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Seriously, why are you reading this? I've been gone for about a year now.


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    Sorry to hear that! Guess it has been quite awhile since he wrote those stories.

    Well, thanks for the info, hope all goes well in your current endeavors! :twilightsmile:


    Haven't even spoken to Paleo in a long while. I'm not even involved in fan fiction anymore, and I only ever visit this site occasionally.


    Bummer! With all the interconnected stories, copious character back-history, and large stable of OCs (no pun intended, honest! :twilightblush:) you guys had the makings of a self-contained FIMfic universe (a la Lunaverse, Winningverse, Trixieverse, etc) :pinkiehappy:

    I saw a semi-recent blog post from Paleo saying that he may be returning from hiatus soon and dusting off some of the unfinished stories. :yay: Will you be involved in any future releases from him? I would love to offer my services as a proofreader if you or he thought that would be helpful. I noted multiple spelling errors in the two stories I've read so far (Choices and School Daze) as well as some grammer and punctuation issues, but since I'm 2-3 years behind the times, it seemed irrelevant to point them out. :pinkiesad2:



    Nope. It was supposed to be a story based on our OCs, that just happened to be set in the same universe. That story got ditched a couple years ago.

    Hey Kamineigh, didn't you once say that you had written/were writing a sequel story to Paleo Prints' School daze? Did that ever get released? :unsuresweetie:

    • Viewing 32 - 36 of 36
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