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After many millennia of relative peace, the world of Equestria is suddenly plunged into a dark universe where there is only war. And its appearance has caught the attention of the great galactic powers. The future of ponykind hangs in the balance as they are forced to confront the horrors of a galaxy scarred by hatred, carnage, and the laughter of thirsting gods. Warhammer 40k/MLP:FiM crossover.

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Yay! first to like I enjoy the concept and have saved it into my favorites for later reading which I look forward to reading this especially because of the title which even if this is not Lord of the Rings crossed is still a Lord of the Rings reference so I look forward to it:rainbowdetermined2:

This story pleases the emperor my brother.

I don't know why I'm favoriting this story but I am........

Good luck with the stroy...it (like other Warhammer/MiP) has potential.

Based on this chapter alone, I only expect great things to follow. I also liked how you portrayed the Chaos gods. Another story tried, and it was just terrible. Keep up the good work.

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it. :twilightsmile: I actually had the first chapter completed before I joined Fimfiction today, and I'm working on the second as we speak, though it's been kinda slow going lately. This is my first serious attempt at writing fanfiction in years, but I really, REALLY want to stick to it this time, and I'm doing all the research I can to make sure I stay true to the 40k setting (I've only been a casual fan up till recently, but some of the other MLP/40k crossovers here really sparked my interest, so now I'm eating up as much fluff as I can). :pinkiehappy:

Your story has my attention and im looking forward to more.

I look forward to another chapter. Your story promises an epic experience.
I am glad that Farseer Macha is still alive. Will other characters from Dawn of War? For example Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter or Adrastia?

I'm not sure who Gorgutz is, but Adrastia may show up later in the story. Most of the major 40k characters will be OCs.

Really liked it up until I saw the Blood Ravens mentioned, really turns me off any story.

Why's that? What's wrong with the Blood Ravens?

Ah, yeah, already looked him up. I guess I should have just googled him before replying. :derpytongue2:

Blood Ravens seem to have become the go to chapter for the gaming media so it's kind of like "oh look the Blood Ravens again and Gabriel Angelos doing what ever he does, yawn". Also on a personal taste the DoW story line is kind of samey, I expect Marines to fight chaos or orks while eldar are playing around in the background. I will continue reading as it is a good read never mind what factions you bring in and it's a 40k fiction which I try to always read.

675226 Blood Ravens chapter have existed even before the series Dawn of War.

Yes I never mentioned that they weren't around before Dawn of War.

If I understand correctly. So Equestria is thanks to the positive emotions, protected from beings of the Warp. Thus, no demons. This is good news. The bad news is that before the mortal minions of Chaos that will not protect!

Just a question about factions who visit Equestria:
Eldar of Craftworld Biel-Tan
Blood Ravens
Chaos (four Champions?)
Imperial Guard (Lord General Castor I hope)
Dark Eldar

And where will Equestria be located? Somewhere in the Ultima Segmentum?

Honestly, I got the whole "overused chapter" vibe more from the Ultramarines, but I can understand where you're coming from given that the Blood Ravens ARE the most heavily used chapter in 40k games. Don't worry though, there will be multiple chapters involved in the story.

@Equestrian Templar: Only partly protected. Remember that Discord, a sentient embodiment of chaos, was able to manifest on his own. Plus Nightmare Moon was also able to possess Luna. But the positive Warp atmosphere does make it much more difficult for the minions of Chaos to manifest.

As for factions, are you sure it's okay if I give them away now? It's not terribly plot important, but pretty much all the major ones for this part of the story will be introduced in the next chapter, and I'd hate to spoil it for those who like a surprise.

And yes, Equestria is located in Segmentum Ultima, specifically in the Korianis Sector, so it's literally a hop, skip and a jump away from Subsector Aurelia.

I wonder what would happen if Celestia came in contact with the God Emperor. Nevertheless, I can't imagine the Space Marines will be very friendly to the inhabitants of Equestria.
I hope Lord Eliphas the Inheritor (Ascended) will be there. Hopefully Gabriel Angelos or Captain Titus too.
EDIT: Tracked.

War is coming, and it's gonna be good...

Dis gun be good!


