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Published science fiction author and photographer. Admin for ScifiPony's Writer's Training Ground Group

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  • Mark Misconception Twilight whispered to us, "My special talent isn't magic." Suddenly, it was essential to Equestria that we make our special talent work, and quickly. by scifipony 3,315 words · 7,258 views · 785 likes · 33 dislikes

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I write gritty stories that try to answer questions that the televised episodes do not. Unless specifically indicated, the stories try to fit into canon—assuming that the characters in the show won't reveal "embarrassing" details about themselves, or things that are impolite or impolitic. (Kinda like real life.) Many of my earlier stories are follow-on stories to specific episodes. The more recent works are original character studies that fill in the backstories of various important characters.

All my stories are written in first person because I think it allows the characters to be candid and forthcoming, and gives them a chance to convince you or to lie about things they don't want you to know. I also write in first person because it is fun. And if it is fun for me, I think you'll find it fun to read what I wrote.


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  • Celestia and the Battle for Sunset When Celestia finds the Queen of Cliffside--a pony with a red-streaked yellow mane, somepony very much like her when she was a filly--she learns harsh lessons about the errors of her ways as she works to save Equestria from a curse: herself! by scifipony 20,425 words · 976 views · 38 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Sunset Shimmer Goes to Hell "Was it Satisfying Anyway?" Sunset Shimmer, while still Celestia's personal student, learns there's some places you don't want to go, but love will make you do strange things. That and time paradoxes and magic storms. by scifipony 92,447 words · 724 views · 25 likes · 7 dislikes
  • The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers Starlight Glimmer's past and future collide in Canterlot years before the 1000th Summer Sun Celebration. Starlight Glimmer, a teenage runaway, tries to reform herself but her past crimes and Sunset Shimmer make that difficult. by scifipony 64,222 words · 835 views · 41 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Rediscovering Harmony Starlight Glimmer destroys Equestria when she learns how she actually lost her soulmate, Sunburst. Fixing her mistake, she learns time travel can lead to a revelation of the heart and the renovation of harmony. (An alt-ending to The Cutie Re-mark.) by scifipony 6,569 words · 2,378 views · 61 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Sisters in All but Blood At Moon Dancer's Party, Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine, Minuette, Lyra, and I realized that only we stood between a cursed Celestia, a conspiracy in Canterlot, and the coming of Nightmare Moon. Could we, with Shining's help, save Equestria? by scifipony 28,948 words · 1,006 views · 52 likes · 5 dislikes

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  • Lesson Learned Starlight Glimmer's reputation proceeds her. Having made mistakes before doesn't mean she wants to make them now. by scifipony 4,346 words · 898 views · 35 likes · 2 dislikes
  • More than Winning a Race Made a rainboom. Awwwesome. Won the race. Check. Where the heck is Fluttershy? This is the story of runaway Fluttershy and how Rainbow Dash ended up moving to Ponyville on her birthday. by scifipony 6,068 words · 679 views · 40 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Prance On a bright spring day in Manehatten, Fluttershy taught me that if you put yourself out and do an extraordinary thing, extraordinary things happen to you. by scifipony 6,022 words · 119 views · 9 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Pinkie (re)Curses A Lot Inadvertently entrusted with the secret that Cadance is having a baby, Pinkie nevertheless blabs. Realizing her mistake and trying to fix it, she unconsciously breaks the laws of physics without a clue to the damage to time continuum she's caused. by scifipony 5,910 words · 321 views · 14 likes · 0 dislikes

Chapter 12 of To Bring Light to Eternal Darkness is Posted! · 1:25am Last Friday

Sunny Daze (young Celestia) shows signs of her true self, but remains trapped by the malfeasance of her arch-foe, Umbra. She discovers she's valuable, but nopony knows how valuable she is or to exactly whom. Suddenly, her earlier actions have set new possibilities into motion. Will she ultimately be saved? Read on. Expect a good dose of "feels" along the way.

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  • One In A Million Scootaloo finally finds her special talent. It's the worst week of her life. by ocalhoun 53,741 words · 15,925 views · 1,554 likes · 144 dislikes
  • A little loopy. Sweetie Belle gets stuck in a time loop. by warewolves 157,064 words · 22,402 views · 1,876 likes · 99 dislikes
  • This Game of Mine Beset by the pressures of her coming-of-age, Sweetie Belle has secretly been turning to video games for relief from her insecurities. But when her unparalleled gaming talent earns her a cutie mark she never asked for, it changes her life forever. by Swan Song 142,491 words · 10,003 views · 1,007 likes · 44 dislikes
  • Shipping and Handling Ditzy Doo winds up in the matchmaking business by Pegasus Rescue Brigade 133,056 words · 26,064 views · 2,620 likes · 56 dislikes
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Thank you for putting Ember, Hoardsmelter on your list of very special stories you would recommend.


Well, that is kinda doom-talking it before even just as much as simply trying to do it. All of these problems can be solved and are there to be solved in order to create a nice event.
But yeah, what you listed is probably what goes through their heads when they think about holding an event on Equestria Daily these days:

"There's so much to organize; we need a poster, we have to make sure they do their job and don't slack on it, we need to check views and if it's successful enough and this is all SO MUCH WORK! Meh, I just go and play some videogames....."

Both Sethisto and Calpain are highly unmotivated to run the site these days, which shows in more aspects than just this one.
Slowly, the site is winding down..... I'm not one for doomsday talk, but, with what I see on there since the start of Season 5 already, I don't think they will pull through for another year.
They will probably break in after the movie has come and brought a ton of new attention to the show and therefore, tons of new fans as well, who then storm EQD and expect content.
Hopefully, a competitor has risen until then, because the fandom needs a site like Equestria Daily that features artists and their work to survive.....

2421437 My recollection is that it was Pegasus Rescue Brigade that did the WTG. My guess is that EQD isn't getting enough clicks on writer related pages. Audiovisual media is king. Something like WTG takes effort and follow-up, and if they add someone outside to handle the posts, they'd have to supervise and depend on them to submit, do damage control, etc. Too little return on investment for doing themselves or letting in another poster. I understand thoroughly. I made the suggestion about a year ago, but scanning my email I can't find it so I'm not sure when. Probably not long after WTG went AWOL for season 6. I still like EQD, but I don't spend as much time with it as I used to.


That's really odd..... They just didn't even respond? When you made them an offer to help out the site?!
No wonder Equestria Daily is going down the drain these days..... It really shows that neither Calpain nor Sethisto care about EQD anymore. It's really sad.

And I don't know about the episode. It's a Sunset Shimmer fic and I'm not interested in her, so, I have no idea which episode could even remotely fit to her.
My only guess would be "Lesson Zero". No idea why, but I have a feeling that's an episode that you perfectly love. xD

2421112 BTW, since I know you love (and track) episode tie-in / follow-ups: Sunset Shimmer Goes to Hell ties-in to one of my favorite episodes of the series in S2. Guess which one. :pinkiehappy:

I hope you can prevail on the staff at EQD. I even volunteered to do the posts for them, mocking up a few, but I got no response.

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