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Well That Was Unexpected · 3:46am May 6th, 2016

No, I am not dead.

Yes, I am a real asshat for keeping all of you in the dark for so long. I am sorry.

No, the story is not cancelled, nor do I intend to cancel it. If I ever do have a change of mind on this subject, I will let you all know in a big self-deprecating post.

Yes, writing will hopefully be back on track and more chapters will be coming this summer. I have let this one sleep for far too long.

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I Only Have One Bloody Story

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I hate to admit it... But there's a part of me that, whenever I read this story again, reads Cato Sicarius as having this voice...

I am a bad person.

Verbose, will you ever return to writing here?

hi, are you even alive anymore?

Due to the prolonged lack of news from Verbose, it's with sadness that I now consider this fic to be dead like too many other good stories on this site.

So... still on tracks? It would be nice to say at least something, for 46 weeks...

  • Viewing 67 - 71 of 71
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