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Since Luna's return from the moon, things have been a bit more hectic around Canterlot. This is mainly because of the fact that two sisters have been seperated from each other for a thousand years, so it only makes sense that things would go haywire for awhile.

A slowly growing collection of short stories, most of which don't take place in a certain point in between or during any of the episodes. Nor should any of the stories make sense.

A new challenger approaches! Chrysalis has joined the fray!

A new challenger approaches! Nightmare Moon has joined the fray!

Want an idea of yours made into what hopefully won't be a butchering of your original idea suggested in this mixed upside-down two ways crazy universe? Make a comment below and I'll consider adding it in!

Artwork shamefully taken without asking もりぐる on pixiv (mostly because I have no idea how to begin contacting them)! Have a look at their work here by clicking this link!

Updates once a week (if I don't get hit by the fearsome block of writers or other such things)! Used to update every even-day, but that has changed!

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Only issue with this chapter: Luna was seen eating an apple during "Luna Eclipsed," so it doesn't make sense for her to hate them. Still funny


I like to believe that Luna was just being polite and immediately spat the apple out afterwards

Looks like I'll have to get get some anti-diabeetus pills.
This is far to adorable.

Celestia was surprised that the plushie didn't work? I would've been surprised that she tried that in the first place, I was surprised that celestia even has that! Seriously everyone love's twilestia/twiluna shipping I don't get it, well I kinda get celestia but i don't agree with it. anyways cute chapter will read more later.


It isn't so much 'shipping' as it is being a (Supposedly secret) way for Celestia to cope with the fact that Twilight now resides in Ponyville, and not in Canterlot. (And to help her sleep)

The way I was thinking of that plushie is not out of any romantic feelings, but rather as a fond memory of when Twilight still lived in Canterlot. If you're worried about any possible romance, there won't be any, just a bunch of crazy hijinks between Celestia, Luna, and possibly others appearing as side characters!

Tea is great. I prefer a strong black tea spiced with cloves.

the only tea I drank so far is milk tea and the ice kind :fluttershysad:
anyone know any tea that is sweat and healthy? Never did want to spend money on things that I might hate and never touch later. :pinkiesick:

i have only had 2 kinds of tea that i liked one was a realy weak vanila tea the other i can't remember the name of.

"Author's Note:
I think I spent too much time detailing Celestia taking care of herself rather than her actual need for coffee"

Maybe a little.

Somethin's wrong with those two. I like both those fruit. They are delicious, and they just want to kill the poor delicious things.

Nice job BlueBlood, you just ruined Tia's life. :rainbowlaugh:


Cooky Cadence? Crazy Cadence? X3

You don't suffer from insanity you frolic and play and enjoy every crazy minute of it. It's glad to find someone who understands:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Yep still crazy but in a good way. Who is Tirek by the wa? I've seen the name metioned in other stories but I don't understand who or what it is?

I enjoyed it, after being alive for who knows how long you would expect a person to develop strangeness. I enjoy your brand of crazy it makes me laugh and I can't wait for more:moustache::pinkiehappy:

I keep clicking the thumbs up but I won't create new levels of approval for me to reach! I love this story, keep it up! XD


Well I'm not entirely sure if I truly want Cadence to be a main character in these stories, perhaps as a constant reoccurring side character, but nothing more


Tirek is the villain of the standalone episode 'Rescue at Midnight castle' in 1984, other than that, I don't really know much

Thanks for the comments and likes!

Luna in a food fight. That is hilarious

Unfortunately, the chapter loses some of its impact because the title spoils the twist. It would have been a lot better with a vaguer (more vague?) title


Perhaps it would have been better if the chapter had a different name, though most of these chapters have the title name said by either Luna or Celestia, and are often the more humorous lines in the chapter. I'm not exactly sure if there's a more vague way for me to rename the chapter without editing it a bit.

hmmm...how does celestia combat boredom in canon? :rainbowhuh:

2567912 she creates unusual/weird/dangerous scenarios for Twilight and her friends to go through.

"Streak across the castle?"

"...Luna, we don't normally wear clothes anyway, and that might cause a political incident."

I'd say it's worth it. :trollestia:

What's a Moon Pie? That's like asking what a Jaffa Cake is! It's heaven in a wrapper!

I thought she was going to say and don't eat after midnight. I was already thinking of Gremlin's when she said she had three things.

Alas, as I learned on a recent transoceanic flight, noice-canceling headphones don't actually cancel out voices. Hopefully ones powered by unicorn magic are a little more effective...

Celesta's a perv, enough said.:twilightsmile:

I really like this series, but royal capslock voice jokes are not funny anymore, just boooooring...

