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The deepest sighs, the frankest shadows.


Rainbow Dash is dead.

Scootaloo knows this, but that does not mean she will accept it. Equestria is a land of magic and hope—what is one more miracle among hundreds? This is the question that drives her forward when she stumbles upon a Daring Do book that seemingly shows her a means of bringing back the dead. Driven by painful memories and a desperation to make up for her own mistakes, Scootaloo ventures on a quest to bring her fallen idol back to the land of the living. Embarking on a journey far from the world they know, Scootaloo and her friends find the line between fact and fiction—reality and delusion—blurring with each step.

Originally envisioned and published in 2012. Resurrected in 2019. Be wary of potential spoilers in the comments

Cover by the awesome and talented Conicer

Chapters (8)
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Definitely got some potential with this one. I especially liked the interaction between Scootaloo and her father.

Gonna keep an eye on this one.

God damnit, I am going to cry sooner or later. :fluttercry::fluttercry:
This story is so cute. I'll be tracking it.

Love me some Scootaloo stories. Tracking

Comment posted by Professor Piggy deleted Aug 19th, 2013

Great so far, keep up the good work.

Messing with the boundry between this world and the next? Nothing can possibly go wrong! :trollestia:

Tracking, can't wait for more.

Neat. :moustache:
Looking forward to where this story goes.

By the by, I'm surprised nobody has mentioned your title yet; it's certainly what caught my eye:

"All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost."
~from The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien



Yes that was intentional. Big fan of LOTR and that quote in general

This was incredible. The emotions were captured amazingly and the characters were written very well. I need to know what happens next! Thank you for writing this.

You have a gift for beautiful prose. Sometimes it's a tad bit too purple... but you know what? The adornment never strays to far from being tasteful and delightful. Splendid job.

I love Scootaloo and her father. The being German(e) was both clever and surprising. It adds an interesting little bit of color, and it's nice to see someone trying to find a different backstory than orphan. (Though that's been done well too!) I love that you sort of hinted at Rainbow's death with the goggles- even if it's not true, you've given me clues that make me assume it was a flying accident (cracks, stain) so that it's still in my mind and hanging over the reader as much as it hangs over our intrepid little filly.

Looking forward to this! Definitely worth reading, and already a delightful story. :pinkiehappy:

This is off to an intresting start.

But I find your German sounds odd.
"Sie sind spät Scootaloo." is a very formal way to great one's daughter, even If one is trying to sound very strict. "Du bist spät Fräulein." would sound more natural.
And that he is calling his daughter "Tochter". That's like calling her daughter all the time. If he's using it as a nickname I think "Schatz, Schatzilein, Mein Schatz" or "Töchterchen" would work better.

Thanks for the input. I don't really know German (I'm just a silly American who got the idea to incorporate a foreign language into a fic), so getting some hints from someone who knows the language is extremely helpful.

Of course, I can always say "The language is Germane not German" as an excuse, but I'd rather the foreign dialogue be somewhat accurate.

Holy buck.

What drew me to this was the LOTR title (thank you Bilbo) and the coincidence that I'd just been watching Return of the King Extended Edition Blu-Ray.

But now... you get a stache :moustache:, goggles :rainbowdetermined2:, and me tracking it.

May the Grace of the Valar Protect You

Shire Folk

Pretty good, ill be looking forward to the next chapter.

Oh boy, this is going to be good.

And I hope, with the power of 1000 alicorns, that Scoots will succeed.

I'm not one for sad fics involving character death, but this is one very unique and captivating twist to that concept that's keeping me hooked.


"Her eyes were read from nights without sleep"


Through every storm, end every race,
and not end
Her eyes were read from nights without sleep.
red not read

Anyway this is looking pretty good so far; I don't like how Spike is just not mentioned, I never like it when authors shove characters out of a story or scene because it would distract from the story's subject... but you're not losing anything for that, not yet anyway.

What I did like was a lot of the detail in the scenery and how it played on the story; this get a like from me and four stars on EQD.

it reminds me a bit of the fic A Rose is a Rose...can't wait for more!

