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Midnight Storm (Unicorn Kirin Mare)

First Lieutenant
Windrunner (Pegasus Mare)

Hazelnut (Earth Pony Stallion)

First Sergeant
Wild Mane (Earth Pony Stallion)
Night Sky (Thestral Mare)

Blackberry (Pegasus Mare)
Star Claw (Thestral Stallion)
Brick Break (Earth Pony Stallion)

Scarlet Claw (Hippogriff, Female)
Spread Eagle (Pegasus Stallion)
Dandelion (Unicorn Stallion)
Dark Cleaver (Thestral Stallion)
Lance Breaker (Unicorn Stallion)
Rock Bottom (Unicorn Stallion)

Long Spine (Young Dragon, Male)
Dapper (Unicorn Stallion)
Clover (Earth Pony Mare)
Primrose (Pegasus Mare)
Strawberry (Unicorn Mare)
Ditch Digger (Earth Pony Stallion)
Granite (Earth Pony Stallion)
Shale (Earth Pony Stallion)
Duster (Earth Pony Stallion)
Moss (Earth Pony Stallion)
Smooth Stone (Unicorn Mare)
Speckled Snow (Unicorn Stallion)
Morning Glory (Pegasus Mare)
Gusty Glow (Pegasus Mare)
Sundial (Unicorn Mare)
Umbra Shroud (Unicorn Mare)
Autumn Pillar (Pegasus Stallion)
Amber Armor (Earth Pony Mare)
Bright Dawn (Unicorn Mare)
Ghostly Fire (Pegasus Stallion)
Savanna (Earth Pony Stallion)
Dusty Graph (Unicorn Mare)
Tart Cart (Pegasus Mare)
Port Stanchion (Earth Pony Stallion)
Milk Run (Pegasus Stallion)
Cranberry (Unicorn, Mare)

Medic Team
Lt. Steel Ore (Earth pony Mare)
Doppler (Changeling Female)
Cricket (Changeling Male)

Supply Officer
Tight Fit (Earth Pony Stallion)

Liaison Officer
Sapphire Breeze (Pegasus Mare)

Shoal (Dragon Female)

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School Sucks · 1:35pm March 21st

Well, this is (checks watch) a good month and a half overdue, but that's always par for the course.

So, as to writing, while I was optomistic about this year and how much I would get out, I'm afraid I'm going to have to lower expectations.

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Are you going to continue the witching hour story

I'm glad you like it! RL has been... borderline torturous to my mental health for the past few years, however I'm working through it with help. This is also the ten year anniversary of publishing this story so I'm trying to get back into the writing groove and get more chapter published before the end of the year

You know, few years back I basically fell out of the fandom. but recently got strong urge to read some fanfics. And yours was the one that I chose... I am amazed that you are still somehow active, and I actually missed that You are at part 3 of Midnight's story... I am now re-reading it from the beginning and loving it all over again. :D

By clipped fingernails

  • Viewing 245 - 249 of 249
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