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Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla is better than Trixie Variety Show.


A companion piece to The Witching Hour
At the end of a long day, what's better than hanging out with friends? Taking their money of course! In this off-shoot of the main story Midnight and friends come together to talk, eat, and attempt to rob each other of bits.
Card images created by domatophobia on DeviantART, then made playable by myself with his permission.

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Wouldn't this be chapter 4.5? Sorry, I'm OCD XD

well, since it takes place during chapter 5, and most people are going to probably read it after they read that chapter, it kind of felt fitting for 5.5.

don't worry, I've got a mild case of OCD too.

I do wonder why you made this a separate story from TWH. I think it would go nicely within the story itself.

I just thought it would side track a bit; just dumping poker games in the middle of chapters. Plus, if they're separate, I can give each one the time and care it needs to be good.

I didn't brain storm for an entire year and get a proof reader just to slap stuff together wily nily. I HAVE STANDARDS!!!:flutterrage:

if that's okay with you that is...:fluttercry:

First post, great chapter

Great chapter :coolphoto:
:yay: Yay for Midnight!
:flutterrage: Booh for Trixie

i wonder after the diamon dog episode

Heh, I enjoyed it. Kinda nice to get a side view of what all's going on in the town. This kinda story is a great place for any exposition that you might not be able to work into the story, nothing like some friends getting together to spread some juicy gossip or expound on their thoughts throughout the day.

Eh, I actually liked Trixie. Yeah she was pretty damn arrogant, but the whole boasting thing is kinda what a showman/pony is supposed to do. Heck I thought most of the main 6 were in the wrong for heckling at a show.

This chapter was pretty good, gave Sapphire a chance to make some friends in town. And the fact that Midnight can sleep through anything is just hilarious. As was her being defensive over it. :pinkiehappy:

it's not that I'm not a fan of Trixie, but how the mane six acted during that episode was just as horrible as in Mare Do Well. And, even though it was all tweedle dee and tweedle dumb's fault for the ursa, Trixie is immediately stuck in the "Villains" slot.

4351000 Ah, I getcha. Seems your take on those episodes mirror my own. Oh, and no prob for the fav. I gotta say that it's been a while since I've seen a fic on this sight grab me like yours has, really hoping to finish the last few chapters of The Witching Hour tonight. (Really glad I saw it pop up on the popular stories column.)

Yeah, DR PON3 in the house! Another nice and calm supplementary chapter to the main story.

I love these little side adventures! :D they help catch up parts of the story that weren't included in the main story. Although I do have to go and re-read the previous part of the original story to remember what is going on XD good work on you! :twilightsmile:

These are always nice. I love the slice-of-life-ness. It was actually this that gave me the idea for the poker chapter in Dawn Shield.

glad to know i'm an influence!:pinkiehappy:

It works out just fine that Midnight have her own friendships and not the usually mane six all the time.

dang it forgot to set email updates for this missed one Great work as always :D:raritywink:

thanks, and thanks for the fav!:moustache:

the next chapter for this story should be out right after the next Witching update.

i suggest adding a link to this on the witching hour page and links at the end of chapters 5,8,16 etc

also 16.5 lol some anime lovers might find that a bit funny

I don't play poker, with my abysmal luck I'd lose every single time. In fact last time I played, I did lose every single time.

With season 2 on the horizon it might be a good idea to relabel the chapters so they more accurately correspond with the seasons.

Where did all that money come from? lyra only brought 30 bits and had 4 bits left and was the only one who lost but the total amount won was 56 bits, where did the extra 30 bits come from?:rainbowhuh:

I wonder if Octavia will be in any of these games. (I bet her poker face in infallible :rainbowderp:)

Vinyl might get her to play a round or two later

this is good i was wondering when this would be posted

YES THANK U MAN, sorry luna is my favorite character

I only noticed one problem. 23 + 18 + 5 does not equal 47. It equals 46.

Vinyl said, a cheshire grin adorning her face.

that is seriously one of the scariest faces anyone can make, also is its own trope

"I guess that's it then," Midnight said, pulling the buts towards her.

Kinda forward aren't you?

But, Sapphire kinda is a spy for Celestia (which makes Midnight's reaction understandable.) There is one error: it should be 'AJ threw her off...'

5564777 Dude I could been worse than that. I just haven't had it in me to be that way for awhile.

I know, it was a fail on my part to try and be funny :fluttershysad:

5564796 Always trying to make more plot are we?


Well duh, Berry and Lyra had to pay .333333 bits to the house as a hosting fee; Midnight, being the newest player, had to pay .333334 bits. Since it's such a small fraction, by default it gets rounded down.

“We can all come with you to the train station tomorrow and help great her, or help set up the house for a welcoming party.”

pretty sure you meant to greet her, but I'm sure she's great too

Oh look, a wild update has appeared.

Funny, as usual :rainbowlaugh::yay:

“They weren’t exactly smart, just tenacious,” Midnight said, raising the pot. “And endless. If Discord really wanted to get nasty, he’d have made one single giant beast to just step on us. Luckily the idiot liked games way too much.” Mentally, Midnight shivered. Nasty was an understatement. If Discord had been just a little more serious, the most likely wouldn’t be having this game night.

Me: You mean like headless ponies with bombs strapped to their forelegs?
Midnight: That would be retarded, even for Discord.

TMI indeed, loved that.

Hmm, now I'm curious as to what Derpy's Sis will be like... heck maybe I should get caught up on the the main story to find out, I think I'm behind like three or four chapters.

I can’t blame them; it was a group of local mares and a baby dragon that defeated him after all.

Add ze green please

I guess i thouht the story was dead, because i suddenly noticed the final chapter, this two, and the sequel. I somehow have to much storys to read again.

yay, the funnies continue

i get so many laughs from this

Somehow i enjoy this group the most at the moment.

Is it bad that i want to know what happened with Lyra and Bon Bon during the season beginning?

that is a good point, they all really DID get hit with the stupid stick. another point is that while RB was showing off, she did it because that's part of her thing, i mean her dream is 2 become a wonderbolt, what r they? performers, people whose payment is, in part, the praise they get for what they do

Another fun read. And I noticed another one of your persistent errors, in the main story too (just didn't want to point that one out because I figured someone else was already getting to it). When you quote within quotation marks you're supposed to use apostrophes within the quotation marks , you have a consistent mistake of put quotation marks within quotation marks.

Last I checked you're kind doesn't really like consistency all that much.

I hope you've noticed that I'm symmetrical, also not like most of my kind

I agree with midnight on this.

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