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So, who wants to help write a fic involving necromancy? · 3:37am Nov 18th, 2014

Like the title says, who wants to help with a new fic involving necromancy? I've been knocking the ideas around for a while and decided "Hey, since my other fics are stagnating, why not use these new ideas?"

Report Time Squid · 396 views · Story: Equestria's Thaumaturgist ·
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sure my Skype is lord-of-dragoons

1342842 Collaborate on skype? Unfortunately it's a bit late for me, so tomorrow.

lol great so how do you want to do this?

1341680 It's not filled yet. Because co-authoring can be done with more than just two people :pinkiecrazy:

ill co author with you if you haven't already filled the position:pinkiesmile:

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