Octavia's new to Ponyville, and she just bought a used couch. As it turns out, she has to move the heavy thing clear across town on her lonesome. That isn't the problem. The problem is these damn crazy ponies who won't stop pestering her.

Cover Art by faloxx

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SS&E is the ponyfic equivalent to Lambda Calculus.

An Octavia fanfic? Written by shortsskirtsandexplosions? And it's SoL? Commence read.

I've had this problem before. I bought an ottoman from a second-hand store but they didn't have any available trucks to help me move it. So after calling every friend I knew without luck and attempting to strap it to the roof of my crappy Subaru, I instead carried that fifty pound monstrosity six miles to my house. I felt ripped afterwards... and very tired.

All of that just for a couch, lmfao. :rainbowlaugh: Nice job. Too bad Tavi didn't think of calling up some movers. :derpytongue2:

*claps slowly* bravo, SS&E. bravo.

Saturday in Ponyville, movers were by appointment only.

Skirts, you've created another fave in my book. I don't know of another author, published or not, that has as many fics I like as you.
Keep on writing.

The most comfortable couch in Equestria, remember.

I've yet to read this story, but from every other SS&E fic i've read. I can confirm this. To quote Luna in one fic: "You have no idea what Lambda Calculus does to me."


To quote Luna in one fic

Haven't read a fic like that.
YOU HAVE λfx.f(f(f(x))) SECONDS

Request granted.
Story found. WARNING! Story marked NSFW! Continue at own discretion.
Story Link here: Upon the Stars.

I don't know what's gotten into you lately, skirts, but your recent one-offs have been simply brilliant. Loved this the whole way through.

here I was expecting another painfully odd read like the one with Applejack and the Squirrels and all that:ajbemused:. Imagine my pleasant surprise when this wasn't a trollfic:pinkiegasp:. Nicely done.

God damn the references. That aside, I don't really have anything to say besides it being slightly comedic at the right times, and it was beneficial. It's really simple. This is just a plain good story.

Shining Brother is her older brother


So I thought it was a pretty good read, I liked it, although Octavia not being able to speak was met with mixed emotions for me. It made the story quite a bit more funny, yes, but at the same time it's sad she can't voice her opinion and tell everyone to "Leave me alone damn you!"

She doesn't talk much, does she ?

How the hell do ponies lift stuff anyway?

Heh, Nicely done.

Interesting use of the old injury/medical issue to explain why she never talks (like background characters sometimes don't). I was starting to wonder why she was mute up 'til that point, and it explains the bow-tie accessorising, and why she's so protective of it. I had a friend who had throat cancer, and she used to wear a scarf to cover the cut-throat scar.

Good job all round, and oddly enough probably accurate considering the less than stellar nature of Ponyville's residents.

Skirts, you write faster than I can read. I've got 56 stories on my read later list, and you make up about 10. I'll get around to leaving a meaningful comment in 6 to 8 months, when I've caught up enough to get to this story. I mean, I still have End of Ponies to tackle, give me time.

Octavia: Please... SHUT UP ALREADY!

It's amazing she didn't yell at them to shut up. XD I love it. :D

Wow, that was really good. Of course, the long-suffering but determined always get their rewards. I never imagined that Octavia was mute because of something like that...I'm curious, but at the same time afraid, to know what happened to her.

2548446 Considering she's apparently had her larynx slashed (whether medically or not) I'd imagine not.

You'd think she would have found out SOME way of asking Twilight for help in moving the couch....

Such a "moving" story.

:ajsleepy: Yes, I'm a bad person.

Well lookit dat.

A Skirts story with an actual happy ending.

I was half expecting Twilight to have delivered the couch and the bruised, waterlogged pony to the nurse's office.

This was awfully sweet. Mutetavia may just be my new headcanon.

So thanks for that.

That was a really good read! At least Octavia got the couch back home. I would've helped her as I used to move furniture in one of my previous jobs. Sleeper sofas are much heavier than they appear to be, for example.

