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Welcome to the Hurricane.

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Thank you for adding This Isn't War to your favorites! Feedback is always appreciated!

2138388 For me, it's 13 (+/-2) on my mom's side, 5 on my wife's, and 12-20 on my dad's (cousins' attendance pending), but his side doesn't meet all that often. Gets absolutely bonkers come Christmas, though. I've only seen my mom-in-law's family once, at the wedding (10-odd there), and my father-in-law is it for his side.

2138383 That's good. Family gatherings usually drain me. Probably because I have such a huge family. I mean, a normal day will see anywhere between 7-15 people, and those are just the ones who either live with me or close by.

Oh yeah. Lots! I might be rare, but I love my family gatherings.

2137734 Sounds...exciting, at least. Hopefully it was fun.

Busy as all get out this weekend. It was nuts! Birthdays, farm work, homework… little free time to just veg. We were all so exhausted that we literally just collapsed and slept like logs.

Hey, hope everything is well with you.

Thanks for adding The Mare in the High Castle to your fav list!

Thanks for adding How Not to Woo a Fluttershy to your bookshelves. Much obliged!

Thanks for the fave!

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