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AsrielDreemur and Frisk - グッキーGOOD_LUCKY!!!!! dance · 3:13am Dec 12th, 2015


found this cute short video earlier today. full version of the song in the description.

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contact info :)

Treos/treos2 - skype (its 1 of the 2 >.>)
sorry but thats mainly the only IM program i use so if the above info doesn't help feel free to pm me here and i'll help with that if i can.
otherwise i tend to change up between any number of online games so i could be up for chatting on anywhere really (assuming the game runs on my laptop, i want a desktop again :/ ) or grouping for parties/guild/etc.

lately i've been on Path of Exile mainly but you never know when my interest will change or the dreaded boredom will hit and i'll move on to something else.

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Thx for the fav!

1188943 ty, its just something i came up with in generalzoi's pony creator a while back so nothing special. its simple and works though so thats good enough for me. :pinkiehappy:

Excuse me, but I just have to comment, your oc really looks quite nice, no neon green or zebra stripes that much is sure. Anyway just thought I'd comment.
Ps I found you on stories in stone.

-Skeleton Keys

Comment posted by awesome brony deleted Apr 12th, 2014

1094043 ok, enough is enough

begone you...you...odd hit and run repeating troll. thats the 3rd time you posted that here and i don't honestly care if you think sombra is the best villain ever, thats just your opinion now stop and go bug someone else.

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