Applejack and beaver hate? Is that a thing now from Keep Calm and Flutter On? I hope so...It made me laugh remembering that scene.

For some reason, I really enjoyed this. I like the fact that Octavia did not talk throughout this piece; it added a unique (and comedic) feel to the story, which worked to its advantage. The ending of this was very nice and just a bit touching. As always with your characters, they were well done (especially Pinkie and Rainbow, good lord). The only fault with this story I had was that Rarity's scene kinda bugged me. Not to say it was a bad scene, but it was a bit slow as far as pacing goes. Rarity herself was portrayed relatively well, though it seemed as if you were aiming for an egocentric fangirl (not necessarily a bad thing, but it was certainly different than anything I've ever seen).

In short: Excellent work on this story, Skirts. I'll be looking forward to more stories like this from you (read: Slice of Life).

"I guess after that one Gala, any self-respecting musician would want to exit through Canterlot. Do tell me: are you living here now?"


"Lyra! Lyra Heartstrings!" Bon Bon's eyes narrowed. "Don't tell me you've never heard of her!"

Lyra? Nope, can't say I have.

Through her peripheral vision, she saw a dozen reflections of herself, all clad in a ridiculously fluffy cloud of skirts, skirts, and more skirts.

Were they short?

Glad Octavia got a good ending, considering her day.


dam it skirtsand explosions could write about balloons and vibrators and still make the story a feels story

I got the hint that she was mute pretty quickly, but it took a second read-through to catch that she wasn't born that way.

I kinda want to make some vector art of Rarity dressing Octavia up now...

Quite a few grammatical and typographical errors in this, but I won't enumerate them...

..."Lolitoats"? Shouldn't that be "Foalita"?

>Shining Brother

Shining Armor...

Props, by the way, for being one of the few authors who don't automatically move Twilight to Canterlot just because she's an alicorn now.

Anyway, awesome story.


Shouldn't that be "Foalita"?

Going to change it now. Much thanks.


Were they short?

And possibly explosive? :rainbowlaugh:

Man SS&E, you can write like the freaking wind. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, I liked this story. The end was totally adorable. :heart:

WHAT?! A happy ending? SS&E, are you feeling okay?

This was such a great story!

Fanfiction is life.

Fanfiction is death.

Fanfiction can see into your mind.

Fanfiction can see into your soul.

Yeah, that's a reference to Exit Through Canterlot, a story by TheBrianJ about Octavia. :pinkiehappy:

This story, by the way (since my comment on my mobile device apparently was lost) is great. A perfect blend of characterizations and mute antics, with Octavia's lack of dialogue... doing nothing to diminish her character at all. Nice work on that bit. Mute Octavia and my Deaf Vinyl Scratch should totally hang out.


Poor Rarity... Not only did you make her rather insufferable in this story, but you heaped on the indignity of laying blame on her for those truly ugly Coronation gowns the Princesses were decked out in. That's doubly cruel. :raritycry:

Regardless, the story was delightful! And now we know that Celestia may have the sun, Luna the moon, and Cadance the power of Love, but Twilight just may be the Princess of second-hand furniture... And her powers are wondrous to behold. :twilightsmile:

This story is way too underrated!
The portrayal of the characters was excellent and depicting Octavia as mute while everyone else is overly talkative is an affective way of installing a good comedic atmosphere while the couple of more serious scenes adds a great contrast.
You can be proud of your work friend.

I love this! Mute/Silentavia should be the way to go if she ever gets a spotlight Ep in the actual series!

Seeing you call Spike a whelp just made my day :rainbowlaugh:

Reminds me of my time in Toronto: I furnished my apartment mainly from haunting my college campus and checking what were people getting rid off. I once got this absolutely beautiful desk chair, and the only thing I had to pay for it was getting it home.
It may be a testament to weird I am that my landlord didn't bat an eye at watching me arrive with the chair strapped like a backpack.

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