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G5 Writing/Drawing Possibly Canon Resource Links (Movie Spoilers) · 12:48am October 6th

Do you want to write about or draw effectively in the new G5 world? Beyond watching the movie, the artists that created it are posting concept art, story-lines, deleted scenes, and detailed character models. This blog entry supplies links to artists and Equestria Daily pages that I combed through to get them. Some of these ideas might show up in the series in 2022. Any of it can spawn a story or art idea, or help you build

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The Enforcerverse · 12:49am Jul 25th, 2019

Updated 3/23/2021 This is a name coined by fan DoContra for a interrelated series of stories written by ScifiPony. It comes from the title of the first story written in the Enforcerverse, The Enforcer and her Blackmailers. The story sets the tone for the

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My Stories:

I write gritty stories that try to answer questions that the televised episodes do not. Unless specifically indicated, the stories try to fit into canon—assuming that the characters in the show won't reveal "embarrassing" details about themselves, or things that are impolite or impolitic. (Kinda like real life.) Many of my earlier stories are follow-on stories to specific episodes. The more recent works are original character studies that fill in the backstories of various important characters.

All my stories are written in first person because I think it allows the characters to be candid and forthcoming, and gives them a chance to convince you or to lie about things they don't want you to know. I also write in first person because it is fun. And if it is fun for me, I think you'll find it fun to read what I wrote.


Problem Back at the Apartment? · 7:18am Last Friday

Chapter 43 posted in The Runaway Bodyguard. Starlight finds something unexpected at her apartment. Next: A boarding house of mares run by a stallion? Color Starlight worried.

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Because you didn’t mention why I followed you, I will. You wrote a satirical, irreverent, over the top, stupid-funny, deadpan, well-paced comedic piece in a flood of words then had the gumption to post it raw.

I learned (or rather had affirmed) that writing an idea fast and furious until you get it out of your soul is essential, and you earned a gold star.

I recommend reading it and it’s in my Very special stories I would recommend library.

T"Twilight, what is heat?"
Spike asks questions. Things go downhill from there.
Spazz-Kid · 1k words  ·  78  9 · 1.6k views

Thanks for the follow, have one back!

Thank you for the watch! :eeyup:

Thanks for adding my mini story I'm What?! to your favorites. And thank you so much for the awesome heartwarming comment. :twilightsmile:

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