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Triple Word Score

Gettin quixotic up in here

Atrocities I've Committed Against Respectable Literature

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2101802 I think I understand now. Thank you.

It means that a word where one of the letters falls on that square is worth three times more points than it would be otherwise. Only the first time, though. You can't cheat by just adding an 's' at the end on the next turn unless that 's' is played on another Triple Word Score spot.

What does your user name mean?

Well, it was way back when I was still riding the high from having just discovered the show and getting my first look at the fandom. I started reading a few fanfics from links on EqD (this was back before they had standards), and it didn't take long to notice that most of the links led here. A couple months later, I was following enough fics that I decided to make an account to make tracking updates easier. Over time, Fimfic sort of became my go-to time waster. Back then, I was more in it for reading fics. Now, I spend more time in group forums lurking, shitposting, and occasionally engaging in serious conversation.

1961836 What was FiMFic to you, back in 2012?

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