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Assistance Requested · 3:41am Feb 1st, 2015

My Library section keeps showing that I have at least 1 or stories w/ a new chapter but when I go to check them out the site shows there is nothing there. I'm trying to figure out why that is so I could look for a away to correct it, or is this some kind of website error? If anyone has any info on this subject please let me know ASAP. Assistance w/ this is most Appreciated.

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Why, thank you, that's very kind from you. I'm glad that my first incursion in horror and suspense is getting this reception. And don't worry, I'm already working in chapter 2.

If you're interested tough, Stay and Show MUST Go On! are my other good fics.

1803642 two reasons actually.

1. I read one of your stories: "Actually, I'm Dead". I got so interested by it that I was eager to see if there is or was going to be a sequel that might explain why Trixie was so freaked out at the end when she looked into the mirror only to follow that up by asking the question: "What am I?"

2. Also it is a good way to learn if Authors put out any new stories on the site. That is as far as I know.

Even still, these are two legitimate reasons I'd say.

Thanks for the follow. Though, as y user page says, I care little for getting a follow and more for knowing the person behind that follow. Telling me why are you following me in the first place would be a good first step.

1614195 yw I'll be sure to check it out sometime

Thanks for the fav. You like aliens, vampires, lycans and ponies? Well, we have it all and more.

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