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A group dedicated to pony fictions based in a Fantasy setting and crossovers with Fantasy, books, movies, video games or any other sort of medium. And NO this is NOT a group dedicated to clop fantasies! I can't believe I have to say that!

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Hello peoples and ponies,
Nice to meet you all. :D

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

Tolkien based his dwarves on Wagner's dwarves from the Nibelungenleid ("Song of the dwarves") cycle of operas.

In the late 19th century, Wagner was considered by many to be, not just the best composer of all time, but the apotheosis of the entire history of art. His operas combined all of the arts: literature, drama, music, and visual art. He wasn't a mere superstar; he was seen by some almost as a god--or as the only god we could have, now that God was dead.

Unfortunately, one of his many devoted admirers was Hitler, who IIRC once said that "to understand Nazism, one must only understand Wagner." Also, Wagner hated Jews. (Not all Jews; he liked Heinrich Heine. But he wrote a bitter denunciation of the effects of Jewish composers on music, Das Judenthum in der Musik.) Those two facts put a crimp in Wagner-worship after the war.

Wagner's dwarves were based on the Nibelungs of German mythology. I don't know if Tolkien was familiar with that mythology, or only with Wagner--he didn't, as far as I know, study Germanic mythology.

So i noticed that you guy's and gals don't have a folder for Dark Fantasy (grim Fantasy adventure's) so i put some dark fantasy that i knew of into the High fantasy folder as it was the closest thing for them.

What does your avatar say?

Is this group still active? I was looking for a MLP fantasy group to eventually upload a fantasy story, once it's first chapter was done and I would like some feedback.

Gosh this group seems kinda quiet. I just wanted to give an update on my Ponymarillion fic. :twilightsheepish: I posted a synopsis of the first half of the original book in the group -- see first post, or here: (anypony with questions check out the thread?)
Silmarillion Adaptation Thread #1 - Fëanor Arc - Synopsis / Discussion (Song of Starfall)
Silmarillion Adaptation Thread #2 - Lúthien Arc - Synopsis / Discussion (of Apple & Flutterén)
Silmarillion Adaptation Thread #3 - Túrin Arc - (of Pinkamena and the Children of Píe) -- TBD (this will be trickiest to adapt)
Silmarillion Adaptation Thread #4 - Gondolin Arc - (of Clover and the War of Wrath) -- TBD (lots of side characters, tonal issues (how dark do I want to go) and the plot depends on the final outcome of changes to the story / changes to the family tree in the first three story arcs. The conception is that Tolkien's story is "actually" based on the prehistory of Equestria and that the characters (except Luna and Celestia) are ancestors of the FiM characters. Here's a map.

So yeah, it's not done yet -- I was hoping to work with somepony on it but I can't find anypony who has time :fluttercry: The only part that's "written" in a chapter sense is the prologue, and that's a direct parody / ripoff of Tolkien's creation myth in Lolcat Bible fashion, so it doesn't really count as fic (I'll probably put it in the appendix). Is it High Fantasy enough? :raritywink:


I would honestly like an answer to this, if only out of sheer curiosity since my story's presence in 'High Fantasy' doesn't seem correct.

My new fic "Ponies of the North" has the Mane 6 meeting up with the Norse Gods. Is this acceptable to post in High Fantasy?

I recently noticed somebody added my story 'Rise of the Furball' to this group. While I'm all for free publicity, I would like to know why it's in 'high fantasy' given that I play the setting as close to the show as possible. The only 'fantasy' elements I can think of is the story having ghosts and werewolves, but both are really extensions of dark magic, something not in the least considered 'fantasy' given its place in FIM continuity, so unless there's something else I'm missing I don't see what makes my story a 'high fantasy' and not 'low fantasy'.

351706 I started building my own fantasy world back in 4-5th grade, back when my imagination was pretty much limitless-- like I could come up with something on the spot. I did have a lot of sources to go by though; namely Warhammer (Fantasy), Warcraft, and - naturally - Tolkien.
I would either draw or write about it. And yes, all their versions of dwarves are pretty different aside from the fact that they all live in mountains. It seems to be an accepted fact in fantasy.

And yeah, they sing. Mostly about tales of past glories.

I have to admit to a certain curiosity how our collective understanding of concepts becomes set. Like dwarves living in mountains and liking gold.

It's Tolkien's version of dwarves. And it's a pretty neat understanding of them. But lotr dwarves are the way they are for a very good reason.

Namely that a crafting god couldn't wait for elves to show up so he tried to make his own. They're short and tough because they were designed to be able to resist evil.

We also treat things like vampires and zombies the same way. Weaknesses, traits. Tropes basically.

Not to be critical to you or anything. Even very famous published fantasy writers do it. World building can just be really hard sometimes. JRR spent decades writing his.

Hopefully your dwarves sing.

351662 Ah, I see. Then it should be no problem at all.
If it has elves and magic then I suppose vast dwarven kingdoms across several mountains, mysterious beings who stand as paragons for their nations and race, demon possessed kings, and forbidden lands corrupted by its inhabitants' pride and hubris in days of yore will work, too.

Thank you for the response. :twilightsmile:


Low fantasy is when the setting is mostly 'normal', If you've ever read Game of Thrones the majority of the first half is particularly low fantasy. Almost no magic, or none at all. Humans, and the concept of pantheons and gods and the like are more theoretical than actual.

The early setting of LOTR is high fantasy, and actually becomes low fantasy by the end of the series. Basically if a character is casting spells, or there are elves you've got High Fantasy.

I have a certain respect for authors who create their own world and then proceeds to write about it - even more respect follows if the story is well-written.
(Like Paladin's Cross by Sage Quill; amazing crossover story set in a fantasy world created by said author)

Needless to say I'm looking forward to seeing people's work here; and perhaps sharing some of my own whenever I can be arsed to write inspiration hits in. :twilightsmile:

EDIT: By the way, what is considered 'low fantasy'? Is it like when someone writes a crossover but it's not their own fantasy world or characters?

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