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I am somewhat knowledgeable in 40k lore. Mostly on niche subjects like "gods" and those of their ilk. For example, Nurgle is deeply in love with the Eldar god of healing, whom he saved from Slaanesh and keeps in a cage. He feeds her his new diseases and sees how it affects, seeing as she can quickly regenerate the damage caused. Also, warp storms are a direct result of Slaanesh's birth, meaning that the Tau were protected by Chaos. Also, positive emotions only make the warp less volatile and more predictable. Emotions are still emotions, but negative ones are felt much stronger than positive ones.

If there's anyone where who's knowledgeable about 40k and can help me reconcile the canon aspects of the setting with the story I have going so far, I could really use your help right now.

Happy to help. :twilightsmile: And yeah, criticism is sometimes hard to handle; but if turned correctly you become a much better author. And I'm certain you will figure things out. Good luck. :heart:


Ah, I see. Well, I'll keep asking around about the setting, and I'll see if can either reconcile the story with the setting somehow, or possibly just keep going without it. Thanks for the pep talk Alex, although I do realize that I really do need more critiques if I'm going to develop as a writer. The fact that it happened in an IRC chat really didn't help things (hard to keep track of stuff), but I think I still needed the experience, unpleasant as it was.

I pretty much had the same problem a few years back on a story. Got over it after planning the story thoroughly, though. Got lots of patience. :twilightsmile:

You haven't read my bio, have you? :rainbowlaugh: Anyway, I can tolerate clop in stories to a certain degree if the story isn't basically based upon it and the author builds the relationship between the characters (Crowley can be an exception). And there's just one clop author I truly despise; though only as an author and not as a person (mostly because I don't know said person in RL).
Yes indeed. :twilightsheepish:

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