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It. Is. FINALLY. DONE. · 2:21am Last Thursday

After five an a half YEARS, season two is FINALLY DONE!!! :raritycry: All that's left is editing for the last two chapters and the season epilogue!

I can finally get on with season three and start answering things!

About damn time

Party at Ink's place!

One more step towards the human world <--- human Midnight's new color

Good on ya, Ink

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The Witching Hour - (TBA) Ch.1: about 5% done.

2 Bits Short of a Full House S3 Ch. ?: ?.

Requiem for the Kirins Ch. 2: about 11% done.

When Life Gives You A Siren... Ch. 3: 0% done (on Hiatus)

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Really, looking forward to seeing them.

I actually have a few avatars for the holidays, I just sorta missed putting them up last year

Just noticed the change to your avatar, something for Halloween? Pretty cool.

Ok, I understand. Thanks for answering.

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