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Life is going good for Sunset Shimmer. She's gone from a bitter, angry loner to being surrounded by friends, has a girlfriend for the first time in her life, and even helped save the human world from being mind controlled by three emotion-sucking monsters.

So imagine her surprise when one of the said emotion-sucking monsters reappears a month after their defeat as a young, mute child who is pick-pocketing to get by. Now she needs to figure out what to do with the child-ized Sonata Dusk that has come into her life.

And could the two other sirens still be a threat?

Idea inspired by Daniel-Gleebits and his story Three Little Visitors.

Also, AU for The Witching Hour.

Cover Art by Niban-Destikim

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 145 )

I'm in love with this already, I hope to see more :pinkiehappy:

The idea of this is interesting, Tracking

Oh gods, that cover art makes me actually want to hug her.

would you believe that was the only sad Sonata image on derpibooru?

And femalexfemale shippig warning, since I know some folks don't like that. You Fun-Nazis.

Don't judge me boy.

Comment posted by Chaotic Ink deleted Mar 4th, 2015

Already had a few people tell me I better not ship Midnight with Sapphire, if that's indeed where I'm going. Just giving folks fair warning in this case.

Comment posted by Chaotic Ink deleted Mar 4th, 2015

Yep. Checked the ENTIRE Sonata Dusk gallery for images. Only human one. I think I saw two or three sad siren/pony images.

*sees coverart* go into the liiiiiiiiiight...

*reads first chapter* oh no, not Sonata, she's too innocent! How could they even think about it! Don't worry Sonata! I'll be your friend!

Interesting conditions for the story. Please continue...

Another great story by the wonderous Chaotic Ink :pinkiehappy: Keep it up, good sir!

Looks promising. Looking forward to more as always! :pinkiehappy:

I will have my scientists make combustible sirens and ill burn your house down! With the siren!

5697994 Hail be to Putin! But actually is Warhammer 40K commissar.

Comment posted by Madman Stories CO deleted Mar 5th, 2015

Alright, great start. I always did wonder if the gems were in some way holding them back. And its nice to finally see someone exploring that idea.

I'm tracking it.

When Life Gives You A Siren...

Make tacos. :moustache:

Maybe it'll even inspire more EqG chapters in Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Good job! I am assuming Summer, Midnight, and Autumn are O.C's?

So this is a tie in story? AU from other stories you have written? A little lost with the unexpected OC's

All right! So excited for the next one. Keep em coming

Hey, Chaotic Ink... I've been curious about something. Are you a Brony or a Pegasister?

With Midnight and Sunset I almost expected this to be a romance. And this reminds me of Three Little Visitors by Daniel-Gleebits.

Read the entire story description

5709540 Yeah... had that suspicion... just a question: Is there going to be a romance Tag?

honestly I'm not sure. It should take place in the background since the main focus of the story is Sunset's and Sonata's relationship with each other. This is the first story I'm jumping into head-first instead of taking some time to plan things out; I want to see how I handle it.

5709573 Test the waters to see if it's safe to swim... I get you...

I really loved this chapter, especially the way the protagonists didn't shun her, or immediately trust her.

I like to think characters think realistically.

Read the new chapter of Do You Believe In Ghosts? Thumbs up!

5709999 Read it? I wrote it! Huehuehuehue.

But seriously, I didn't know your canon on the EQG, so I picked an idea and ran with it.

Read as in sounding like *red*
Again, I have no problem someone taking their own spin on things, just curious about if the Squeaks in Dreamcast's class is the one form the human world or Equestria.

I meant that I just read it. Sorry that's twice I haven't explained myself properly

I feel really bad for little Sonata, I mean from what I have seen in Rainbow rocks, she is more like a carefree girl who just listen to what others tells her. And seeing her like this is really sad.

Things will get better for her.
And thanks for the fav!:moustache:

So not only do Twilight, Midnight, and Spike go through the mirror together in EG, EG Midnight shows up and starts taking a liking to Sunset after Twilight and company return? (Ignoring the fact that Midnight should've gone back through when her double was revealed to be present as well) How come Sonata aged down too. Nice spoilers for future characters too. Although one was made obvious, the other should be due to Season Two. By the way, 'cheep' should have an 'a' in place of the second 'e.' 'Cheap' implies unwillingness to spend money, 'cheep' is the sound a baby chick makes. I foresee a cute bathing scene upcoming!


So not only do Twilight, Midnight, and Spike go through the mirror together in EG, EG Midnight shows up and starts taking a liking to Sunset after Twilight and company return? (Ignoring the fact that Midnight should've gone back through when her double was revealed to be present as well)

1. Pretty much
2. In my head cannon for the second movie, all of the mane 6 go through to the human world because buck that whole reason Tia gave in the first one. Lost a lot of comedy because of that.

How come Sonata aged down too

This will eventually be discussed in the story

So far this is a great story I have high hopes for it

Brony. Are you asking out of genuine curiosity or because of all the female characters I write?


Genuine curiosity. Because anybody can claim to be a draconequs that is able to bend and mold the world with their chaos powers.

Half-draconequus. See how I have the same arms, legs, wings, and horns? (check the gallery at the bottom of my page)

I lack the PHENOMINAL COSMIC POWERS of a full-fledged draconequus and only have the semi-phenominal, nearly-cosmic ones of a half-breed. That and I can only really effect my immediate surroundings.

I may not be able to go claw-to-hoof with Discord, but I can still mess up some(s) day if I felt like it.

5716730 Not to try and spoil anything...but I believe Sonata is aged down because she was forcibly split from the 'pod' by Aria and Adagio.

So your a half-breed... Well still pretty cool. Keep up the good work man.

Gah! This is brilliant! And I didn't even like Sonata.

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