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I don't like the humidity. Can we go back to February? Or kick off a nuclear winter?

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Yeah, it's Cray-Cray time again! It's a wacky-tacky time! · 3:13pm April 1st

Anyone get that Scooby-Doo reference? No? You uncultured swine.

Speaking of pigs, I bring to you a video made by a pig, who is also a man, but thankfully also not a bear, because we all know where that leads.

Truly, he is a terror of the ages.

Al Gore or Man-Bear-Pig?


The part with the flying Titanic and Mexican car horn makes me laugh.

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You are welcome

profile pic?
Yes, for the season

Gobble Gobble fat man *pulls out a 12-guage* Stay in your month

*sheaths sword and readies magic* I agree with this.

Already with those damned commercials.:twilightangry2:

I really, really shouldn't. :rainbowlaugh:

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