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Bill O'Reilly

Hello everypony My name is Bill O'Reilly, I'm a political commenter on Fox news. When I'm not busy curing gays with prayer I like to write stories about ponies. God Bless America.


[no title] · 10:54pm Jan 24th, 2013

Fear not my children, I am not dead or senile. I have been protecting your freedoms privileges from the draft dodging liberals. Just yesterday Princess Celestia sent me a letter through Glenn Becks anus (It would have come out of his mouth but it crammed full of Roger Ailes' love meat). It confirmed what I already know. O'Bama is in fact a Jew. Celestia knows these things because she's an Illuminati. But that is not the extent of the problems the American race faces. Just last week I let

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this guy hasn’t been active for 5 fucking years :rainbowlaugh:

MARRY MEE!!!:raritydespair:

You sir, are an artist. I'm also glad you aren't gone for good like I thought.

iem a butthurt fggt and i thnk jus r cul

^IS what I would say if I was a butt hurt faggot
But I'm not.
And I have Jews.
And Santorum for not giving you Twilight.
And I think I might make a Greg Gutfeld so we can work together.

Well, you got my vote.

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