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Captain Literal

i love writing and am very creative. im a cool guy, and am very energetic at times. can be very random


Ahem... Well uh it appears I have been gone for a very very long time.... · 2:43am Mar 5th, 2014

Well hello my followers! Yes I know I've been gone a very very long time; but I'm back! With good news and bad news. The good news is I'm going to start up writing again. Yep The Captain is going to pick his pen, erm keyboard, up again to bring you whole new alternate universes and what not. The bad news however is I'm wiping my stories clean. That's right, I'm deleting all my stories. Why? Because I want a brand new start. I know I will lose some followers due to this decision; but my mind is

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rip in pieces




Wheeeere are you maaaaan?!

Man, you've been offline for a good while :c

Oh and... happy birthday! I doubt you'll be reading this right now, but that matters little. Wonder how you're doing though :'c

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

Hey have you read it:twilightsmile:

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