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The Enforcerverse · 12:49am Jul 25th, 2019

Updated 3/23/2021 This is a name coined by fan DoContra for a interrelated series of stories written by ScifiPony. It comes from the title of the first story written in the Enforcerverse, The Enforcer and her Blackmailers. The story sets the tone for the

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Hard Learned Advice to Beginning Authors · 12:09am Dec 17th, 2021

As a beginning author, keep in mind:

  1. The only successful story is a finished story. ARE YOU WRITING YET?
  2. Not every idea is a good idea for a story.
  3. Ideas are useless if you don't write them.
  4. Ideas are a dime a dozen! If you disagree, please don't argue with me: Make a list of 100 of them. (See next item.)

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My Stories:

There are stories that have popular appeal and stories that are challenging. I usually write the latter.

As an SF author, I treat Equestria as an alien civilization populated with equine sentients dealing with real-world constraints and magic that follows strict rules like physics does. My ponies are literary stand-ins for people. My worlds are messier and less friendly than mainstream MLP, though the stories do feature friendship lessons. (My Starlight Glimmer, for all her denunciation of friendship, is both friendly and loyal to her friends; her actions, not her words provide the friendship lessons.)

I also write in-your-face about (to some readers) squick topics like homelessness, cultural relativism, why royalty is a bad idea, how evil acts thinking it is doing good, and that women can choose to be sexual without shame (or can fight denigration). These niche topics* may not interest some MLP fans. I believe this because what attracted me to MLP in the first place was the friendship-first attitude of the series, the philosophy of which I feel has changed my attitude and helped me become a better (happier) person.

My passion is writing about topics that matter in the real world so people will think about them. This means my stories subtly warn about real dangers and demonstrate how persistence and friendship can allow you to overcome adversity—using action, mystery, and often sarcastic or dark humor. The biggest complement you can give me after reading one of my stories is "I learned something." Even a down-vote after having read some or all a story means I’ve made you think about something, and that works, too.

Focusing on storylines, I write gritty stories that try to answer questions that the televised episodes do not. Unless specifically indicated, the stories try to fit into canon—assuming that the characters in the show won't reveal "embarrassing" details about themselves, or things that are impolite or impolitic. (Kinda like real life.) Many of my earlier stories are follow-on stories to specific episodes. The more recent works are original character studies that fill in the backstories of various important characters.

All my stories are written in first person because I think it allows the characters to be candid and forthcoming, and gives them a chance to convince you or to lie to you about things they don't want you to know. I also write in first person because it is fun. And if it is fun for me, I think you'll find it fun to read what I wrote.

*Of course, MLP G4 introduced the subversive idea to a generation of men that a world could be run perfectly well by women.


Royal Duties Part III: Three Filly Friends - Posted in Ms. Glimmer and the Do-Nothing Prince · 12:24am Sunday

Three (3) filly friends sounds kind of ominous for Starlight's love life when you realize the title refers to Blueblood. Starlight gets Blueblood to open up about his tragic past and begins to understand him very well. There are uncanny similarities shared between them...

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That is Crystal Skies’ (Ciels Cristal’s) cutie mark from The Runaway Bodyguard and Love, Friendship, and Gangsters. Here is a close up from the LFG cover art by Syrupyyy.
Apparently my version is reversed, but then I guess I’ve always been odd. I feel a kinship with that character in being somewhat dense, but willing to fight fiercely for my loved ones.

Digging the new avatar, dude!

Heyy, scifipony.

Hope life's treating you well. 🤗
EDIT: sorry for bothering you :/

Because you didn’t mention why I followed you, I will. You wrote a satirical, irreverent, over the top, stupid-funny, deadpan, well-paced comedic piece in a flood of words then had the gumption to post it raw.

I learned (or rather had affirmed) that writing an idea fast and furious until you get it out of your soul is essential, and you earned a gold star.

I recommend reading it and it’s in my Very special stories I would recommend library.

T"Twilight, what is heat?"
Spike asks questions. Things go downhill from there.
Spazz Kid · 1k words  ·  84  12 · 2.3k views
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