilight is left with more questions than she knows how to answer. Fortunately, she has a plan. Unfortunately, she doesn't know if that plan will work.

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Hm... Clever idea. But soon, as of Magic Duel, this is gonna be non-canon. But who cares about canon? That's relative.

Okay, intriguing. *Faves*

1684624 I don't care. ;) And yeah, canon or not, looks good.

1684624 exactly what I was thinking. Buck canon, this is a story with possible Twixie friendship so who needs it to be canon.

To the author: Can't wait for the next chapter to come out, keep up the good work

Interesting idea for a story, I think I'll be watching this one.

It's well-written, I'm quite intrigued, and judging by the response so far, I'd wager that this will be featured. Good luck and happy writing!

Daring Do and the Search for Magrathea

Interesting story. It leaves a lot of questions, and that gets people (like me) to want another chapter!

Hey, not a bad idea. A little rough around the edges, but I'll track for now.

Interesting. I will be keeping an eye on this one.

Pretty good, and you have me hooked. Just one thing:

the one who's mane I turned green

who's = who is, whose is possessive. :twistnerd:

Damn, pretty intriguing right off the bat. You've really set things up for an awkward meeting. Can't wait til Trixie gets to Ponyville to see how this goes down.

I'll admit that Twixie, bet it friendship or romance, just exasperates me with how fucking commonplace it is. But when it comes from an awesome author like you, I'm all for it. What I'm really hoping for though is a Trixie who thinks Spike is mind-blowingly adorable. We don't see enough Trixies like that.

Can't tell if your setting up for Trixie to be possessed by Sombra or something else entirely. That aside I look forward to seeing more of this.

You, my good sir, have just earned yourself a :moustache:

It seems that Trixie was busy for the last year. Wonder what she’s looking for. And I kinda wonder how the issue with the missing letters will be handled. Personally, I blame this un’ :derpytongue2:


this is interesting.

I haven't been able to update my fic because I'm so curious of trixie... i really hope they don't make her into a villian. Rival? Just not evil DX


From the looks of it, after that episode, I don't think any Trixie stories are gonna be canon. They're just not gonna have ta include anything from S3 and onwards pretty much XD

Gah! I love the story so far, but I have the feeling that there is a secret code in this chapter. I've spent the last 30 minutes trying to solve it! If there is a code... Your good... :twilightangry2:

Comment posted by Tay the Chemist deleted Jun 3rd, 2015

For one who supposedly doesn’t know what to do with the story you brew up the next chapter surprisingly quickly. Are you sure you weren’t just pulling our collective leg with that? :pinkiehappy:

Either way, the chap’s interesting, makes one wonder what is Trixie looking for so far in the north. And Astrid… not many give real life names to ponies, but I suppose it fits, Astrid being a northern-type name and all.

Hmm, very interesting. My curiosity is piqued. And I'm going to give a Fluttershy roar just cause I'm bored.:flutterrage:

Let's see... Traveling with a caravan... North of Vanhoover (Vancouver)... THERE BE GOLD IN THESE HILLS!

well you piped my couriosity, let's see where this goes.

i really like how you dont explain things in full. makes it all the more interesting

I'm a little concerned about what/who was the original owner of the fur coat :unsuresweetie:

Believe me, I'm just as surprised as you are that I posted the second chapter so quickly. I have no idea what I'm doing...

Let's just say it's totally not a pony...

So this is going to be a story that goes back and forth between Twilight and Trixie. This is apparently before Trixie mailed the latest letter to Twilight. I'm anxious to find out what Trixie is looking for, as well as, what Twilight is going to do about all the letters she didn't receive.


There's a tag... what was it... a very important tag that I never used before...

What was it called.... I think it was called... Parallel Dimension, right? :applejackunsure:

Aside from a few of my fellow Angels, no one knew I was writing this, and even they knew barely anything. Hell, I didn't even know what I was writing until I was done writing it.

(shameless Seattle's Angels plug... god, I'm ridiculous...)

1696864 Well then, I must have been thinking about something else, which had a few similarities. Thanks for the response.

If Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Hooves is any example, I have confidence that you won't let canon affect wherever you're going with this.

Pfft, Frostvale. I'll bet Trixie's thinking something like, "Why would anypony living in a freezing climate give their town a name that reminds everypony how flipping cold it is!?"


Yet again, you have beaten Regidar

>better L/D ratio than Letters from a Senior to a Junior Changeling
the fuck is this bullshit

1691369 THANK CELESTIA!!! I thought I was going crazy for a minute there:pinkiecrazy: please let me know if you figure it out before I do:twilightsmile:

People like adventure mystery better than rereading one of C.S. Lewis' less enjoyable pieces, but with changelings?

Oh-HO! That's one helluva twist. Can't wait to see what Dash has to say for herself and what she has to say about Trixie.

Now what is Rainbow Dash going to say as to why she has those letters.:trixieshiftright:

Huh, now that’s a plot twist if I ever seen one. Something tells me, that :rainbowhuh: just held a grudge, and decided to screw :trixieshiftright: over. Either that, or someone (somepony) else is framing her.

I’m REALLY surprised now. Either you’re better at improvisation then I gave you credit for, or you’re a genius. Whichever’s true, just keep ‘em comin’.:moustache:

You know Rainbow took one look who those letters were from and tore them up and threw them out without saying a word. She hates Trixie and probably figures everypony would also. I still want to know who changed Twilight's address and why?

Very interesting. To think Rainbow Dash could possibly steal letters! Can't wait for next chapter.

1699080 Yes. I am Regidar's ARCH NEMESIS IN FIRSTING! :trollestia:

Where's the "like" button for comments?

I like this, I like this a good deal.

Either you’re better at improvisation then I gave you credit for, or you’re a genius.

This looks really, really interesting. I'm hooked!

1700990 Okaaaay… How exactly am I supposed to react to that?:applejackconfused:

Could it be that… I actually… guessed or… suggested… :rainbowderp: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiecrazy: (Brain overload! Meltdown imminent! Immediate evacuation advised!)


Whoopsie daisy, looks like my gif mysteriously disappeared. Should be fine now.

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