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This is a Fan-club to the Everyone Who Loves The Christian Rock Band: Skillet

(I Changed the Description, So I Won't Offend Atheists, Jews, Catholics, Everyone who loves the Band.)

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tl;dr I really don't care for getting into a debate. I don't believe in a god, that's all there is to it. You believe in what you want. Have a good life.

I made this comment in 2013. I was 16. I am now 20, I no longer listen to this type of music. As for your question, it's not that it goes against an atheist's 'belief' an Atheist is someone with the lack of belief.

My Question is How an can appreciate and Like a Christian Band, When it Messages go against an Atheist's Belief?

Bout Time I found a Group of Christian Bronies.

Hello, Skillet fan here. Favorite albums are Awake and Comatose. Favorite songs are Rebirthing, Hero, The Older I Get, Forgiven, and The Last Night.

356199 Pretty Cool!! :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile: and That's Awesome!! :yay:

Your favourite is Awake? Mine too!

My favourite Skillet song is from their Alien Youth album, called The Thirst is Taking Over. Next is Madness in Me and Salvation from Rise. Monster, Hero (Awake), and Whispers in the Dark (Comatose) follow close behind, and then come Circus for a Psycho (Rise), Best Kept Secret (Invincible) and Pour (Hey You, I Love Your Soul). The final Top 10 is Promise Blender from their debut.

353029 mine are comatose and awake but my main favorite is comatose

352580 Rise, Awake, and Comatose!!! :twilightsmile:

352053 what's your favorite album?

351991 Thanks, and That's My Favorite Songs Too!!! :pinkiehappy:

346765 Props on making the group skillet is amazing my fav song is falling inside the black

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