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Set in the painfully adorable Youngverse.

Our favorite little Princesses Celestia and Luna play an innocent game of Truth or Dare with Cadence, Chrysalis, and Discord. But, when Luna is dared to threaten the destruction of the universe, things go haywire. And, of course, it was all Luna's fault.

**Edited and Proofread by the amazing flyinggirl!**

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This is soooooo funny! I couldn't stop laughing! :rainbowlaugh:

The only hole I see in this story is Cadence. She was born a pegasus and raised by an earth pony village before ascending to Alicorn status after reversing the power of the Alicorn Amulet on some evil pony, filling it with love rather than hatred. Also she was a teenage/adult-sized mare back when she was sitting for Twilight, and grew up to her current size over the decade and a half that passed before they met again. Otherwise this was both cute and well written. :twilightsmile:

Poor Luna. Under no circumstance should Luna be grounded. She's too adorable. :twilightsmile:

This really shouldn't have a Tragedy tag. The ending isn't tragic at all. It's a little scary, so it might warrant a Dark, but not Tragedy.

3852003 should've had Sombra instead. This is set in the Yongverse :ajbemused:

And thats why you don't fuck with Luna!

Celestia was mindfucked!

3852003 Well that's one reason why this is tagged alternative universe. :eeyup:

:pinkiegasp:SWEET GIBBLY GIBBLETS!!! :pinkiegasp:
The cuteness of Chrysalis having a lisp alone was almost enough to kill me, then you also made a way for Nightmare Moon to come in Filly form... i'm dead.


all in all, amazing story. well done:moustache:

Luna is heavy metal even when she was a filly.


How'd I not see this being posted? I loved it. Plus, giving Chryssie a lisp to go with new fangs was genius, great job! :twilightsmile:

Great story though I do have to wonder why you made the age gap between Celestia and Luna so large. It would have worked just as well if Celestia was 15 or 16.

Celestia seems to be acting younger than 18.

First, badass. Second, what was the point of Cadence here? Third (and it shouldn't matter to you or anyone), my headcanon calls bullshit on Discord being younger than Chrysalis, let alone Celestia.

Amazing Story,Loved It! :twilightsmile:

3857468 that's because 18 to alicorns is like 13 to humans

Welp, that went well.

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