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To be honest, I don't know where I want to take the plot. When I first published the fic, I made the mistake of jumping into it without having done any proper brainstorm prior (basically, it goes from point A to point Z with nothing in between), so right now it's pretty stuck. Combine that with the fact I haven't written anything in years, so I'm very rusty to boot.

In short, maybe someday, but don't hold your breath. (The fact that people still care about it after seven years of hiatus is very motivating, though)

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Echoes of Righteousness: A Rant... · 7:41pm Jul 14th, 2012

Okay... So I originally intended to have chapter 2 out by today and was eagerly working on the story and the plot, trying to get it done for you. And I was like "Alright, I gotta write this and write that to make sense of this from Ch. 1 and get that all set". And two days later, I have an official decree: No matter how much I try to change it, no matter how much I want to be satisfied with it; the finished Ch. 2 is a flop... on all levels.

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