This is just the first chapter... Spike will show up, as will the rest of the mane 6 (well, mane 5, but still...)

oh i am tracking this for sure

296108 > "Mane 5", is that a spoiler to the eventual outcome or just an observation of the current state of affairs? :ajsmug:

Observation of current state of affairs

55 likes :yay:
0 dislikes :yay:

Also, I love this story. Fucking Favorited.

I took me until the end to figure out rainbow dash was, you know, ..

I like it so far. Though,the interactions between Scootaloo and her father gave me diabetes.
Judging from his name, is he a professional artist or something?

Poor RD... I picked up what happened during Twilight's internal monologue. I wonder how she...

I expect great things from this story. Terrible, yes. But great. Many manly tears will be shed. :pinkiesad2:

Well well well, I'm definitely tracking this one!

Looks like it's time Scootaloo proves she's not chicken!

The character interactions are really well done and I love the concept. Go go Scoots! Nothing bad ever comes from playing with resurrection. Nope, nothing at all. This has great potential. :rainbowdetermined2:

"Du bist spät Fräulein" I'm pretty sure you only call people Fraulein if they're old, I think normally it's just Frau. As a address my German teacher by Frau followed by their name. Like how you'd call someone mrs anderson. It would be frau anderson.

Oh wait fraulein is how you address a child formally, so you're correct, please disregard my last comment.


Nice. Tracked like a mo-fo.

Will Scoot Scoot adventure alone to this pools of magicness or will the Crusaders become her companions or.....her 'fellowship' you could say, hehehe. Anyways! Its a great story and i'm really excited for the next chapter...tracking and thumb!

Man, I don't know if i'm willing to accept what happened to RD until you write it. Great story though.

I cried. I am crying as I am writing this comment, I will cry if you do not finish this, and I will cry after you do finish this.

The last tears, althrough, will be the tears of joy.

*looks at author's avatar*

Dammit. It's like Scootaloo is being shipped with Sweetie Belle EVERYWHERE.

Even in my side-story, "Pinkie of the Colossus", there's a shipping-esque moment between Sweetie Belle and Scoots, although that was in Dual Pie's dream, which had more of a focus on forgiveness, but Sweetie had apparently head-patted Scoots to sleep.

and then there's Equestria Total War....

298695 Scootaloo was never chicken. ...But she WAS like Marty McFly, and can be talked into ANYTHING so long as you ask if she's chicken.

332220 It was a joke Xaos, but I'm guessing you knew that. :pinkiesmile:

Honestly though, I think Scootaloo doesn't get enough love. I'd honestly like to see more stories where she's put to the test and comes out just as, if not more awesome than her idol!

332354 yeah, I know it was a joke. The whole "Scootaloo is a chicken" joke has been around ever since "the Stare Master". Heck, I even used it (and will probably continue to use it) in "Pinkie of the Colossus".

:scootangel: "APPLE BLOOOOOM!"

....those emoticons do NOT match the scene at all.

But yes. Scootaloo does NOT get enough love. I'm looking forward to more installments to this story, but "Buck to the Future" really excites me for some reason.

"Great Scoot!"

I especially like the way that you dont really go into how rainbow died in this fic. You know that she is dead, and you hinted that it was some kind of accident from the cracked goggles, but besides that, who knows how it happened? I love how you left it to our imagination. My suggestion would be to not really go into the details of her death, and focus more on peoples reactions to it. Also, I am usually pretty sure how a story will end, but with this one, its not so much. It could easily go either way, Rainbow comes back, or Scootaloo fails. Either way, I think that it would make for a great story. Mabey you could write an alternate ending where she either revives her, or doesnt revive her, depending on what you plan to do. Anyways, its your fic, so dont feel pressured or anything, but I am really looking forward to the rest of this story.:twilightsheepish:

looks to be a good one! i love these fanfics when they arent crazy rape-gore-incest fics!

Don't worry, next chapter we'll finally start getting around to the adventure stuff!

Excellent, I love the way you have been writing this. Keep on going

Well, yes, she did hit a tree at some point, but was that what actually did her in?

I'm the only one who knows, and my lips are sealed (until I get to the proper chapter, that is) :trollestia:

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