Anyway, thus far I like it. You have displayed each of the primary forces and their motivations. I do hope we get to see the Tau, since of the entire WH40K universe, they'd be the most willing to incorporate the Equestrian's into their society.

Can't wait for more from you!


Glad I ignored my misgivings of Blood Ravens and kept an eye on this. Addition of Xeno friendly inquisitor and Death Watch, especially with a Blood Raven in the group, will make some interesting scenarios. Heth is perfect, you gave him a really good intimidating feel.

Dis gun be epic I just know it.

And I don't think the ponies will be prepared for what they will encounter.

The mane six have improved their combat skills but I don't think they will stand much chance against a whole ton of space marines and chaos space marines so unless they ally themselves with the imperium which might be a problem because of Heth the possibility of the extinction of ponies is about a 94% chance.

Thank you everyone for your positive comments. :raritywink:

Yeah, shit's gun be goin down real soon. Fortunately the Mane Six do have some time. Neither the Word Bearers nor the Imperial expedition will get there right away due to the time it takes to travel through the Warp, so they will definitely get some useful skills before the excrement hits the rotary cooling apparatus.

Honestly, it was kinda tiring constantly chomping away at this story a little bit at a time each day, but the comments really make it worth it in the end, so again, thank you all. :pinkiesad2::twilightsmile:

Also, I noticed that the two down-votes I got earlier are suddenly gone. Can you rescind those or something? :derpyderp1:

Brutal. Cool. Awesome. I am eager to see the next chapter. P.S. Could you link a picture of each of the different kinds of space marine please? I don't know much about the Warhammer universe, I just got the video game and 3 comics.

I think that would take too much time, but since you asked, here are the two main wikis for the Warhammer 40k universe. Just type in the name of each chapter in their search bars and it should bring up a full article on the chapter, including images.

WH40k Lexicanum
Warhammer 40k Wiki

Also, I did a bit of editing to include the publicity of the disturbance and Celestia's response to the situation, so be sure to read over the Ponyville scene again.

Excellent sequel. I confess, however, that future of Equestria between millstones cannot see well at all.
Blood Raven Deathwatch? Cyrus?

I'm afraid not. Most of the major 40k characters are OCs.

hey bob im a big fan of 40k and know alot about the universe so if you're ever unsure of something you can hit me up. i like where the story is going so please keep it up also blood ravens are my favourite chapter so thank you for that as well.

Make humans win this time. Humans always lose because there has to be a stupid happy ending.
happy endings are overused and cliche.

the more powerful he/she effectively became.
Use "he or she" in these situations. The slash is too informal for literature.

had combat serious potential.
I think you meant "serious combat potential."

Gotta say, this isn't bad. The beginning was a little... sudden, I suppose. We just sorta jump into it, without any action to ease us in. Just "there's a barrier, and now it's collapsing, and here we go." Most stories have a little something before the really interesting parts begin, to contrast. Besides that though, the pacing is pretty good. You're spending enough time on important things without skimming over too quickly or dwelling too long.

It seems you have a handle on the basic characters for your OCs, and I'm looking forward to the way they play out. The mane 6 and company are fairly good too, though it seemed like everyone just kinda jumped into boot camp a little quickly. Not that their training should take forever, but it's a good opportunity to explore how they would react to training in a slightly more gradual, organic way. Applejack basically saying "yeah, I guess I could kill someone, if I had to" felt like something that should have taken more that a paragraph or two of soul-searching. I hope we get to see them develop a little with their experiences, either further into training, or once the real battles begin. That should be quite a shock to them, so use it.

Just some things to think about. Your prose reads well; it's still a little rough, but there's talent there. Keep at it!

While I understand some are a bit tired of them, I don't really mind the use of the Blood Ravens, as they are a "familiar" chapter. It comes with being the pet chapter of THQ, who have held the rights to do 40k video games in recent years. You'll just have to deal with a little bit more scrutiny from those of us who've played all the DoW games. You've shown you know your way around the lore so far, so I'm not too worried.

Thought for the day: Disharmony claims the unwary or the incomplete. A true pony may flinch away from its embrace, if he is stalwart, and he girds his soul with the armour of friendship.

