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Sorry OCAP fans, but I revised EEWT. Need an editor or two. · 2:59am Mar 29th, 2012

Hi again.

I couldn't seem to get Of Chunks and Ponies started, so I cleaned up Even the End of the World has a Tomorrow.(Link)

For all intensive purposes, it is done.
However, I need to get my girlfriend to edit it, and then I can let some of you edit it, if I get requests to do so.

Not posting a link yet, and I will only be notifying people who express genuine interest.

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23571 Blow me.


Unrelated to anything involving FiMF.

So hey, I pre-read, can haz new chapter? :pinkiehappy:

1748 I'm waiting on my mate to pre-read. She insisted on being first reader (And you know, piss her off and no sex) then just kind of fucked around for a week. She'll be doing it tomorrow after school. Hopefully... I'm about to just skip her, but she's the only other writer out of all of them. :ajbemused:

i will delete my minecraft if you write i new chapter in 3 days.

.........please :fluttercry::raritycry::applecry:

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