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What was stated by that Brony two post before..

Hmm...You do write amazing stories, there are a couple weak points here and there but you can strike a wonderful balance of uplifting humor and suspense with a hint of sorrow here and there. I realize you likely won't be updating these stories any more, but for what is here they were all great reads. I hope you are doing wonderfully in life, you menace.

Dude! Please finish "the girl with the lyre tattoo"! That's a devil of a cliff hanger you got there.
Anyway, love your writing!!! I feel you could go professional

Sup? You probably get stuff like this all the time... but hey, my name us DJ, I'm your typical TaviScratch/OctoScratch shipper, I love your stories, the typical fan letter stuff. So hey, just saying I love your writing and wish there was more, have a nice day

Will The Girl with the Lyre Tattoo ever be finished? i just got to the end, its an amazing story but i need to know what happens next ;-;

  • Viewing 365 - 369 of 369
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