:trollestia: Ave Imperatrix Celestialis :trollestia:

I know the Xenos Inquisitor is bringing the deathwatch, so will the ordo Malleus be bringing the greyknights? Just saying it would be a pretty good scene if both teams are given conflicting orders

. . . I approve. This story is very well written and I love your choice of the word bearers and blood ravens as the traitor and loyalist marines. Keep up the excellent work sir. Thought for the day: Knowledge is power, guard it well.


Thanks for the advice. I've already edited some of the things you talked about, and I'll see what I can do regarding making the battle training a bit more natural and diversified.

I'm sorry that I've been taking so long regarding chapter three, but I've been dealing with a bunch of RL stuff lately, and for a while I lost interest in writing. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things now. Thank you all for your support and patience, I really appreciate it. :twilightsmile:

Fortunately for everyone, the Imperial side mostly has level headed members; aside from Heth of course, he's an ass. Though the Black Templar might prove problematic, especially if he's like the majority of his chapter. But with most of the Space Marines being from decent chapters (the Space Wolf and Salamander in particular), and this Inquisitor Xander fellow who sounds promising, this hopefully wont turn out badly for the Imperium.

Unsure about Biel-Tan's involvement though, they're the most xenophobic of the Eldar craftworlds. If Macha shares her craftworlds typical "kill them all!" attitude towards non-Eldar (the Imperium especially), or is unable to reign in her kin when they arrive on Equestria, then this will be a short lived venture for her.

Got nothing to say about the Word Bearers; it's obvious what they intend even if the Dark Apostle didn't announce it to his fellow dickheads. Though I'm not sure how well they, or their bestowed Greater Daemons, will fare in Equestria. Equestrian space is, essentially from description and expectation, a complete anathema to Chaos. I wouldn't be surprised if they were all weakened upon arrival, their daemons especially.

Apart from all that, liking the story so far.

The Emperor protects. :trollestia:

The Pattern of Space Marine Armor with the armored collars on them is the Mark VIII Errant Power Armor, which is basically just a slightly upgraded version of the Mark VII that makes it harder to get a neck hit on or decapitate a space marine.

Will the Mechanicus be showing up? I severely doubt that they'd just sit on the sidelines while something this big went down.

Another faction that would be interested enough to send their own investigators would be the Navigator Houses. The Immaterium is literally their bread and butter and they've got the cash and power to send people; unless the Navigators on the ships already mentioned are already feeding them info.

Some ballsy Rogue Traders also might try something.

Also just an Idea: "Discord, Greater Daemon of Malal."

Nice story, hope to see more soon.

I love seeing knowledgeable use of the warhammer 40K fluff.

Is there more on the way? This has been a great read so far. :twilightsmile:

Just decided to watch this due to what looks like innocence:rainbowkiss: smashing into utter violence, lets see how this goes:coolphoto:(pokerface)

So, the imperium is not the first people to notice SHOCKER:unsuresweetie: well, this is a well written piece, i wants more also, just to add to the whimsy

I heard blood ravens, also, will there be grey knights hehehe:pinkiecrazy:

so, the inquisition is coming, slaanesh is interested, and the eldar are interested
two things

good work, I NEED MORE

thought for the day: only with faith can the imperium truly be saved

I figure that it's been long enough that you guys deserve an update. I apologize for not continuing the story, but I've been swamped by college work for months now. I just want you all to know that I have NOT given up on this project, and I will try to get back to writing as soon as possible. Thank you all for your continued support. :twilightsmile:

Is 'Ol Captin; hairgel gonna make a appearance?


I'm not sure who you mean by that, unfortunately.

Also, I should let you guys know that I'm going to do some revisions to my first chapters. It seems I've got too much unneeded exposition going on, so I'm gonna go back and fix it.

1752433 Aramus, FC, Force Commander, Vanilla ice, Thaddeus' less innocent brother


Ehh, possibly, but not until way later in the story.

I..... Want more..... Why U no make more?

good god this is one of the most interesting i've ever read!

I see Heth getting killed before this is over.

1753353 All that's left are the Tyrannids and then it will REALLY be a party...

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