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Terrifying Space Worm

Hello, future coworkers. Welcome to back when I was... younger. It hurts the more I think about it.

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Oh word, have you quit? Are you quite alright?

I'm pretty sure there're already reports on us. :trollestia:

Anything else I could say would get me reported, babe. :heart:

You can't insult me by simply calling me what I am, D. You know this.

That's what you get for looking at horse porn, donut licker. 🍩

Heh. Fimfiction can keep you logged in even after a year of absence yet Derpibooru struggles to keep you logged in for an hour and may even drop you as you're loading a page.

I was still logged in. Probably gmail recovery'd it a while ago.

  • Viewing 1,004 - 1,013 of 1,013
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