I'll need to make a reference to this every time my sister starts singing, it makes me sooo mad... :twilightangry2:


Well, I'm sorry if that's what you think, but thankfully the most I will do now is make references to the royal Canterlot voice, rather than stories being completely based around it/loud voices by big alicorns arguing over the last slice of cake

On the other side of that, perhaps the cake and pie jokes are becoming a bit excessive as well, so I'll need to limit those as well

2587017not the cake and pie! Have mercy.


Well, I do admit, I don't want to be excessive in my use of cake and pie (By extension, the royal Canterlot voice) to make a story; they'll still be used, but I really do need to find some more material to work with, seeing as most of the current stories have something to do with the above mentioned items.

Unfortunately (Or fortunately, whichever case it may be), the next four stories have already been made and will have little to do with what I'm starting to believe are overused topics, and we'll see how those stories go (And if I can make a joke from anything other than cake, pie, and the voice).









One of these is not like the others...

Oh dear lord... :pinkiegasp: :rainbowlaugh:

One small suggestion, though? Replace "mercy" with "combo attack", or something else that would be more easily understood by non-gamers? That one really threw me, until I saw the footnote at the end of the story; I had no idea what was going on...

Couple of proofreading nits:

failure to do so this game would make her ashamed and get teased by her sister

should probably read "failure to do so in this game would make her ashamed and get her teased" (or, alternatively, "failure to do so in this game would shame her and get her teased")

...glee as Luna (In the game) began...
...Celestia (In the game)...

No need to capitalize "In", since it's not the beginning of a new sentence.

in the guard's break room

The break room belongs to more than one guard (plural), so the apostrophe comes after the s, i.e. "the guards' break room."

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to fall over laughing now. :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

I kept hearing Daffy Duck: "Ho! Ha ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust!" :rainbowlaugh:


Edits, made; thank you for your input!

2586599 I'll have to look into that, anyway stroies are still great and you are still crazy in a good way

Oh gosh, poison joke shampoo? I need some of that!! :trollestia:

You are a very silly pony. :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh: Or, as Luna might say, THOU HAST AMUSED US!

(Inside voice, Luna, remember? We talked about this.)
(*sigh* Never mind... :facehoof: )

Aaaaanyway, at the risk of channeling my inner Miss Cheerilee again... :ajbemused:

Along her unguided path around the castle, she met ponies, be they guards, servants, nobility, Blueblood (Who had somehow managed to freeze a small portion of the hallway he was in, and was ice skating), and a few tourists.

I can't help noticing you do this a lot, so... tip of the day when it comes to parenthetical statements. :twilightsmile: Don't capitalize the first word in a parenthetical statement when it's enclosed within a larger sentence. A parenthetical statement enclosed within a sentence is considered a part of that sentence, so the normal rules still apply; the only time you capitalize the first word after the ( is if that word is a name, or the pronoun "I", and so on. In other words:

Along her unguided path around the castle, she met ponies, be they guards, servants, nobility, Blueblood (who had somehow managed to freeze a small portion of the hallway he was in, and was ice skating), and a few tourists.

Now, if the parenthetical statement is outside of another sentence, and complete unto itself, then you capitalize:

Along her unguided path around the castle, she met ponies: guards, servants, nobility, and a few tourists. (And Blueblood, who had somehow managed to freeze a small portion of the hallway he was in, and was ice skating.)


"Yes, I do, and, well, you see, Lulu, in the 'battle' against you...Nightmare Moon (Celestia had not dared lift her hooves to strike back at her sister, and instead, merely defended herself while she retreated to the Elements of Harmony, so it wasn't technically a 'battle'), I was so tired from defending myself

Needs to be:
"Yes, I do, and, well, you see, Lulu, in the 'battle' against you...Nightmare Moon," (Celestia had not dared lift her hooves to strike back at her sister, and instead, merely defended herself while she retreated to the Elements of Harmony, so it wasn't technically a 'battle') "I was so tired from defending myself

i.e. put the parenthetical statement outside of the quote marks. Otherwise it reads like "Celestia had not dared to lift her hooves", etc. is being spoken aloud by Celestia as part of her dialogue, rather than being an author's parenthetical aside to the audience. (Unless Celestia has somehow acquired Trixie's strange habit of referring to herself in third person, anyway! :trixieshiftleft: )

(The Great and Powerful Trixie does not know what you mean! Trixie speaks perfectly normally!)
(Ugh... never mind. Again. :facehoof: :facehoof: )

Second tip:

Her little flashback was interrupted by Luna's door opening up, and she watched as Luna came outside of her quarters with a yawn, which was quickly stifled when she saw her sister just outside the door.

"Hello, Tia." Celestia smiled at her sister, and stepped forward to nuzzle her affectionately.

"Hello, Lulu. Sleep well?" Luna backed away from the nuzzling, and nodded, a tired smile reaching at her lips.

"I'm a bit tired, sister, but I feel fine other than that."

