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Now Rated Teen because I kind of kill them on a regular basis, but they're immortal so they get better.

The continuing story of those in Canterlot Castle and the surrounding areas. With four immature gods running about, is anybody going to survive? Probably. However, with each day, the madness in Equestria grows and sadly I don't think anyone actually cares anymore.

It's time for Equestria's Crazies; a tale of love, of tasers, comedy and finally me, tormenting as many ponies as possible before I get bored.

[Head's up, this story is an Episodic series. Each chapter is it's own contained "Story" but really it's just whatever I want to happen on that particular day.]


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bleh Discord getting tazered :pinkiesick:

Can't wait for more

My god, there is so much WIN in this.
Merry christmas

Emperor's New Groove reference nice.:rainbowlaugh:
Also with Luna's choice in chariot we saw during Nightmare Night does make it sound believable she would have made her lab something like that, or something out of a horror movie.

Great bonding time indeed.

:rainbowlaugh: This fic is HILARIOUS!

I absolutely love the Emperor's New Groove reference, that was indeed pure win. :moustache:

I must say, I really love that picture. I doubt I would have even clicked on this fic if it weren't for old Celestia having an anvil dropped on her head.

Anyway if there's more, please update soon.

I was having a hard time planning this out, I walked into the living room and by the nine it was on TV I sat down and watched the entire thing


That was a good movie, but ponies>llamas.:rainbowwild:

Oh by the way, may I have some more chapters to read?:scootangel:

teehee this is good, happy hearths warming :pinkiehappy:

lolol, trollestia meets troll-mare moon, the trolling has been doubled. Funny as always and can't wait to continue reading.

Oh HELL NO !!!!! WTF!!! LOL!!!!!:flutterrage::applejackconfused:

i love this light-heartedness, please sir could i have some more:scootangel:


You shall have more but only when I think of more which might take more time then I thought but always remember the 5th of November.. no wait scratch that remember that less is more. However more is not Less so by receiving Less you gain more but if you gain more you don't not have less so its a win, win


poor discord...to be honest you should have made her shout FUS-RO-DAH


I use to use skyrim memes like yourself, till I took an arrow to the knee.

But in all seriousness I have entire Celestia chapter planned out for her using the the Royal Canterlot Voice

:moustache: awesome fanfic is awesome please keep up the good work my good sir.


I want one of those, right now. Though that is about right for what happened.

Twilight: What's that sound? Sounds like screaming.

*walks outside*

Twilight: It's getting louder.

*Crashing noise*

*Twilight runs inside*


♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

Just read the first chapter. and I have to say

Was that a Boondock Saints reference I sensed in there?

There are only two other fanfictions as crazy and entertaining.(At least of those containing the royalty[based only on those I read])
And those are :"A drop of moonshine" and "clash of the heavenly titans".

Buddy your work is far more than hillarious!
keep up the good work.

106277 thank you also I love both of the stories In fact I have clash on my iPod

I noticed multiple spelling errors and elipsed words. You might want to get a proof reader.

Wait, where's the Emperor's New Groove reference? :rainbowhuh:

106389 When my computer Chooses to start up I'll re read everything I also have someone who was willing to proof read everything ill contact him and see if he's still willing. 106367 I've decided to bring Nightmare back..... At some point. Also never post from an IPod

And the madness grows even more. Great work.

I am waiting for the drinking contest

and who else is in lunas head........get out pinkie I know your there.........now who elso other than her

Celestia the troll and the only sane one; she has to deal with Loony Luna (how many voices does she have in her head), Nightmare Moon's evil, and Discord's insanity at the castle now. Now all she needs is for Twilight to spend a week.

When I think about it a drinking Episode would be pretty funny. I'll add it to my list.

the train track and lever bit..

the train track and lever bit..

This fic has made me laugh more than any other I have ever read. Also, SCIENCE!!

Hilarious Fic, I love it :twilightsmile:. Also Nightmare Moon living with Celestia and Luna is GENIUS level SCIENCE :pinkiecrazy:

"one less voice in my head tell me what to do"
Oh my. What are these other voices? :pinkiecrazy:

Very entertaining read indeed:twilightsmile:

the screaming mare sounds familiar

Great chapter, made me laugh :rainbowlaugh:, Discord gets a little revenge, but now he's Tazed Nightmare. Oh how I imagine the revenge she will take :twilightsheepish:

1.21gigawatts! I think i'm seeing a reference there :pinkiehappy:

These are great, and I never expected you to add NMM to the cast when you started this so its even better.

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