Match actions to the person speaking (or about to speak); when a character stops speaking and the attention shifts to the other character, make a new line. Like this:

"...Discord has nothing to do with this, or me, my stomach is not that weak when it comes to cake, and why would I be joking about this, Lulu?"

Luna rolled her eyes; she couldn't honestly take her sister's story seriously. "That story seems really, really dumb, no offense..."

Celestia winced, and looked away from her sister. "Wow, that makes me feel so, so much better, Lulu."

"Hey, you're the one that told me the dumb story."

Celestia made a melodramatic sigh, and fell over on a conveniently placed sofa, scoring more dramatic points than Rarity ever could. "Your words wound me, Lulu! The only way to ease this pain you have caused me is a nice, moist, mouth watering slice of cake!"

"Sure, let's go to the kitchens, sister."

The sofa disappeared, and Celestia got back up on her hooves.

Think of it like switching camera shots in a TV show. Character 'A' speaks, so the camera is on them -- but when they stop speaking, we cut away to Character 'B' to see their reaction and hear their response. Putting B's reaction right after A's line of dialogue keeps the reader's mental "camera" on A, and makes it unclear who is speaking and who is reacting.

And that concludes today's lesson. Class dismissed. :yay: Except for you, Scootaloo, you get to stay and write "I will not shoot Diamond Tiara in the flanks with a paintball gun" one hundred times. (Aw, nuts!)


Again, I must thank you for correcting my mistakes after Tia and Luna bashed me over the head with a stop sign, saying that I should be more careful about my writing! Things have been edited around now. English is not my first language, so it is hard to grasp at the rules of writing here (I have no proofreader to scream at me to fix this, fix that, fix everything).

Also, it's quite a coincidence, your comment, I mean, because it's actually hinting a bit at the next chapter. (Hi Trixie!)

Ahh, fair enough then, I didn't realize you weren't a native English speaker... especially since you speak (or write) it better than quite a few people I know who do (supposedly!) have English as their first language! You certainly manage to avoid most of the major screwups I see people doing these days, like confusing "lose" with "loose" :facehoof: , "it's" with "its" :flutterrage: , and using apostrophe-S to pluralize words. :twilightoops:

("I mean, come on! Cows refers to more than one cow; cow's refers to something belonging to the cow, and cows' means it belongs to more than one cow. What's so hard about that? :twilightangry2: )

(Um, Twilight, you're kinda going "Lesson Zero" on us again. Do the breathing trick, remember? If you wouldn't mind, that is... :fluttershysad: )

(Oh. Right. Sorry. :twilightsheepish:)

English can be a strange language sometimes. We have rules, and then we have exceptions to the rules, and then we have exceptions to the exceptions... :applejackconfused:


Yes, English does have a lot of rules in its writing, though I've learned the best I can from my English professor! Hopefully I'll be able to spot the more easily made mistake quicker, and then maybe, just maybe, Celestia will stop stealing my cake when I'm not looking.

Speaking English is an entirely different thing altogether for me, heh. :facehoof:


then maybe, just maybe, Celestia will stop stealing my cake when I'm not looking.

(Never!! It's cake! Glorious cake! And it's mine, I tell you! All mine! Mine mine mine mine mine!!) :trollestia:
(Didsomeonementioncake? :pinkiegasp: Whatkindofcake? Isitasuperduperspecialmarzipanmarscaponemadnesscake? WithfrostingandsprinklesandthoselittleroundsilverthingsthatIdon'tknowwhatthey'recalledbutthey'resweetandrunchyandreallyneatolooking? Oooharewegonnahaveapartywithcakeandicecreamandstreamersandplaypinthetailontheponyand...)
(The Great and Powerful Trixie... thinks that she should slowly back away now...) :trixieshiftright:
(Argh. Spike, go get the tranquilizer darts, Pinkie's off her medication again.) :facehoof:
(Um, okay, but what about the Princess?) :moustache:
(Twilight glances over to where Princess Celestia is cradling an entire pineapple upside-down cake in her hooves, crooning "my precious... my precious...", and sighs.)
(They aren't paying me enough for this.) :facehoof:

*AHEM*. Yes, well, anyway. Technical nits aside, the stories themselves are hilarious, and I've been enjoying the heck out of them. :rainbowlaugh: If you'd like to have a proofreader to look these over before posting, we might be able to work out something; these are short enough that I could probably go through one over breakfast...

(Breakfast? Whatkindofbreakfast? Donuts? Muffins? OooIhopeit'smuffinsIreallyreallylovemuffins'causethey'resosweetandnummyandOWIEthat...really...hurt...)
(Pinkie's eyes glaze over and she falls over on her side, stunned. Behind her is Spike, with a blow-dart gun.)
(Bulls-eye, got her right in the cutie mark. Just call me "Sharpshooter Spike.")


While I'm interested, I'm not entirely sure how to go about on this proofreading process

That, and there's not really much for you to proofread anyway

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